February will pull you in two distinct directions Taurus. One will be to push you towards your aspirations, get you more social, out with friends, in group activities, online, into astrology, charities, or social networking, the other will be to push you towards career, achievement, recognition, goals, ambitions, and dealings with authority figures. Do your best to mingle in both territories since they both hold promise.

On the 1st Mars moves into your social arena and here he will begin to push you to get active, motivate, express passions, and deal with anger through what you do with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, events, parties, and social networking. Mars will be here the rest of the month so get ready to get busy in these arenas. Today Venus changes signs as well, she moves into Aquarius where she is going to want more freedom and originality. Here she if focusing on goals, career, ambitions, and authority figures. She may bring a female onto the scene that will affect these areas in the weeks ahead, push your income opportunities in these directions and even spark love while in the pursuit of goals or make love more goal oriented.

Mars will come to Neptune on the 4th. You want to watch this day because it will either push your to do something truly inspired, magical, artistic, romantic, or dreamy with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities, OR it will cloud your judgment, bring deception, boundary issues, substance issues, or confusion through the same activities. Since it could go either way, pay attention to what you are doing.

Mercury moves into Pisces on the 5th bringing more thoughts, writing, agreements, offers, sales, information, news, talks, meetings, and decisions around aspirations, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, parties, events, and social networking. This will continue the rest of the month so put your ideas into play and get ready for more invitations and decisions.

On the 6th Mercury will meet with Neptune for a replay of what happened on the 6th but this time it is about the information, decision or agreement in the mix. Again caution since it is great for inspired ideals and magical moments and very challenging around any deceptions, confusion or boundary issues.

The NEW MOON on the 10th is your best 2 week window of the year to launch a new business, make a new career move, get a new boss, get a promotion, deal with a judge, dad or a boss on new terms, start out towards new goals or ambitions, meet with fame, or get a fresh start with reputation. The CHINEESE NEW YEAR of the BLACK SNAKE starts today and will be about the efforts you make to get more creative, express love and get involved with kids this year. Think work, details, service to others, healthy new approaches, and what you do for animals as keys in your arsenal here.

The Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th and puts you in the spotlight now with aspirations, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, social networking, and events. For the next 30 days you will be pouring more personal and physical energy here and taking the lead. Saturn Retrogrades today and will journey backwards from now through the first week of July. This period will lighten up the load when it comes to responsibilities, limits, ambitions, or commitments involving partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, or opposition. You may be going back into the past to rework some goal here or just enjoy the easier transit.

Mercury Retrogrades on the 23rd through March 17th. This will slow down and bring some mix-ups or changes with friends, groups, parties, internet matters, astrology, and charities during this phase. It is your do-over to go back into the past and rethink, rework, release, reconnect, or rewrite any agreements, decisions, sales, or ideas you had here. You may have a friend from the past show back up or a new one exit the scene during this period.

The FULL MOON on the 25th brings a peak for you with a lover as you celebrate something together or mark your lovers achievements, or it will be a time of endings here. This is the peak in a creative project or interest as well as you wrap things up, see some recognition or achievement, and celebrate. It is also about a culmination with anything involving children. Venus moves into Pisces today and your love life will now be more social or play out through friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or parties and events. Income will flow through these arenas as well now. For further information of a more personal nature into your chart a private reading with Zoe may be just the thing for you! To schedule or inquire more about it email zoemoonastrology@gmail.com or call 818-613-6067.




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