January has a lot of income potential for you Sage, it will either be a month where you are earning and focusing in on what you have to do here, or you will be setting things in motion that will lead to income. Mark the 6th as a date when you will hear news about this or there will be something you write, are in talks or meetings about, brainstorm, sell, or make a decision about that should put income in a good light. Look to film, music, art, hospitals, institutions, development, spiritual fields, research, or investigations to be places where you can thread your earnings in positive ways today.

The 7th will amp things up for you out locally or in writing, agreements, sales, or talks and stir your passions or anger. You will have to deal with any limits, responsibilities, ambitions, commitments, or endings involving the film, music, art, spiritual interests, hospitals, institutions, dealings with addictions, clandestine affairs, research, development, investigations, or behind the scenes needs. This is a push/pull kind of day but one that is important to show you just what you think should happen and what you might do to deal with it.

Back to your income interests, the 8th and 11th will mark turning point days when things shift. The 8th is when Venus moves into this zone. She is going to help smooth things out and help you attract the income more easily so the weeks that follow this should ease up and you may even feel like spending on a few luxury items. If you are in search of an income source, pour on the charm and look for things women like or a female that might help you attain the work. Venus here also kicks off a new LOVE CYCLE. This means that love will revolve around income matters in the weeks ahead, if single you may meet your love while earning your living, in relationship you will have love play out against what is happening here. Values and possessions will also hold some sway when weighing love.

The 11th is your NEW MOON in this area so it offers you the best 2 week window of the year to start fresh with your income. Take these 2 weeks to launch income making ideas, interview, audition, pitch ideas, go after other gigs or a better source of revenue. Ask for the raise or if you want new footing with a possession in question such as a home or car, go for it now. There is something exciting or unexpected tied to this New Moon so look for the unusual or be spontaneous for best bets.

The energy shifts somewhat on the 19th as your thoughts turn to writing, agreements, short trips, local activities, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, sales, talks, meetings, and decisions. You will have far more communications and close activities going on now and will find you are more personally or physically in the mix here. It’s a great time to put yourself out there, share your ideas, pitch ideas, start writing projects, or do things with your sibs or neighbors. You may receive news today that gives you a hint about what this will mostly focus on for you.

The FULL MOON on the 26th will bring a peak for you in a very momentous way! This is about a trip that you are on winding up or you finally getting your tickets to ride, about a wedding that you attend or proposal, your media or marketing idea or project being accepted, recognized or ending, a publishing deal coming through or you wrap up your publicity push, a legal matter coming to a completion, your educational interest peaking as you celebrate or it ends, or you may have a political or religious peak at this point in time. Whatever high point you are reaching in these areas, there is something quite lucky or expansive in the mix for you and it will likely involve someone else as a key player whether that is in your personal or business life.

Your ruler, Jupiter, has been Retrograde since Oct. 4th and this may have gotten you to pull back, release or tweek things with marriage partners, business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, or other key people. Now, on the 30th Jupiter goes Direct. This means your mojo should start coming back and that a new growth and luck cycle is under way again with these most important relationships. From the 30th through June 25th you will have your biggest opportunity to expand through these relationships or see your partner, representative, client, or other key person enter a growth spurt. This cycle will not return for 12 years so reach out to these people now. The only challenge you face is a square between the Sun and Saturn today that will point out any limits or losses, responsibilities or authority figures you are dealing with behind the scenes, involving hospitals, addictions, film, music, art, spiritual pursuits, clandestine affairs, research, or investigations. You need to look at where you are in this in your mind and with your ideas. Get real about choices. A look into the year ahead or into the heart of your chart is available via a private reading with Zoe. If you are ready to look deeper and want answers to what is going on around you now, you can write to schedule a reading or inquire about the process of setting one up zoemoonastrology@gmail.com



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