Are you chomping at the bit to move ahead on the film, music or art project? Is there something involving a hospital, retreat or other institution that you are ready to launch? Is it about a research opportunity, investigation or development project whose time has come? Or are you ready to pull back, start something romantic, artistic, spiritual, or restful that feeds your soul? The good news is the New Moon energy on the 6th opens up a very positive 2 week window when you can further aims, start brand new adventures and take things to the next level in these areas.

Note that there will be two days that stand out for these efforts. The first falling on the 8th when your ruler, Mercury, moves into these arenas and you begin to see the agreements, meetings, offers, sales, writing, talks, ideas, local activities, short trips, and decisions coming through in these matters. A brother, sister, neighbor, move, the electronics, or vehicles, may also color forward growth from this point forward. The second date to note is the 27th when Mars joins the focus and brings more action into the mix. You can see a younger male arriving to further your causes here or just feel this period ahead as one with more passion, motivation and determination to make things happen.

The other main focus this month is going to be on you! That means attention to your body, image, personal needs, name, identity, or brand. This will be strongest the last week of the month, notably from 22nd and 23rd when the Sun and then Mercury move into your sign. This period will kick off more personal and physical involvement with your own needs, more attention from the outside world on you, and more writing, sales, agreements, meetings, short trips, transportation, electronics, local activity, sibling or neighbor involvement, moves, or decisions that require your personal touch or physical involvement. It’s a good time to take the lead and share ideas. There will be 3 days when balance or challenges will be present and involve you, your needs, identity, image, body, or brand and another person. These fall on the 1st, 25th and 29th. You will be looking at any wounding issues, healing, teaching, and Karmic balance with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, opponent, client, or other key relationship and doing your best to find inspiration and choices that work.

Venus moves into your income zone on the 16th and she will tour here over the weeks ahead helping to smooth things out or make it easier for you to earn money. She may bring a woman into the picture that can help you or interest you in spending on luxury items or objects of beauty during this phase. Your possessions and acquisitions will be under her rule as well so you will likely enjoy what you buy or find it easier to care for your property during this period. There will be one day that challenges you and it falls on the 24th. This will focus in on money, possessions, being valued or what you value, an acquisition, and the lover, quest for love, child, recreational outlet, or creative project. Third party situations, change, upheaval and evolution, and control issues may color this subject as may any sexual needs, divorce issues or shared financial matters.

There are two days that stand out with potential growth opportunities or something big is happening and they are the 7th and 21st. Both days will show you this through the pursuit of your aspirations, what involves your friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, parties, events, social networking, your freedom, inventions, or original and visionary ideas. The 7th will bring you into contact with someone else and focus on creative outlets, children, recreation, or a lover/the love life. You may again have some intense changes or profound evolution. The 21st will align with partners, reps, clients, specialists, or other key relationships and bring about healing or allow for your guru energy to rise up. There will be something unexpected happening or a sudden change in the mix involving the financial aspects, divorce, third party, control, or sexual needs.

A FULL MOON arrives on the 20th that brings a climax for you over a work project, the search for a job, an interview or audition, your co-workers, people you hire, work piling up around you, organizational projects, a clean-up or de-cluttering, a health matter or interest, the animals, the environment or going green, or services you provide. This will be about things wrapping up or coming through, celebrations, achievements, or endings in these matters.

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