May will most likely be a profound month for you as more information, decisions and new directions are slated involving the deepest part of your life. This means from the 1st as Mercury moves into this field that you will be in more talks, meetings, looking at writing, agreements, sales, and decisions regarding loans, taxes, inheritance, investments, bankruptcy, insurance, commissions, or any other financial interest, or you will be focused on the sex life, reproductive need or issue, divorce, or death. There will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 9th that will give you a very powerful fresh start in these areas so begin now to open up communication and looking at choices.

Note that Mars opposes Saturn today so Mars is all about pushing things ahead or bringing up any passions or anger that needs to be dealt with over these topics but you may need to get real with someone over your income or possessions or feelings about being valued today. Any endings or long term commitments, structuring, limits, responsibilities, or leadership will be called upon as you get in these and do what you need to do.

Venus moves into Gemini on the 9th where she will begin to smooth things out and help you focus any love or income needs through legal channels, wedding plans, media or marketing means, higher education, travel plans, foreign interests, or publishing avenues. Look to ways of earning money or expressing love in these areas and you may have a woman that steps up and helps you here during this transit.

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE arrives on the 9th as well and marks the beginning of a powerful 2 week window where you can go after new loans, refinancing, investments, settlements, file the bankruptcy, get the inheritance, put commissions or royalties on new footing, get new insurance or tax matters set in motion, or in any other way move ahead financially into new territory. It is also your boost when it comes to your sex life, new attractions or deeper intimacy, a fresh start where your reproductive needs are concerned, or you may be dealing with death or divorce on some new level as you eclipse out part of the past and move ahead on new foundations.

Mercury moves into Gemini on the 15th and brings more information, news, talks, writing, agreements, sales, and decisions to the legal, travel, media, marketing, publishing, educational, or wedding plans. Over the next 2 weeks this will amp up so make your choices and share your ideas.

The Uranus/Pluto square on the 20th is the 3rd of 7 squares that began in 2012 and end in 2015. This is about upheaval and rebirth, powerful awakening and reinventing of yourself through the changes that are occurring now. For you this means this period may coincide with more shifts or breakthroughs involving a key relationship such as a partnership, client, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, competitor, opponent, or other major player and a focus on the home, property matter, real estate deal, move, renovation, roommate, or family. Look at how third party situations, empowerment, control, deeper understanding, personal freedom of expression, and change are evolving here for you.

Mercury squares Chiron on the 21st so wounding news, talks, agreements, writing, sales, or decisions involving the work, paperwork, co-worker, employee, health, or pets will push you in legal, travel, media, educational, or wedding matters. It is also possible that it rather brings up an opportunity for you to take your wisdom gained from personal wounding experiences here and to step up now as the guru healer/teacher to others based on that past experience in these matters. Your words will reflect what you know.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 25th is bringing a powerful ending or achievement to a climax for you and it involves news, offers, sales, agreements, writing, meetings, talks, speaking roles, local activities, short trips, siblings, neighbors, moves, vehicles, electronics, ideas, or decisions. This is about wrapping something up and eclipsing out the past in some way or achieving a celebratory high point while eclipsing out something to get there. You may have a big offer come through or news worth celebrating or wrap up that writing project, sale or agreement, etc.

Mercury moves into Cancer on the 31st and thoughts turn to the career, goals, parents, boss, judge, other authority figures, reputation, fame, or leadership needs. This will take you into June with more talks, offers, writing, agreements, sales, and decisions aimed at these topics. Mars moves into Gemini today so expect to feel the boost of energy to motivate on those legal, travel, media, marketing, publishing, educational, or wedding plans. This is where your passions or anger will be expressed and where you will want to make things happen. If you feel ready to look more deeply into your personal chart with Zoe for some added clarity or insight about what is ahead you can email for dates and rates here


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