October is starting off with a very powerful NEW MOON in your income, possessions and purchases sector. This opens up a strong 2 week window when you can launch new opportunities or take current ones to a new level. This particular New Moon is amped up even more than usual due to a Grand Cross in the mix that will add outside financial resources, intimate connections, creative potential, your love life, kids, friends, aspirations, inventions, groups, internet interests, charities, or visionary thinking into the fresh start.

There is an adjustment on the 5th that will ask that you get serious about meetings, agreements, sales, writing, speaking roles, brothers, sisters, moves, local activities, short trips, vehicles, electronics, or decisions, and make adjustments regarding the sex life, divorce or financial matter. Note what comes up now since you will get a repeat over it with the upcoming Mercury Retrograde.

Venus kicks off a new love/money cycle that starts on the 7th and will take you through the rest of the month. This is set to smooth things out and help you attract love or money more easily or enjoyably around home matters, moves, renovations, real estate deals, family, parents, or roommates. A woman may be pivotal in helping here and you should find that things are better now in these areas. There are 2 days that may challenge however and they arrive on the 10th and 16th. These 2 days will bring up any issues with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, or other key people.

Mars moves into new territory on the 15th where he is going to start lighting a fire within YOU! Hosting Mars in your own sign is like fueling up on energy drinks and being blessed with more mojo in the weeks ahead. This will help motivate you when it comes to your own needs, your body and getting more active, your image or brand and what you want to do about it, your name or identity and how passionate you are about these things or if you feel it’s time to fight for something here. There are 2 days that stand out when you will be dealing with another person in this and they arrive on the 19th and 31st. Note that these will be about what you do and something that will either open up healing of wounds and inspire or be painful and disillusioning, note what kind of person you are dealing with and keep a clear mind over what you are doing.

The FULL MOON on the 18th is 3 times more powerful due to it being a LUNAR ECLIPSE as well! This means a very big peak arrives now involving your loans, investments, insurance, taxes, commissions, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, partner’s money, divorce, death, birth, or sex life. It is a time when something is ‘eclipsed’ out as you celebrate the high point or achievement, mark endings or wrap things up, see things come through or garner some recognition.

Mercury Retrogrades on the 21st and you will begin to backtrack over past agreements, decisions, writing projects, talks, meetings, short trips, neighborhood activities, sibling or neighbor matters, electronic or vehicle needs, and ideas. The shadow period began on the 1st so you may have been mulling some of this over all month but now you are ready to rework, revise, reclaim, or release in these areas and you have until November 10th to figure it out. It’s ok to sign agreements or purchase electronics or mechanical items if they are tied into this past but better to hold off on new ones during this period if you can without hurting your opportunities. The Sun follows into this territory on the 23rd for 30 days so you will be more personally and physically involved here and possibly find your name, identity, image, body, or brand is as well.

The last big aspect this month involves Pluto and Chiron on the 28th when any wounds and healing will awaken involving partners, reps, clients, opponents, competitors, or specialists, and powerful transformation can occur involving lovers, kids, creative projects, or recreational pursuits. Look for ways to evolve the situation. For a more in-depth look at your unique patterns in play you can schedule a private reading with Zoe by emailing for rates and dates at zoemoonastrology@gmail.com



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