April is really going to push you from day one to move ahead on money making opportunities or to create some of your own, to do something about possessions or purchases, and to set things up so you are feeling valued. That is New Moon energy pushing you to take things to the next level here or to launch into new territory. By the 7th the offers, agreements, sales, writing, meetings, talks, and decisions will begin to flow around these themes.

Do note that these matters will be involved in the peak at the Lunar Eclipse on the 15th as well as the big changes occurring at the Grand Cross between the 20th-23rd. You will notice the lovely shift on the 5th as Venus enters your sign and you begin to feel things smoothing out for you or a renewed interest in attracting love or money to yourself for meeting your own needs. It’s a good time to spend on your body or image, to earn from your own charms or brand, and to give and receive love, even making sure to show love to yourself. There’s been a powerful theme at work around your aspirations, a friend, group, the internet, astrology, a charity, or your freedom for the last months, getting you to face any life or death matters, power or control issues, shared financial topics, or how sex or divorce are playing out here. On the 14th there will be a shift in direction with this energy so you may be heading back over past matters or noticing some easement as you slow down and catch up to what has happened here. This is also going to be part of tomorrows Lunar Eclipse. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 15th is bringing a very big peak for you around sex, divorce, reproductive needs, a birth, death, or some major financial matter like a loan, settlement, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance matter, the taxes, your commissions, investments, or a partner’s money. This is when things come through, wrap up, end, or are achieved/celebrated. On the 19th you begin a 30 day cycle that will put you out there in your local scene doing more or on more short trips, interacting with siblings or neighbors, dealing with vehicles or electronics, writing, looking at agreements, sales, offers, meetings, and decisions. This is where you will want to pour more personal and physical energy and take the lead. By the 23rd this amps up even more, with more information entering the scene. By the 29th there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse launching you out into new territory here or helping you take things to the next level. Something will be ‘eclipsed’ out as this opens up for you. Note that today this links very positively to opportunities for you. The Grand Cross of the 20th-23rd is then all about growth that wants to happen or be faced regarding your love life, kids, creative project, or need for fun, any excitement or sudden changes involving income, possessions or purchases, and the deeper changes and evolution around the friend, group, internet, astrology, your freedom, a charity, or your originality. Please read the general overview up top since it breaks down the Grand Cross for everyone in more detail and will give you added information about this month. For a direct look into your unique astrological blueprint and how this important month may affect you on a more specific level, email Zoe at zoemoonastrology@gmail.com to inquire about a private reading and the going rates and dates that are available.


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