Take advantage of Mercury Retrograde in the first part of March to work out any past issues or interests involving the aspirations you would like to see moving ahead but can’t just yet because of things in the way, any past issues or interests involving friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, social networking, or events. What you tackle now in these areas, the Karmic balance you seek, the behind the scenes work you put in, will aid you in the huge new beginning you get here on the 11th when the NEW MOON opens up your best 2 week window to launch. If you wish to bring part of the past into this fresh start then launch between the 11-17th. Brand new projects, friends, groups, internet interests, charities, and the like get their best push from the 18th onward.

Mars moves into Aries on the 12th which cues you in that your actions, passions and anger will now be playing out in more secretive or reclusive ways, that you will be working behind the scenes, in development, at hospitals or other institutions, enmeshed with some secret romance or into a film, music or art project, pursuing spiritual interests, and pouring lots of energy into your imagination. You have more than the normal amount of energy now to strategize and build on something behind the scenes so let this fire you up.

Mercury ends his Retrograde phase on the 17th so you now have the green light to sign contracts, purchase vehicles or electronics, say yes to new people or projects, and move ahead on what you decided about the past issues or interests with the friends, groups, internet, astrology, or charities.

The Sun moves into Aries marking the Spring Equinox on the 20th followed by Venus entering this sign on the 21st. This puts you more personally and physically at the hospital or other institution, in development, on the film, music or art project, in the research department, on the investigation, or behind closed doors with that clandestine romance. You are in the spotlight now in these areas and will pour more personal and physical energy here. Venus in the arena means you see things smooth out a bit or that a woman is key in all of this. You will focus more love or earning potential through these topics as well and should find it easier to attract what you need in the above mentioned topics. You may find that you just want more time alone or in deep thought, resting, recharging batteries, winding down the last year and readying yourself for what is to come.

Note that the 22nd will be quite the active day when anything can happen. You may get a tremendous surprise, loaded with excitement or decide to do something spur of the moment, make a change, or find that something shocking or accident prone occurs. Again this transpires behind the scenes, tied to hospitals, prisons, retreat, research, investigations, film, music, art, spiritual interests, clandestine affairs, or addictions.

Prepare to adapt and adjust the 25-27th when key relationships will play a big part. Your partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, opponent, or competitor will push things or require things that will put you on your toes and get you motivated behind the scenes, remember give and take is key and Karmic balance may be called for as well.
Chiron is active the 27-29th so any wounds or healing that needs to be addressed will come about around friends, groups, online, with astrology, charities, parties, social networking, or events. Your aspirations may be in the balance as well. Seek to communicate about the money or what you value.

The FULL MOON on the 27th brings a peak for you with a job, work piling up in other areas, paperwork, co-workers, employees, your health, animals, or environmental interests. This is that time of year when you see things reach a climax in these areas as you celebrate achievements, wrap things up and end them and note what aims have been met. If you are ready to look more deeply into your own unique chart you can schedule a reading with Zoe by emailing zoemoonastrology@gmail.com or calling 818-613-6067.



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