February starts strong with New Moon energy still pushing you to further your creative projects, love life, interests with children, or recreational pursuits. You have until the 14th to set the tone for your year so take the steps needed to get that ball rolling! Note, with Mercury Retrograding this month, there will be a period between the 12th and 28th when the past will be back around over these themes and things may slow down. That means it is giving you enough clearance to rethink things, reconnect with past lovers, creative types or projects, kids ideas or situations, and fun, and release, reclaim or rework the matter at hand.

Your ruler, Venus, is also finally in forward motion after being Retrograde all of January. That is good news for you since you should start to feel stronger and see the money, love or women themes at home, tied to real estate, moves, renovations, roommates, family, or parents moving again.

Mercury Retrograde begins on the 6th and from this date through the 12th you will be focused on any paperwork, job interests or issues, co-workers, employees, health needs, animal interests, or organizational matters that need fine-tuning. It’s a good time to revamp old projects or take care of past needs, you may have people or situations returning over these themes, or you could have someone in your current environment exit the picture. Take the time to look at any ideas, agreements, writing, offers, sales, or decisions you can and double check facts and figures.

The FULL MOON on the 14th brings a peak for you regarding an aspiration, friend, group, the internet, astrology, charity, your freedom, an invention, or change, Happy Valentine’s Day! This is when things come through in these areas or are celebrated, or when you wrap things up or mark an ending. Positive energy tied to this moon favors you and ties in something with your love life, creative projects, kids, or fun.

The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th putting a spotlight on that work, paperwork, health, or pet interest where it will stay for the next 30 days. This is your cue to step up, take the lead and pour more personal and physical energy into what you want to achieve in these matters.

One of the most important things occurring in February is the change of energy fields with the North Node of Destiny and the Karmic South Node. Think back to what occurred for you with your own evolution and key relationships between Aug 1995 and March 1997. Although outer influences are different now, you are about to embark on a similar journey of Fated events between Feb 18, 2014 through Nov 2015. Destiny will be calling you to focus on key people who can help with your physical needs, better health, image or fitness, relationships that are geared towards helping you with name, identity or title, those people that can aid you with your brand or personal goals.

Karma, on the other hand, will be focused directly on your partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, and other key relationships. That means that you may have past life souls showing up during this period to rekindle opportunities or settle debt, or you may find that you are working through them to balance the scales of Karma. You out of all the signs have the biggest balancing act here between focus on your own needs and what you do via others over the next 18 months. It will serve you a great deal to look back at the last go round here to see how this went for you and which way you should tip the scales. For some of you there will be more to engaging others to help you go it your own way during this period or you may see that you are moving ahead while certain relationships are lagging or wrapped up in some Karmic situation, but again, your last time through this will give you the best clue weather this is soul mate time or Karmic balance.

The 2nd Jupiter/Uranus square arrives on the 26th and is part of a trend meant to push you to stretch yourself towards bigger horizons on the career front or with the personal direction of your life while shaking things up with those key relationships.

Mercury goes Direct on the 28th so you are now ready to move ahead with or without the past situations involving love, kids, creative projects, or fun. You’ve had time enough to sort it out and should be ready for the next chapter. Do take care that there is no confusion today as the energy shifts, double check information and meaning before carrying on. Some luck awaits you around goals, career, reputation, or authorities today, do the work or get in there over health, paperwork or animals.

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