What new territory do you want to embark upon with a romantic or business partner, the agent or attorney, competitor or opponent, specialist or client? As of March 1st you have a NEW MOON opening things up for you and helping you to move ahead on romantic, spiritual, artistic, healing, or developmental needs with these relationships. Reach out, you have 2 strong weeks to set things in motion and the more you do now the better the rest of the year will go!

Mars Retrogrades on the 1st which means that pushing ahead into new territory with income, possessions or purchases is not the thing to do. Mars is urging you to do something about the situation you are in now or go back into the past and take action on what you started or wanted to start but didn’t and make some things happen. You have from now through May 19th to get motivated, do it, look at any passion or anger, and key in with any of those significant people in the mix to get it right.

Saturn Retrogrades on the 2nd. You have been being tested and asked to deal with more responsibilities when it comes to brothers, sisters, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, writing, ideas, negotiations, offers, meetings, talks, sales, agreements, short trips, local/community activity, and decisions for a long while now. From today any movement into new territory will be slowed down but that is because you need to deal with what is already going on here or go back to the past and work some things out that are important. Look very closely at your commitments, any endings, limits, losses, ways to restructure things, and ambitions with these matters. Then ask yourself if there is something financial, sexual, divorce, mortality, birth, or third party related playing out that you must get real about with these themes. You have until July 20th to get it right. There will be one last mini do-over between next June-July 2015 and after that you are on the road that you will travel with these matters for the next 29 years, so what can you get real about now?

Venus moves into Aquarius on the 5th bringing the women, love and income interests out of conservative Capricorn and pushing for some freedom, excitement or original approach to what goes on here. For you this will play out in work scenarios, with organizing, cleaning, the details, people you hire to help, paperwork, health needs, or dealing with the animals. Look at charming them or seeing some things smooth out through spontaneous moves.

Jupiter goes Direct after months in Retrograde on the 6th. This is your cue to begin to again moving forward again on your aspirations, with your friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, causes, inventions, original ideas, freedom, or social networking. Jupiter wants growth opportunities here, it wants more happiness or prosperity for you, so look at how you can move ahead here through any legal, travel, educational, media, or wedding plans, see if the home, move, real estate, or family supports this growth, then go for it. You have from now through July 16th and then you won’t have this kind of luck on your side again for another 12 years, move forward!

The FULL MOON on the 16th brings a climax for you on a personal or physical level, it is in your sign! This is the time of year when you see things come through, wrap up, end, or are moved to celebrate what is going on with you. It may point out your body, image, brand, name, title, or identity, or focus in on the climax around a personal need that culminates. This could mean recognition on the job or some turning point with the work you do, the paperwork you sign, your tipping point in health, or some detail that puts you at your peak.

Mercury moves into Pisces on the 17th turning your thoughts to the New Moon energy of the 1st. Now and in the weeks ahead you may get your offer, negotiate your terms, sign the agreement, make the sale, write it, propose it, hear about it, take a short trip over it, involve the sibling, neighbor, electronics, or vehicles, or make a choice that is all about the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, or other relationship. It’s about your artistry, romantic nature, spiritual approach, healing modality, the institutions involved, or research, bring it.

The Sun moves into Aries on the 20th illuminating sex, divorce, reproduction, mortality issues, and all major financial matters for the next 30 days. This puts a spotlight on you, pushes you to pour more personal or physical energy into these themes, and possibly take the lead or tie your name, image or brand to what is going on. The NEW MOON on the 30th takes this to the next level, in the same part of the chart, so you now have 2 weeks to enter new territory or amp things up higher, be proactive.

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