February begins with a lot of focus on your career, goals, reputation, achievements, or a certain authority figure like your boss, parent or a judge. You have mega energy behind moving things to the next level but between the dates of the 12th-28th the Mercury Retrograde will either slow this down so you get it all right or it will open up some link to the past; past people, issues, situations, or opportunities, so you can rework, reclaim or release as part of your forward motion. Venus, your ruling energy, is finally Direct in February so any sluggishness you may have felt or any walls that seemed to be around you should now drop away. You will see forward movement with legal, travel, educational, wedding, or media needs this month especially when focused on a woman, the love or the money. Mercury begins his Retrograde in Pisces so between the 6th-12th you will be revisiting energy here. That means this is the time to review, revise, reclaim, or release issues, opportunities, agreements, sales, or decisions involving friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, your freedom, inventions, or changes.

Whatever big projects or choices you have had going on involving your home, real estate deals, family, roommates, moves, renovations, or a parent, comes to a head by the FULL MOON on the 14th, Happy Valentine’s Day! This means this is a big high point for you here, a good day to celebrate with your loved one at home or with family, or a great time to show some love for yourself in these areas. It is now that you wrap things up, they come through, you celebrate achievements, or mark endings. It seems a big push with someone important happens today and it’s all in the details, you may push a work matter through, get a health need tackled, sign paperwork (hopefully past related), or do something with the pets, all good.

The Sun moves into Aquarius on the 18th and puts a light on what you are about with your friends, groups, online, your freedom, charities, or originality. Over the next 30 days you can pour more personal and physical energy into what you do here.
One of the most important things occurring in February is the change of energy fields with the North Node of Destiny and the Karmic South Node. Think back to what occurred for you with your own evolution and key relationships between Aug 1995 and March 1997. Although outer influences are different now, you are about to embark on a similar journey of Fated events between Feb 18, 2014 through Nov 2015.

Today is mega due to the shift of the Nodes of Destiny and Karma. They take up new positions for the next 18 months starting now. Destiny is going to call you through relationships involving your work, health, paperwork, and animals. You will find doors open, new experiences and something Fated taking place that gets your work out there, the documents signed, health a focus, or the animals where it’s at.

Karma will show up tied to hospitals, addictions, self-sabotage, hiding out or isolating, film, music, art, spiritual practices, clandestine romance, research, investigations, and dreams. This is where you will meet past life matters, balance Karmic debt or have opportunity to release it. You will do better when combining with others to work, for health, in paperwork, or for animals, rather than hiding out or falling into bad habits.

The 2nd of 3 Jupiter/Uranus squares arrives on the 26th and it’s about what you began back in August 2013. It’s the next leg of surprises, changes and growth opportunities. Expect to hear something today or the days surrounding this that opens up that view for you, and look to short trips, writing, agreements, sales, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, or ideas to get you there.

Mercury ends his Retrograde on the 28th so you are now ready to move ahead on that career matter, personal goal, the parent, boss or other authority figure, but note today may confuse or bring a few glitches as forward motion shifts in the sky.

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