February draws your attention to two distinct areas of life and asks that you focus your energy here. One will be your key relationships so think about your personal or business partners, agents and attorneys, specialists and advocates, clients and competitors, opponents and any other significant person you would like to move forward with or leave behind and then do something about it. The second area will be your work, health and pet arena. It is a month to really think about aspirations in these areas and then begin to put your plan into action!

The month kicks off with Mars moving into Pisces on the 1st and bringing his fighting spirit to those key relationships. This is going to give you the boost you need to make things happen, take action, express passion, or stand up for what is in your best interest through these key relationships for the rest of the month, expect to start getting busy now. On the same day Venus moves into Aquarius and there she will begin to smooth things out on the job or in search of one, with co-workers or people you hire to help, in your health arena or with animals. She will help your income flow through these topics and may attract a woman or love around what you do here that would benefit you.

Note that on the 4th there is a combination of energy that will either inspire and ignite passion, romance, artistry, spirituality, and positive actions on hospitals or addictions with key relationships, OR it will be about deception, confusion, anger, and boundary issues with these relationships. Since you know this going in, be careful to see which side this is falling on and take care that you deliver up the highest value yourself.

Mercury moves into Pisces on the 5th and thoughts will turn to the partners, representatives, clients, and opposition. This will be an ongoing theme for the rest of this month and with Mercury here you may receive news or an offer today and begin to see more meetings, talks, agreements, sales, local action, and decisions involving them.

On the 6th Mercury will meet the same energy that Mars met on the 4th so you will get more information today and again your meetings, talks, ideas, decisions, agreements, or sales with key people will either be very inspired, artistic, romantic, spiritual, or about institutions, OR they could be deceptive, confusing or without boundaries and target addictions, hidden agendas or romance, prisons, or isolation. Don’t sign it today unless you are really sure about the details.

The NEW MOON in Aquarius arrives on the 10th and with it your best 2 week window of the year to start a new job search, take a new job, launch new work ideas, tackle work building up around your home or other personal spaces, tend to paperwork, get a new co-worker or start something new with the ones you have, hire someone to help you, get your health on track, start a diet, hire a trainer, get to the doctor, join a gym, do something for animals, adopt a pet, go green, or launch some new way to do for the environment. Today is the CHINEESE NEW YEAR of the BLACK SNAKE. For you this begins a year with a strong focus on you. You may be stepping up a bit more, getting some attention or recognition, or it may be a year when you do take care of your body in a better way, get an image change, change your identity (single to married, unemployed to businessperson, etc), get your brand out there on another level, or go for a personal goal. It will all be about the details, getting organized, doing the work, and simplifying.

The Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th where he will light up those key relationships and put you in the spotlight over the next 30 days with partners, representatives, clients, and opponents. For you this means getting personally or physically into the mix with these people now, taking the lead and letting your needs, brand, identity, or physical interests combine in beneficial ways with them. Saturn Retrogrades today and will backtrack from now through the first week of July. This is going to give you some easement with brothers, sisters, neighbors, moves, local activities, short trips, vehicles, electronics, writing, agreements, sales, and in talks, meetings or decisions over this period. Some of the responsibility will let up or you will have an opportunity to deal with any past issues in these areas through setting goals, dealing with authority figures, looking at career needs, or taking the lead.

Mercury Retrogrades on the 23rd through March 17th. This will be a time when things will slow down or you will have miscommunications, mechanical difficulties or technical breakdowns involving partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, opponents, or competitors. It is also the time when the universe gives you a do-over to go back and rethink, rewrite, revisit past people or issues, rework them, release them, or reconnect in some way. It’s ok to sign documents with attorneys or agents, etc if they pertain to the past or ongoing issues during this period but better to wait on brand new ideas or options until after if you can do some safely and effectively.

The FULL MOON in Virgo arrives on the 25th and brings a very personal year high for you. This may be about some recognition for what you have achieved, a celebration for your brand as it hits some all time high, a culmination with something going on in your body as illness ends or a diet is achieved, a celebration of identity as you marry, propose, are finally single, or reach the title you’ve been working towards. Venus follows all the other personal planetary energy into Pisces today where she will bring love and income opportunities through partnership, representation, clients, and any other key relationship and where she will begin to smooth things out with rivals or these other people, it’s going to get easier now. For further information of a more personal nature into your chart a private reading with Zoe may be just the thing for you! To schedule or inquire more about it email zoemoonastrology@gmail.com or call 818-613-6067.



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