February will bring some real focus on your work life and any inspiration you have been seeking here, it will help you forge some more spiritual connection to better health, and align you with animals even more so if that is possible. It will also bring an equal dose of energy to your love life, joy, children, creative projects, and recreational activites. If someone were to sit you down and ask you what you would like to set in motion in these areas of life for the year what would you say? Well the universe is asking, so get busy!

From the first of the month the energy shifts into these territories. Mars moves into your work, health and pet arena where he is going to bring more action, motivation, passion, and anger to these subjects. This will drive you through the entire month and stimulate that inspired, magical energy that you naturally have in these areas. Let the job hunt begin, more action with co-workers or people you hire get underway, get yourself to the gym, doctor, trainer, or nutritionist, and do what you can with your pets or for animals. On the same day Venus moves into your house of true love, children and creative projects. Here she is going to help smooth things out and help you attract more love or personal income through what you do here.

Note that the 4th will be one of those days and it will be about the work, paperwork, health, or animals. It will either bring action and great inspiration, artistry, spirituality, or positive dealings with institutions, OR it will bring deception, confusion or boundary issues, addictions, isolation, or anger into the mix in these areas. Since you know it may go either way be aware of what is going on around you, what you set in motion and how you react to others, erring on the side of inspiration.

Mercury moves into Pisces on the 5th and thoughts turn to that work situation, job hunt, work piling up at home, co-workers, employees, health, animal interests, or pets. During this phase you may get more information or an offer, and see more meetings, talks, writing, agreements, sales, and decisions around what you do here. Note that on the 6th Mercury will meet with that same energy from the 4th. This will again be about inspiration or deception, etc, and play out over work, health or animals, but today will be about the news, offers, agreements, sales, information, meetings, or decisions so again take heed and focus on the positive side.

The NEW MOON in Aquarius arrives on the 10th and with it your best 2 week window of the year to start a new creative project, get your current creation out there on a new level, fall in love, start something that leads to love, begin a new project with a current lover or take love to another level, do for the kids or see them start some new level or project, and seed your year with what will bring you joy. Today is also the CHINEESE NEW YEAR of the BLACK SNAKE. This is going to put the focus of the year on the details, efforts, health, and animal interests that tie in with research, investigations, hospitals, other institutions, retreats, film, music, the arts, spiritual interests, meditation, yoga, magic, psychic interests, clandestine affairs, and development.

The Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th and illuminates that health, work and pet zone over the next 30 days. This is your cue to get more personally or physically involved with work, health and animals. You will be taking the lead, stepping up, getting the spotlight, and perhaps putting brand needs, identity needs, body, or image into the mix in some way. Saturn Retrogrades today through the first week of July. This will give you some easing up around income and possessions or it will allow you the time to go back into past interests or issues here and deal with authority figures, the boss, dad, or get your goals, career direction and ambitions on more solid ground. What do you want to achieve here that can be reworked during this period?

Mercury Retrogrades on the 23rd through March 17th. This will bring some miscommunications, technical breakdowns or mechanical/transportation issues and it will offer you a do-over to rethink, rewrite, renegotiate, reconnect with people, release them or the issues, and rework things on the work front, in the job search, with co-workers, employees, health concerns or interests, or animals. You may have an offer from some past job or pick up that past healthy approach, see a long lost pet return or get back into your animal advocacy. It’s best to hold off on signing new documents during this phase but ok to sign on anything tied to past business or interests.

The FULL MOON in Virgo arrives on the 25th and will bring a culmination to any period of isolation, hospital matter, addiction, romantic affair, film, music or art interest, spiritual matter, yoga, meditation, magic, or psychic interest, research, or investigation. This will be a time of achievements and celebrations or endings in these areas. Venus moves into Pisces today catching up to the other personal planets already here. She is going to begin to smooth things out on the job, with paperwork, co-workers, employees, health, and pets. You should see that it becomes easier to attract income or love through these areas of life. For further information of a more personal nature into your chart a private reading with Zoe may be just the thing for you! To schedule or inquire more about it email zoemoonastrology@gmail.com or call 818-613-6067.



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