Are you feeling like a new person Virgo? September is your month and the New Moon on the 5th has your name written all over it. You have 2 powerful weeks from this date forward to launch in new directions or take things to the next level. Do you want a new make-over, wardrobe, hairstyle? Are you ready to start a new workout regime, diet or get to the doctor for better health? Are you ready to make a name change, push your brand out there to some new level or evolve your identity in some exciting way? Think about ways you can reinvent yourself and go for it while the energy is behind you.

Your income zone is getting a boost as well this month starting on the 9th. From here through the 29th you have more offers, sales, agreements, writing, meetings, news, talks, ideas, short trips, local activities, and decisions pouring in around making money, possessions, acquisitions, and what you value. There will likely be key players in this for you so turn to partners, reps, clients, and the like to open up the potential. The Sun moves into this zone on the 22nd at which time you will begin to be more personally or physically involved in making money, dealing with the possessions or making the acquisitions and this trend will last for 30 more days! It is important to note that on the weekend of the 14th/15th there will be a glitch of sorts that requires your attention and will involve this other person and your income, possessions or acquisitions. Look at the wound and healing and make adjustments accordingly.

Venus enters your third house on the 11th where she will begin to smooth things out with brothers, sisters, neighbors, and over any needs you have involving vehicles, electronics, writing, agreements, sales, meetings, moves, short trips, or local activities. She may amp up love or income through these avenues or bring a woman on board at this time that is beneficial in some way. You will have the gift of gab now, able to charm others into what you want more easily and love will likely arrive out in your local scene or on that short trip. Note the 21st as a special day of opportunity here that ties into your love life, creative projects or children. Mercury will move into this communication and transportation zone on the 29th to finish out the month with more focus on the agreements, sales, writing, meetings, and offers.

The FULL MOON on the 19th brings a climax with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, opponent, advocate, or other key relationship. This is a high point when things come through, wrap up, end, are celebrated, or achieved. You will have just made adjustments regarding this person on the weekend of the 14th/15th and are now ready to see things culminate.

The 17th is a day of FATE. The North Node of Destiny moving clock-wise around the zodiac reaches a point in the sign of Scorpio after an 18 year journey. At the same time, Saturn moving counter-clockwise around the zodiac reaches the same point in Scorpio after a 29 year journey around the zodiac. They are running smack dab into one another and marking a moment in time when Destiny and commitment, endings, leadership, authority, structure, limits, and ambitions come together in the most powerful sign of the zodiac. So…what do you want? Is it time to commit to a brother or sister or end something that is going on? Is there a neighbor or something going on in the neighborhood that you could pour some ambition into or do you need to get serious about dealing with limits or endings here? Is there a big agreement or sale that requires your attention and will bind you in some ambitious way to the future or mark an ending? Are you a writer, can you get your writing out there or your ideas in some important way? Is it time to move, take a short trip or commit your mind to something? Is there a big ending or commitment involving vehicles or electronics? Is there a meeting, talk, idea, or decision that could change your life? Destiny awaits your choice.

Pluto has been Retrograde since mid-April and now on the 20th Pluto goes Direct. This is going to affect your love life, creative projects, recreational interests, or children as the energy of change, upheaval, evolution, rebirth, and power begins the next chapter for you. Look at how you are sharing, what you want to do to go deeper, how third parties are affecting your needs here, if there are any changes you wish to make, if the financial picture is influencing choices, how divorce is playing into it, and if your intimate life or sexual issues have some bearing on what is going on. Note that you may see this shift start to occur now as you are ready for the next chapter and that as I mentioned the 21st was going to be a special day, it also involves these shifts so what can you say, ask for, propose, write, agree upon, sell, or decide? Shall you use the power of attraction and your ability to manifest fully armed WITH the available knowledge of the cosmos to make your moves up ahead? If you are ready to avail yourself of that personal knowledge and delve into your own unique chart a private reading with Zoe will give you an amazing jump on what is there. Email for more information about rates and available dates to get started!



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