The push is on in August for new adventures and greater expansion. This kicks off in earnest from the 6th with New Moon energy that is going to ask that you target travel plans, foreign interests, media ideas, marketing strategies, publishing deals, legal needs, educational pursuits, wedding plans, political agendas, religious inspiration, or publicity. If you look at the entire year it will be this month when you can really take something in these areas to the next level or start out in some new direction so use the time wisely, learn, grow, share ideas, it’s time!

There will be 2 days of special note in this other than the 6th and they are the 8th and 27th. On the 8th Mercury moves into this territory so you can expect that news you’ve been waiting on to arrive, the offer to come in, the sale to move forward, the writing or ideas to gel, the agreements to come into focus, and for meetings, talks, short trips, and local activities to add to what is transpiring. If you need to involve a brother, sister or neighbor this date opens those doors. If you need to figure something out with vehicles or electronics in the mix, ditto. The 27th is when Mars moves into this territory so from here forward you will see more activity around travel, education, legal matters, publishing, marketing, media, wedding, and the lot. Mars brings more passion in these areas, it may kick up some anger or push you to fight for what you want, and may introduce a younger male into the picture that motivate you. Expect to get busy.

The secondary arena of import this month will be career, personal goals, ambitions, and dealing with authority figures (boss, parent, judge, etc). This will become most prevalent in the last week of the month when the Sun on the 22nd followed by Mercury on the 23rd, take up residence here. At this time you will begin pouring more personal and physical energy into your goals, taking the lead on projects, being ambitious, furthering your reputation, dancing with fame, or meeting with those power people, and you will see the offers, sales, agreements, writing, short trips, meetings, and talks focusing on these needs. Your brand may get a boost or your name may be bandied about, it’s a time when you truly do want to be out there in the public eye or stepping up to be seen and acknowledged.

There will be 3 days this month when these career matters or personal goals, dealings with authorities or your reputation will be featured more than others and all three will involve you and another person, any wounds, healing, guru energy, and it all will wrap around home, moves, renovations, family, real estate deals, roommates, a parent, or your need for security. They fall on the 1st, 25th and 29th. Seek balance and look for inspiration and that powerful spiritual side to what is evolving between you over the matter.

Venus moves into Libra on the 16th and from here she will begin to bring some sweet moments with your friends, with groups or online, through astrology or charities, in social networking or gatherings, and around your aspirations. A woman may step in now in one or more of these areas that is beneficial to you and you can assume that you will be able to attract the love or money more easily through these avenues/people now. It’s usually a joyous time. There is one day that may challenge however, and it arrives on the 24th. Again, a friend, group, internet, astrology, charity, or aspiration will be pivotal but today there is some issue arriving over income or being valued that you will need to work out. It may be that a commission or third party situation needs ironing out or that you are being pushed harder over earnings, possessions or an acquisition. Try not to over extend yourself financially or compromise yourself where love/sex are involved.

Your ruling energy, Jupiter, is going to amp up on the 7th and 21st this month so these may be special days for you. On the 7th you will be involved with another person over money matters and how things are shared, how owes what or pays for what, how things are bought, sold or valued, and if there are any third party situations that can be worked out or what powerful changes need to take place. If you are a Sage facing divorce or working through sexual or reproductive issues, this day will stand out as you work through the changes with the other person. The 21st will bring financial, sexual or divorce issues up for the second time but today this will move the home, real estate, family, parent, move, or renovation matter along a healing line while asking that you deal with any last minute changes involving creative needs, the kids or a lover.

The FULL MOON on the 20th is the climax this month as things come to a head involving an agreement or offer, your writing or a sale, a short trip or local activity, your vehicles or electronics, a sibling or neighbor, a move or meeting, a big talk or proposal, or a final decision. It is in these communications and transportations zones that everything climaxes now as things come through or wrap up, you celebrate achievements or mark endings. Something about your originality, freedom, social circle, or aspirations will color this peak for you.

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