June is going to start out with more affinity towards exceptance and joy around your true aspirations and this will include more good times with friends, group activities that can bring love or income to the top, positive flow on your internet pursuits, and any other social matter you might delve into.  You can thank Venus as she takes up residence on the 2nd but she is just the beginning as you will see as this month progresses so start to dream big.

The final Trigger date from last month’s Solar Eclipse arrives on the 6th so you may have another chapter to that story now involving a partner in romance or business, a representative like an agent, attorney or specialist, your clients, a competitor or opponent, or some other key relationship.  This would then be a day when things culminate in achievements or endings.

The 7th will see Venus getting quite active for you so aim for today when putting your dreams into motion, involving your friends or groups, moving ahead online with projects, getting into astrology, charities or aviation, championing a cause, seeking freedom or expressing originality, or attending any social functions.  The day holds promise in love or money here, again involving key people and ideas or decisions you can come to together.  Neptune Retrogrades today and will remain in backwards motion from now through November 17th.  This is keying in on these relationships so you may have a shift today with one or more of these people.  The period is yours to delve back into the past opportunities or issues and work through them from now through the fall.  It’s good for holing up, developing projects, researching, balancing Karma, retreating and regrouping, resting, dreaming, finessing artistic projects, re-attuning to your spiritual nature, clearing any bad habits or addictions, or dealing with institutions like hospitals or prisons.

The NEW MOON on the 8th is your best 2 week window of the year to launch forward on new efforts or take current ones to the next level when it comes to your career, ambitions, reputation, fame, personal goals, leadership abilities, and any dealings with authority figures like your parents, bosses or a judge for example.  Use this time to make your move, even a few steps in the right direction will help you to gain momentum in the year ahead.  Today will bring some challenges to overcome a ‘no’ or some perceived limit you have in your mind.  This may involve a brother, sister, neighbor, move, vehicle, or electronic need or be something in writing, about a sale or agreement.  Things are shaking up where shared finances are concerned or outside resources need to be handled so be ready to step in with ideas when it comes knocking.

On the 16th Chiron Retrogrades and will shadow the Neptune Retrograde through Pisces from now through November 19th.  This may bring up a wound now that shows you what should be dealt with, where healing needs to come, if you have a vulnerable spot it is best to know so pay attention to what you feel or hear now.  You should work over these next month’s to find ways to process this feeling and perhaps call upon yourself to help others through your own experience of painful situations.

The 19th will be a big day but possibly challenging as well with 2 very different configurations.  The first is a great one pushing you to step up and shine in your leadership abilities, to promote your business or impress your image or brand upon us towards some goal.  You may have an opportunity that comes through involving a big wig or power person or be able to take hold of some big ambition and go for it.  Look to legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, publishing, or wedding interests to flavor what you can do.  The challenging energy will be from Mars butting up against Chiron opening any wounds or vulnerability involving your aims and some other person like a partner, representative, opponent, client, etc.  Mars can help motivate you to push things over the top if you jump in and are proactive.

The Sun glides into Cancer on the 21st marking the Summer Solstice and illuminating your social sphere.  Here the vital life force of the Sun takes up what Venus has been paving and puts you personally or physically into the same social interests for the next 30 days.  It is a great placement for you because you can stand out online, with groups, friends, associates, in the name of charities, causes, freedom, and change, and for any interests in astrology, social networking or aviation.  Something about your home life or real estate and family may be coloring this period as you step up and make a few wishes come true.

The final Trigger date for last month’s Lunar Eclipse arrives on the 22nd so you may have a final chapter to that story and it will involve your home, a move, real estate deals, family, roommates, renovations, or security needs.  If this comes now it will be about achievements or endings in these areas.

This is followed closely by this month’s FULL MOON on the 23rd and it will be bringing a climax for you around your creative projects, children, love life, or recreational interests.  It is the year’s big high point where you may be hearing some great news about a project that hits it’s mark or you finally wrap up all the work you’ve been doing to finalize your creative efforts, a child may shine in some achievement or you may find out you are having your first child, or you may be falling in love, making the next move with your lover or ending a love relationship past it’s expiration date.  For you singles out there this can be a time when someone catches your eye and you theirs so enjoy the days leading up to this by getting out and about.

And here is the biggest news of the month, Jupiter, the lord of luck, expansion, happiness, and prosperity, is moving into the sign of Cancer on the 25th where he will tour the entire next year and he is now onboard with helping you to get to a better situation regarding your dreams and aspirations for your life, to get you out there in the group dynamic or championing your cause, to bring beneficial friends and associates your way, help you and your friends to do something big, to help you with your online presence and interests, astrology, charities, aviation, original ideas and interests, breaking free from outworn situations, and any social networking or gatherings that please you.  This will be a growth year for you here so if you are feeling the pull trust it.  With the Sun shining so brightly upon you in the same arena in this first month you will have plenty you can set in motion right away so go for it.

And if that wasn’t enough…your ruler, Mercury, Retrogrades the very next day on the 26th in the same part of your chart so the cosmos is telling you that part of this story involves someone or some opportunity or issue from the past and that you have 3 plus weeks, until July 20th, to rework, reclaim, release, or revamp something with a friend, group, internet interest, astrology, charity, cause, or aspiration.  This is an important step that will help you pull everything together so slow down and retreat back over these areas, look at any decisions or agreements, writing or sales, ideas or meetings that you can work out or let go of entirely.  A sibling, neighbor, move, electronic need, or vehicles/transportation may be significant to some of this as well.  It’s best to hold off on purchasing new electronics, vehicles or signing new documents during the Retrograde if it is possible to hold off without hurting your circumstances but it is ok to do so if it is something/someone coming back around from the past with another shot at something.  If you do have to sign during this phase just know that there will be some change to the situation and be adaptable, same goes for purchases, buy the warranties!

The last energy shift of the month comes on the 27th as Venus moves on ahead to Leo and begins to call you to retreat a bit in the name of love or what you are developing for income purposes.  You may have a woman that is Karmic in nature re-enter the picture during this phase that runs until July 22nd and if so will likely have to do with art, music, film, spiritual interests, hospitals, addictions, research, investigations, or some clandestine affair.  Venus in this position will help you to enjoy some down time so take a break, you’ve earned it.  For those of you that would enjoy a more fine-tuned look into your own unique birth chart, you can email Zoe for rates and dates here zoemoonastrology@gmail.com



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