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For March, 2018:

Welcome to March the 3rd month of this watershed year! There is much activity this month, from beginning to end, as we come to the end of the wormhole, the start of a new season, the first retrograde of a major planet since the beginning of the year, another 2 full moons (and Blue Moon), and an unusual dance between Mercury and Venus, depositors of the energies of our minds and hearts. When mind and heart come together as one, fueled and guided by Spirit, their combined frequencies manifest into the physical as new life and growth.

In Cosmic Consciousness, the 3 o’clock hour, represented by Aries, is where we enter the mental quadrant, bringing in Love purposefully and diligently to activate the higher mind, which is Christ Consciousness. This activation requires focusing golden Light on the heart chakra, where its vibration is elevated into the higher mind, aligning it with Love, and opening a gateway for the divine spark of something new to manifest. This March is a month to let go of expectations, trusting our intuition to allow what has already been birthed on some level to come through.
March, as the third month in this 2/11-year, holds the space of expansion, abundance, self-expression, inspiration, joy, mastery, and creativity. It represents the energies of the triad, the Trinity, a sacred triangle (trine) where all parts work together harmoniously, creating a portal that brings forth manifestation of desires through allowing the descent of Spirit into the mental plane; there Source-based faith in action becomes consciously directed intention. The active initiating force of new beginnings of the “1” combines with the receptive, germinating energies of the “2,” resulting in the “3” energies of physical manifestation. The triangle is the ancient symbol for the element of FIRE. We talk about the creative fire within, that when expressed outwards, spreads warmth and light and inspiration. Aries, the Divine Spark, is a Fire sign. In the Motherpeace Tarot the “3” is represented by the Empress, who gives forth love, life and connection, and who knows how to manifest what is needed to survive and thrive on the physical plane.

March Manifesting Energies

The very first day of the month is energized with aspects involving all of the personal planets. The Mercury/Mars stepping stone still reverberates as we utilize our mind/body connection to understand how each is affected by the intense energies we are experiencing. Mercury and Mars each aspect Pluto: Mercury with a resource, and Mars with a subtle connection. Our mental operating system transforms with new perceptions, as we get more comfortable with the physical changes we are feeling.  Venus is also active, intimately aspecting Eris and then manifesting with Jupiter. Our social consciousness expands with the resonance of hearts that are clear and awake.
Also on 3/1, the Sun and Moon form a Full Moon bridge at 11 Virgo, connecting with the Neptune-Orcus Light Bridge. When the Sun and Neptune come together veils lift, the fog dissipates, and clarity reigns. The part of us that is immortal can guide our emotional responses when we lift our Selves up onto the Light Bridge and observe from there. The Virgo Full Moon is disposed by Chiron, who forms a stepping stone (exact on 3/2) with Ixion. This aspect, and the Venus/Mercury/Chiron new cycles on 3/4 reflect the realignment of our minds and hearts with our soul’s purpose.  This is the beginning of the healing/wholing themes that are coming up this year. Chiron is active in the upcoming Pisces New Moon as well; stay tuned.
All month there is a Grand Water Manifestation between Jupiter in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces, and retrograde Varuna in Cancer. Our social identities are transforming, alchemizing to a higher frequency of healing and aligning to a higher perspective, as external events serve to reveal just how connected in unity we really are.  We created these events a long time ago through the loving frequencies we carry within us, and we created the catalyst that allows us to shift our perspective from amorphous reactions and good intentions to crystal-clear Love-based response. We Know that when one of us hurts we all hurt. We feel each other’s pain, and as we can clearly see the future in the Now, we are coming together to effect the change we all know is needed.
During the month the Mercury/Venus new cycle conjoins Chiron (on 3/4) and on 3/19 the Sun follows suit, all on their way into Aries, adding their energies to the Grand Manifestation. Mind, heart and consciousness are aligned and energized by this harmonious calibration of expanding consciousness with the vaster emotional perspective available to us.

Changes in Consciousness

On March 1 there are 6 planets in Pisces: Juno, the Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron. Like the ocean that represents its energies, Pisces is changeable, ever moving, ebbing and flowing. There is nothing to hold on to, and resistance will only result in exhaustion and overwhelm. Piscean energies are feminine in nature, and we must allow them to move us towards our own limitlessness. This untethered movement through the unknown can be frightening. Here is where we apply spiritual wisdom to go deep within to face these fears and master them, allowing them to dissipate in the compassionate gaze of Self-Love. We shift from the confusion borne of fear of the unknown to the enlightened perspective of seeing the infinite possibilities available when we lift our Selves up to a higher vantage point, observing what is and accepting it without judgment. Then we have the freedom to create something new.
Over the course of the month the frequencies change from the feminine and emotional energies of Spiritual Wisdom to the masculine energies of Aries’ Mental Power.  Mercury, Venus and the Sun move across the World Axis degrees of 29° Pisces-0° Aries; everyone collectively feels this shift as these planets cross the profoundly masculine Portal of Truth between the spiritual and mental bodies.
It’s important to point out that all these planetary bodies created new cycles with Chiron before entering Aries. Our minds, hearts and consciousness get purified, recalibrated, integrated and re-mastered in preparation for their own entries into Aries. All this is a precursor to Chiron’s emergence into that sign in April, which will affect us for the rest of the year, changing everything. There will be more about this event next month.
Aries is the beginning of life on Earth, the divine spark of creation. Since our thoughts create the world, we must consciously discipline them to bring to life what we truly want. Mars disposes this sign, bringing the results of our mental processes to the physical world. The practice of monitoring and redirecting our thoughts towards Love, compassion and unity does and will change the world. Mars’ disposition presents us with the opportunity for right action as well.
On 3/6, Mercury and Venus enter Aries together. It is fitting that the archetypes of mind and heart conjoin and unify before they ingress the sign where we consciously strive to bring Love and compassion to our thoughts, words and actions. Our mental operating system and emotional heart center begin a new journey together in the quality of consciousness that brings a spark (spirit) to their new beginnings.  Mercury is the 5D dispositor of Aries, representing the higher mind.


Mars goes out of bounds right before he enters Capricorn on 3/17 (remaining beyond the ecliptic until 4/7). Our perception of physicality goes to uncharted territory as we begin the calibration of our crystalline bodies with Source.  Mars is comfortable in Capricorn, an earth sign, where his frequencies can connect with higher Soul awareness for guidance in right action.


Spring Equinox:  Our consciousness becomes attuned to the fiery energies of Mental Power when the Sun enters Aries on 3/20, which signals a change in season for everyone on the planet. The Spring Equinox begins with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury resonating with the energies of Uranus and Eris. Look for an increase in revelations and awakenings all month, especially when Venus forms new cycles with the Great Awakeners and activates the Light Bridge of new unity consciousness (with Haumea). The Venus/Eris new cycle (3/25), Venus/Haumea bridge (3/27) and Venus/Uranus new cycle (3/28) energize and clarify our emotions, providing an unparalleled observer’s perch from which to view the unity of our resonating hearts.


All month our hearts are stretched, shaken, awakened, energized, and calibrated, infused with new insights and purpose.  On 3/31 Venus enters Taurus where she is dignified, grounded, home at last. In the month ahead we will find it easier to access the heart’s guidance and allow it lead us to greater consciousness.


Mind/Heart Dance

This March, Venus and Mercury are entwined in an unusual dance. Venus has been leading through Pisces with Mercury following.  Right after the Sun/Neptune new cycle on 3/4, Mercury catches up to Venus for a new mind/heart cycle at 27 Pisces, and then each planet conjoins with Chiron, producing 4 new cycles in one day! This triple conjunction with the Master Teacher/Healer provides realignment and mastery of masculine/feminine mind/heart energies in preparation for their shift into Aries, and also for the 3/17 Pisces New Moon, which takes place on the same degree.
Following Mercury and Venus’ new cycle, the 2 planets enter Aries together on 3/6, with the Great Messenger slightly ahead, picking up steam as they both make the same aspects: stepping stone to Quaoar, manifesting with Ceres, stepping up with Saturn, a great eliminator with Orcus and manifestation with the Soul Star Chakra—all between 3/7 and 3/18.
During this time Mercury enters his shadow (on 3/8 at 5° Aries) as he slows down preparing to go retrograde. This reduction of speed allows Venus to catch up to him, and they meet again on 3/19, this time at 16 Aries. Then the heart moves on ahead, connecting with Pluto, Jupiter, the Uranus/Eris-Haumea Light Bridge, Ixion and Varuna before moving into Taurus at the end of the month.
Meanwhile, Mercury goes retrograde on 3/22 at 17 Aries, and our mental operating systems go inward for reflection and reintegration through the prism of Source. This is like a 3 1/2 week meditation on everything we have experienced since the beginning of the year. Mercury resumes direct motion on 4/15 and recovers his shadow on 5/3. The dispositors of mind and heart do not meet again until 10/15, and then not again until July 2019! That makes these calibrations and new cycles majorly significant; we must make good use of them.

Planetary Movements: Putting on the Breaks

After Uranus went direct on 1/2, only the 5D planets (including Ceres) were retrograde, meaning that all the planetary energies were proceeding with nothing to slow them down, something that occurs occasionally for short periods of time; it’s very unusual for this phenomena last so long—and during a wormhole yet.
On 3/8 Jupiter goes retrograde, becoming the first planet to move backwards towards in over 2 months. Since last October our social consciousness has been transforming and expanding; we can see its changing expression in the events playing out across the world. Now it is time to reexamine our beliefs, find the Truth within and align with it, and prepare to express it in our social interactions when this introspective period ends on 7/10.
The 5D planets are continually moving in and out of retrograde; their far-ranging energies make these changes felt on a more subtle level. Ceres, the only 5D planet within our solar system, has been traveling backward since 12/16, as we went within, towards Source, to integrate, nurture and joyfully rebirth ourSelves anew as the old slowly falls away. On 3/19 Ceres stations direct at 4 Leo 43, resourcing Makemake and forming a stepping stone with recently named 5D planet Albion (formerly known as QB1 1992). We have access to the natural laws and cosmic order as we bring forth new perceptions of the archetype that was always there but veiled from us.
Ixion has a 5 1/2 month cycle. He has been traveling direct since September 2017, and now he begins his retrograde cycle on 3/27 on the Galactic Center until 9/9/18. During this time we have the opportunity to connect deeply with Source to evaluate whether we have carried out our purpose here on Earth or if it needs revising, and what we can do to keep our promises to our Selves.

New Cycles

March is a busy month for new beginnings: 17 in all! Some were already described, but others need to be pointed out.
The Sun/Neptune new cycle on 3/4 at 14 Pisces is the last of the lower body calibrations; Venus and Mercury have already come together with Neptune on 2/21 and 2/25.  These new cycles with the dispositors of heart, mind and spirit provide the potential for enlightenment and clarity as veils dissipate, revealing a glimpse of the higher realms. The old world is slowly dissolving as a new one, heretofore unseen, comes into view.
Neptune presides over the 3/4 new cycles between Mercury and Venus, Mercury and Chiron, and Venus and Chiron, and he also presides over the 3/17 Pisces New Moon. On 3/18 the Sun/Chiron new cycle marks the completion of lower body calibrations, healing, purifying, aligning and wholing our masculine and feminine energies through Unconditional Love, creating a new enlightened consciousness. Our own personal mastery will provide the balm to heal our Selves, each other, and Mother Earth herself.
Black Moon Lilith, the access point within us where we connect with the divine feminine, remains in Capricorn (our connection with Source) all month. Traveling between Pluto and Saturn, she makes not one, but 2 new cycles each with the Great Rebirther (3/5 and 3/21) and the Inner Guru (3/13 and 3/19). We will always have our own connection to the divine feminine, and now it is being resurrected, empowered by our inner authority and Knowing, rebirthed into a powerful healing force of Love that will benefit all.
All the personal planets are making new beginnings this month, and Mars is no exception. On 3/13 the Mars/Ixion new cycle occurs on the Galactic Center. Our bodies are changing physically and energetically, preparing for the ongoing shifts in consciousness. We need to honor these changes, listen to our bodies’ messages, and tend to them lovingly.
After Mars enters Capricorn on 3/17, he makes a new cycle with Quaoar on 3/21, upgrading the mind/body connection. Our cells, synapses, physical and energy systems all have their own ways to communicate. By bringing loving thoughts and visualizations into our bodies we can literally alter, heal and whole them; bringing loving thoughts into our actions can literally heal the world.
This spring, the asteroid Pallas Athena, representing the fragment of our intuitive feminine wisdom starts a new cycle with Sedna, the holder of all the Divine Feminine wisdom of the ages, on 3/22. We are connecting to and calibrating our frequencies with the vast energies of the higher dimensions, like (heart) strings vibrating with the cosmic note tuned to the key of Love. This new cycle bridges Jupiter, manifests with Pluto, resources Chiron and forms a great eliminator with Haumea. More and more we are being altered from within, stretching, transmuting, aligning our innate wisdom as we eliminate barriers to wholeness and unity of the Divine Feminine.

Lunar Matters

The energies of Chiron and Neptune permeate the lunar events occurring in Pisces. The 3/1 Full Moon takes place in Virgo, Chiron’s sign, and the Great Healer/Teacher is very active all month. Neptune is conjunct the Sun on this Full Moon.


The Pisces New Moon on 3/17 is hugely significant, another game-changer. This event signals the closing of the wild and intense wormhole we have experienced since mid-January, riding the sideways elevators to new places and spaces within. Everything has changed. This New Moon conjoins Chiron, makes a stepping stone with Mars, Ixion and Vesta, resources Sedna and Pallas, completes a Grand Manifestation with Jupiter and Varuna and a great eliminator with Haumea. We are planting new seeds of expansive wisdom from a visionary divine feminine perspective of unconditional, limitless Love.
Neptune, dispositor of this new cycle, is in subtle aspect to Venus, Mercury and the Earth Star Chakra (which are resourcing each other), and in great eliminator aspect with the Soul Star Chakra. Illusions disperse, as we get familiar with the balancing of male/female energies, allowing us to clear out old patriarchal frequencies. Ceres the cosmic midwife is active too; she resource Makemake, forms a great eliminator with Black Moon Lilith, and makes a stepping stone with Albion. Integrating the divine feminine and elevating it to higher dimensions is part of the new Cosmic Order.
March 31 features a Libra Full Moon, another Blue Moon, since it is the 2nd Sun/Moon bridge of the month. Venus, Libra’s classical dispositor, enters her home sign of Taurus right before this event. Retrograde Mercury is conjunct the Sun; the co-rulers of the divine masculine are preparing to meet in a superior conjunction the following day. This Full Moon is the culmination of the alignment of our heart/mind, ongoing mastery of our fears, acknowledgement of our Souls’ limitlessness, and expansion of our consciousness. We are growing in all ways even as you read this.
We are entering the first quarter of the yearly cycle, with much change and new themes emerging. With so many endings and beginnings we are feeling our way through uncharted territory. This month it is important that we use our spiritual practices to keep faith and take each situation one step at a time. It will be useful to let go of expectations and attachments to how things unfold, to acknowledge preferences and let them go, and work with things as they are. We are in transition and, as in labor, must go slowly, with focus and awareness. We accept and adapt as much as we can, and give the rest to our guides, the angels and Masters, and Source, remembering that we are Divine Souls on a sacred mission to assist in the birth of a new world.



“Dare to dream! If you did not have the capability to make your wildest wishes come true, your mind would not have the capacity to conjure such ideas in the first place. There is no limitation on what you can potentially achieve, except for the limitation you choose to impose on your own imagination. What you believe to be possible will always come to pass - to the extent that you deem it possible. It really is as simple as that.”
― Anthon St. Maarten


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