Home is where you will be pouring a lot of energy as January kicks off and it holds some of your most promising opportunities throughout the month but let me expand on that notion. Time spent at home, any renovations, taking in or do things with roommates, family interests you get started, property matters or real estate deals you put in motion, moves, or security needs you address are where the real energy is urging you on. Note that on the 6th there will be news here or the opportunity for a talk, meeting, sale, agreement, offer, or decision that bodes well for earnings and your sense of value so look to home, real estate, property, roommates, family, and moves for good things to flow.

The 7th will amp up and push you a bit when it comes to creative interests, children, recreational activities, or your love life. Whatever here sparks your passions or gets your going, triggers anger or motivates you will be coming up to Saturn and his affect on your income or spending. This means that as you get going here remember the bottom line financially and look at any commitments, endings, limits, responsibilities, or ambitions you have around your income situation. Get serious about it.

Now, back to your home, family, property, roommates, or moves. The 8th and 11th are key dates in these areas. The 8th marks your ruler, Venus, moving into this arena and kicking off a new LOVE CYCLE. This will smooth things out at home, with property issues or real estate deals, renovations, moves, roommates, or family. It will help you attract more of what you desire here and may bring a bit of luxury as well. As far as your love life goes, you will do well to share love at home or if single you may meet a new love interest around property interests, through family or a roommate could introduce you to the one you are meant to love. It’s a great time to entertain at home or purchase something beautiful for your immediate surroundings, get into interior design or buy something nice for your roommate.

The 11th is your NEW MOON here and gives you your best 2 week window to buy or sell real estate, start taking real estate or interior design course, plan your move or hire the movers, redecorate the house, start a renovation, get a new roommate or let one go, start a new project with your roommate, get a fresh start with family or mom, start new projects with family or mom, or get your roots and security needs working for you in better ways. It looks like something exciting, different or changing is in the mix here today so be open to the unusual or brilliant ideas.

The 19th brings some new energy to bear and your thoughts will turn to creative endeavors, children or love. In the weeks ahead you will have news about this or find you are into more talks and meetings that bring you love or put your creative projects forward, and that help you to connect with or for kids. You could see proposals, sales, agreements, decisions, short trips, local activities, and big decisions around love, kids and creativity so open up, say it, write it, pitch it, sign it, get out there. You will do best when pouring more personal and physical energy into it all so take the lead.

The FULL MOON on the 26th is bringing a peak for you that looks quite fortuitous. This is about an aspiration coming to fruition or a big social event that you shine at, it can be about something peaking with a friend as you celebrate together or possibly mark and ending, it can be about a big group activity culminating or something you are doing on the internet coming to a head. Charities, parties, astrology, and social networking may also peak in some way for you now. As with all Full Moon’s you could end something or achieve something, it is Jupiter’s influence on this particular peak that says there will be something lucky or expansive in the mix for you. Look to media, legal, travel, educational, or wedding arenas for this added perk.

Jupiter has been Retrograde since Oct. 4th and you’ve been either releasing or tweeking things that are in travel, media, marketing, publishing, education, legal realms, or around wedding plans. On the 30th of this month Jupiter goes Direct and you are now ready to move forward with the biggest luck and growth period of 12 years in these very areas. You have until June 25th to start so that you can take advantage of this blessing. Plan your trip or book the flight, start your import/export idea, connect with foreign people or interests, sign up to go back to school, get certified, learn something new, or teach, get your marketing ideas out there or take a marketing class, send your book out to be published or self publish, go to work for a publisher or media company, get your legal interests in order or study law, become a wedding planner or walk down the aisle, it’s your luck cycle and you should grab it by the horns. The only challenge arriving today as this giant shifts in your favor is that the Sun will square Saturn pointing out any issues around income and where you are in the creative process, with the creative project, involving kids, or in your love life. You should look at limits, responsibilities, ambitions, commitments, or endings here and get real about what you can do to move ahead. A look into the year ahead or into the heart of your chart is available via a private reading with Zoe. If you are ready to look deeper and want answers to what is going on around you now, you can write to schedule a reading or inquire about the process of setting one up zoemoonastrology@gmail.com



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