The first part of May at least will have a very strong emphasis on the higher minded part of your life which means that any legal matters, educational pursuits, media, marketing, publishing, or broadcasting aims, wedding plans, or travel agenda will amp up. This starts from the 1st as your ruler, Mercury, moves into these fields and brings more talks, decisions, writing, sales, learning, and agreements to these matters in the weeks ahead. This will be followed by a New Moon Solar Eclipse here on the 9th that will open up a very powerful 2 week window to launch in new directions in these fields.

Note that on the 1st Mars will oppose Saturn so you will be geared up to take action on one or more of these subjects but you will either be one on one with someone that brings up limits, a ‘no’, structures, responsibilities, or there will be something serious here about ambitions, commitments or endings to contend with. Get real about what you need to do and seek balance. There may be a brother, sister, neighbor, vehicle, transportation matter, or electronic need involved as well.

Venus moves into Gemini on the 9th where she will pour her charms into your career Midheaven and help you to have a bit of an easier go there and with bosses, parents, goals, ambitions, other authority figures, and reputation in the weeks ahead. You may have income or love on your priority list now and should be able to make some strides towards these goals now with a little effort. A woman may be pivotal for you in this pursuit.

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE arrives on the 9th as well and is your starting point to eclipse something out and start in a major new direction on the career front, with a boss, parent or authority figure, over goals or ambitions, with reputation, fame or status, and to put things in motion towards achievement. This may be about eclipsing out some outworn approach or habit that holds you back or it may be that your career has hit the wall or you have a boss leaving, etc. Whatever comes up it is your time to shine and the more you take the lead in working towards your new goals the better. If you need to hold onto the stale career format until you have the next opportunity nailed down then do what you have to to be safe and secure financially but do take steps towards your goals.

Mercury again changes signs on the 15th, this time moving into Gemini and turning your thoughts to that career matter, boss, parent, authority figure, achievement, goal, ambition, or leadership need. Mercury here helps you get into talks or meetings, write, deal with agreements or sales, pitch ideas, propose, speak before people, or make decisions regarding interests in these areas so get busy.

The 3rd of 7 powerful squares between Uranus and Pluto arrives on the 20th. These began in 2012 and end in 2015 so you are in a process of major changes due to these energies and for you they are asking that you break free, try something different or find your individuality through deeper connections, sexuality, intimacy, reproductive needs, divorce, dealing with a death, or the big financial matter such as the loan, inheritance, taxes, insurance, commissions, royalties, bankruptcy, investments, alimony, child support, or partner’s money. What is also overhauling through this period ties into some or all of this and focuses on your love life, children, recreational interests, or creative projects. Note where you are in the process and that any upheaval, rebirthing or powerful changes now are part of this ongoing transformation.

Mercury squares Chiron on the 21st bringing wounding news, talks, writing, agreements, sales, or decisions regarding a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, opponent, or other key person over the goal, career matter, ambition, reputation, or via an authority figure such as a boss, parent, judge, or the like. It may just as well allow for your opportunity to step up as the guru healer/teacher over these same topics in consideration of the other person to help from your own personal experience of any wounding you’ve experienced here. Do what you can to access this and open up about what you know.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE arrives on the 25th which brings a huge ending or major achievement for you regarding the home, a move, a real estate deal, property matter, renovation, roommate, family matter, early childhood issue, or security need. Expect to again eclipse something out as you reach this high point and mark the ending or celebrate the achievement.

Mercury moves into Cancer on the 31st and your thoughts turn to aspirations, social interactions, causes, charities, inventions, freedom, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or your original concepts. This will take you into June and be where more talks, meetings, agreements, writing, sales, and decisions will be brewing starting now. Mars moves into Gemini today so there will also be a shift on the career front or with that goal, ambition or authority figure. Mars is going to bring more action now and motivate you to do something about it. This will also be where more passion or anger will arise so prepare to move things along. If you feel ready to look more deeply into your personal chart with Zoe for some added clarity or insight about what is ahead you can email for dates and rates here



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