Are you ready to see some amazingly great changes coming your way Libra?  Well June is your month and I kid you not.  It starts with Venus, your ruler, moving into your career Midheaven on the 2nd.  Here Venus is going to help you attract more on the career front with greater ease while bringing beneficial women along that can help you in your aims here or with personal goals you have set.  Love and money should definitely be aims you hold this month as Venus will help you to enjoy and flow with events and shine with a bit more charm and charisma!

The final Trigger date for last month’s Solar Eclipse arrives on the 6th so you may have another chapter to that story peaking now and if so it will be about a loan, settlement, investment, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance matter, the taxes, your commissions or royalties, a refinance or mortgage, alimony or child support, a partner’s money, or any other outside financial resource.  This area also rules sexual attractions and issues, death, birth, and divorce so it could be round two in these stories as well.

Venus will get busy for you right away on the 7th when your career matters or goals get a wide open door and those in power positions are ready to help you.  Focus on this day to get your work out there or further health or animal aims, go for personal goals and ways to be valued or earn money, it looks quite good.  Neptune is Retrograding today and will spend from now through November 17th in backwards motion in the part of your chart associated with work, co-workers, people you hire, paperwork, health, and animals.  That means you may see a noticeable shift around some of these themes now and that you are entering a period where you should slow down, backtrack and develop over the artistic, spiritual, romantic, or institutional needs.  You may research more or work on an inner level to develop something within yourself but it is a prime period for working things up to introduce to the world up ahead.

The NEW MOON on the 8th is your best 2 week window of the year to launch in new directions or take current things to the next level when it comes to any legal matters, media projects, publishing deals, broadcasting or marketing interests, wedding plans, travel plans, foreign interests, import/export, educational pursuits be they teaching or learning, political causes, or religious affiliations.  Today this will call for some adjustment involving income and a surprise that puts you on your feet involving a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, or other key person.  Get on it Libra, you have so much to achieve!

Chiron Retrogrades on the 16th and will shadow Neptune on his Retrograde through Pisces from now through November 19th.  Chiron rules our wounds and therefore you may feel something wounding coming up for you at this shift.  If so it is to help you see clearly what you should be focusing on over these next months and where healing or mastery needs to come.  You will be given an opportunity to call upon your own inner guru to help others based on your own past wounding experiences and what you connect with now and develop will help in that aim.  For you this is best focused on anything you are doing in film, music, art, spiritual work, meditation, yoga, magic, psychic abilities, investigations, research, with hospitals, prisons, retreats, addictions, or development.

The 19th will be one heck of a day with a big positive alignment and one that may challenge.  The big break is all about that legal, travel, media, educational, wedding, broadcasting, publishing, or marketing interest.  The day calls upon you to step up, take the lead and shine in some big way, this is protective and expansive so up you go.  The challenging energy is Mars poking Chiron so you may have that wound around work, health, paperwork, or animals to contend with and feel the push to motivate towards your goals or career regardless.  Step into your guru mode.

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st marking the Summer Solstice and putting the now exceptional vital life-giving energy light upon you when it comes to career, goals, reputation, fame, authority figures, and ambitions.  The next 30 days push you out there, urge more leadership, achievement and light from you so decide what you want to achieve and go for it.

The final Trigger of last month’s Lunar Eclipse arrives on the 22nd so you may have another chapter to that story culminating now regarding an offer, big news, an agreement, sale, writing project, speaking role, brother, sister, neighbor, vehicle, electronic matter, local activity, short trip, meeting, or decision.

June’s FULL MOON arrives the next day, on the 23rd, bringing another climax, this one involving your home, a move, real estate deals or property matters, a roommate, your family, or security needs.  It’s a time when things come through, are achieved or wrap up and end.

And the biggest news of the month arrives on the 25th as Jupiter, the bestower of great expansion and luck moves into Cancer for the first time in over a decade and begins a year-long tour of your career Midheaven.  So what do you want again?  With the Sun already here and Venus beside him, now Jupiter helming, you have one of the best periods of your life to expand your career horizons, set big goals in motion, get through to some big time people, move ahead with parents, bosses or judges, see your reputation or fame escalate on some level, and shine your light on the stage of life.

And it seems the cosmos has something in store here from the past right off the bat because on the 26th Mercury Retrogrades in the same area and will take you back into the past from now through July 20th.  This period is crucial as you are being given a chance to fine-tune things, rework, revisit, release, or reclaim any ideas or decisions, agreements or sales, writing or talks over the career, boss, parent, judge, goal, or fame.  You should see if there is anything/anyone that should be onboard for this big chapter awaiting and work on that during this period.  If you need to clear the air with anyone do it now.  It’s best to hold off on signing new documents or purchasing new electronics or vehicles during the phase if you can hold off without harming your circumstances but ok to go ahead with any of this if it is something from the past coming back around.  If you do have to forge ahead regardless just keep in mind something will change and prepare for the necessities.

The last shift of the month arrives on the 27th as your ruler, Venus, moves into Leo and turns enjoyment, love and income concerns towards your friendships, associates, group activities, the internet, astrology, charities, and causes.  Things should smooth out here between now and July 22nd and you should be feeling pretty good about what you have in the works.  For those of you that would enjoy a more fine-tuned look into your own unique birth chart, you can email Zoe for rates and dates here



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