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For May, 2018

Welcome to the 5th month of 2018! Get ready for a mass awakening on every level. Uranus is the masculine Great Awakener, and he enters a new field of consciousness this month. We experience awakening when the sudden realization that a situation is unworkable and unsustainable comes into our awareness like a lightning bolt. This awakening is occurring now, on a massive scale, even within the Earth herself. If we spiral into fear, we will manifest discord, adding to the seeming chaos being expressed. As Lightworkers, we take every jolt of new awareness into our hearts, which holds the consciousness of Love, our deepest truths, and our soul’s purpose.

We cannot think our way to our heart center; we can only get there through elevating the mind to the observer’s perch, from where we silently perceive and listen to the heart’s messages, which guide us each step of the way. The heart is the seat of our soul; it holds all the wisdom of the Universe and every frequency of divine Love. When our higher minds are quiet and observant, the intuitive channels embedded in the heart can be accessed, opening us to flashes of insight and guidance. Our task is to stay rooted like the Tree of Life that Taurus represents, grounded in our bodies, cradled in the shelter of our hearts. Then our minds can soar.
As the 5th month, May holds the energies of the ‘5’, the number of life, creation, and growth.  It is related to humanity and it speaks of bringing forth life and living things into human reality. The number 5 offers the gift of Life Force. It is the inexhaustible flow of vitality and abundance that is available to us any time we need it.
The energy of the 5 is very powerful and creative; it has everything to do with the Golden Ratio and the spiral of life that produces our DNA. It represents human consciousness. The pentangle is the primary symbol of life and the living spirit. The geometry of the 5 reveals how we can be an individual and yet part of the greater Whole. Throughout nature one can find the ‘5’ signature everywhere: in 5-petaled flowers, apple and pear seeds, even the human body. In astrology, 360° divided by 5 equals 72°, which in Cosmic Consciousness is considered a spiritual and karmic aspect, indicating an inborn gift or talent that manifests as a result of work done on the spiral of past lives.

Sign Changes and New Cycles

It is always noteworthy when a planet moves into a new field of consciousness. The lower body archetypes change signs every month, sometimes even more frequently. The slower a planet moves, the deeper and more profoundly its energies affect us, and when a slow-moving planet enters a new energy field, the shift in its energies reverberate on all levels of our consciousness for months or even years to come. This month, 6 planets change signs: all the personal planets (Mercury, Mars, Venus and the Sun), an asteroid (Pallas) and (of course) the much heralded ‘inner outer’ planet Uranus.
The Sun’s entry into Taurus on 4/19 gave us a preview of the shift in our awareness that Uranus brings, planting our awareness in the consciousness of Love, and our hearts led the way when Venus entered Taurus in March. On 5/13 Mercury enters Taurus, which in Cosmic Consciousness is the sign of Mental Love and conscious obedience to our inner guidance. The previous Mercury Eris (5/9) and Mercury Uranus (5/13) new cycles in Aries prepared us for the change in vibration that Mercury’s ingress into Taurus brings. These new cycles raise our mental operating systems to new heights through insights, realizations, hunches and sudden revelations, resulting in new ways to think about and share our experiences. Our higher minds are poised to attune to the beauty that surrounds us; overcoming fear-based attachments and letting our inner guidance move us. We trust our hearts to make decisions for us; we ground our minds in Love.
In 5D, the heart center is the new root chakra, and Love is the only constant in a dynamically changing world.  It is found in the tiniest particle of matter all the way to the highest frequencies of the cosmos; it permeates, integrates, and transmutes our Being. Uranus aspects Varuna in a stepping stone, awakening us to this realization, just as Mercury begins a new cycle with Eris on 5/9. The Great Awakener and Varuna will step up together in Love (fixed) signs this fall, continuing for the next 15 months, giving us time (space) to integrate our insights with the widest possible vantage point.
This brings us to Uranus’ entry into Taurus for the first time in 84 years. Uranus has been in Aries since 2011. On the day Uranus entered Aries, Japan experienced their strongest earthquake ever and the resulting tsunami damaged several nuclear reactors. What a wake up call! Now with Uranus moving into the earth-y sign of Taurus, we are called to see Mother Earth, and our connection to her, in a new way. We are called upon to release our attachments to separateness, consciously connect with our inner guidance, and realize our true values and beliefs. Our Mental Love mechanism awakens, bringing mind and heart together. We become grounded in Love.
Uranus will go retrograde on 8/7 and reenter Aries 11/6, hitting the master 29th degree two more times before getting back to Taurus for good at the beginning of March 2019. For the next few months we will get a preview of what the following 7 years hold for us. We will be faced with issues of discerning what is important to us, what we value, and how we can use and share resources fairly in a way that sustains us all. These issues can only be addressed through listening and responding to the promptings of the heart.
Uranus’ archetype makes us aware of the unconscious nature of our outdated ideas and beliefs, and brings them to our attention. His energies shake us loose from misaligned attachments by showing us Truth. Whether the experience is very intense and totally unexpected, or a subtler intuitive hit, the effect is the same: we are delivered to our higher Self. Uranus is the conduit for whatever experience we need in the moment, which takes us to the next level of our own consciousness.
As the higher octave of Mercury, Uranus’ revelations occur at the mental level. Uranus takes the mind to a new awakened place. When we are centered in our heart space, and we feel with the mind (another way to describe intuition), we are experiencing a Uranian function.
Uranus is symbolized by lightning, which illuminates in an instantaneous flash of light. It lights up the darkness, revealing what was hidden from view. Lightning shocks with its sudden unexpected energy; our electromagnetic systems respond. Once we See, we cannot go back; we have access to new knowledge and awareness and we are changed forever.
Since Uranus enters Taurus literally 3 1/2 hours after the Taurus New Moon, nearly all the planetary aspects are the same (see below for an overview of the New Moon).  Yet the charts for each event are totally different. For one thing, Uranus is inside the Portal of Truth that begins the Capricorn hour, a World Axis point, signifying a new beginning of collective awakening into the Truth of Source. With Leo on the ascendant, the Sun is the dispositor (ruler) of the chart, making our personal consciousness the focal point of all the awakening to come. Ceres, the Part of Fortune, and the Soul Star Chakra are rising; the perfect manifestation of our destiny and desire to birth a nurturing, higher level of consciousness that is a blessing for all.
The very next day, 5/16, Mars enters Uranus’ sign of Aquarius, the realm of Spiritual Love, and immediately makes a stepping stone with the Great Awakener, further emphasizing how deeply physical is the nature of this Uranian cycle. Prepare for revelations that will reverberate on the physical level. Perhaps there will be new discoveries about the nature of the cosmos or the workings of our bodies, medical breakthroughs or new ways to grow food safely. One thing is clear: Aquarius is sign of Divine Love, and when we love our Selves freely and unconditionally, we recalibrate our frequencies, which in turn raises the vibration around us, allowing Love’s divine energies to magnetically reach us. This unlimited universal Love becomes available for sharing, emanating from us effortlessly, allowing us to share our Selves freely.
Mars entered his shadow on 5/12, and goes retrograde at the end of June for 2 months. He usually spends 2 months in a sign, but because of the retrograde, traveling back and forth between Aquarius and Capricorn, Mars will spend 5 months in Aquarius. We have so much more time to explore and manifest unconditional Self Love on the physical realm. In addition, the retrograde cycle enables Mars to connect with the Uranus Varuna stepping stone, creating a Mars Varuna bridge with a Uranus intersection that lasts for 4 months. This superconscious perspective allows us to recalibrate our bodies to the new energies and activations being downloaded as we prepare to inhabit the New World. Self-Love demands that we nurture and listen to our bodies. What an opportunity!
Venus conjoins Pallas Athena in a new cycle on 5/17. Pallas represents the piece of feminine wisdom that is a part of each of us. Occurring in Gemini, this new cycle signifies a new beginning of our capacity to communicate our wisdom from the integration of mind and heart. Following this meeting, both Venus (5/19) and Pallas (5/21) enter Cancer, the sign of the Mother, bringing wisdom and love to the emotional body. The wise heart nurtures, allowing e-motions to flow, unifying mind and heart in Inner Harmony.
Before the Sun and Mercury, co-dispositors of the divine masculine, move into new signs, they make new cycles with Sedna, the Record-keeper for the ancient Divine Feminine. Sedna was an integral part of the New Moon cycle in Taurus, and the Moon conjoined her when Uranus entered Taurus. On 5/17 the Sun makes his annual new cycle with Sedna, renewing our conscious connection with the remembrance of the Divine Feminine. On the same day, Mercury makes a new cycle with new 5D planet Albion, connecting our higher minds with the template of the awakening consciousness of the World Soul of all humanity. Following this attunement, the Great Messenger gets his turn to start a new cycle with Sedna, the Cosmic Librarian, on 5/28.
According to Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini represents the 5 o’clock hour. It is the sign of Conscious Wisdom, where Love motivates all action. When we find our Selves overwhelmed, it indicates that we are too much in our heads. The way out is to consciously align with our hearts, literally giving it space to breathe. When we allow this, we expand the higher mind and the mental energy field.  In this realm we speak our Truth, expressing our wisdom through the integration of mind and heart, while Love informs our actions. The Sun enters Gemini on 5/20, and Mercury follows on 5/29. We have the opportunity to explore what motivates our thoughts, and change their expression from fear-based to those arising from love. We speak the Truth from our hearts.

Black Moon Lilith

Retrograde Black Moon conjoins Mars for the last time at 25 Capricorn on 5/3, and makes stepping stones with the Haumea and Eris Light Bridge and Mercury before conjoining Pluto on 5/8. Our access to the divine feminine is the cause of much disruption in the world, and also much awakening and transformative wholeness. She conjoins Saturn on 5/13, Vesta on 5/14, and Quaoar on 5/16, reentering Sagittarius on 5/17. Black Moon conjoins Ixion on the Galactic Center on 5/19. She goes direct on 5/21, and connects with Ixion again 5/23 before reentering Cap on 5/24. With newfound devotion we are recalibrating our divine purpose.
As she goes back and forth over the Portal of Knowledge between Sagittarius and Capricorn, between the old world and the new, Black Moon joins the Chiron Quaoar stepping stone, which becomes an interception (T Square) when Makemake (at 2 Libra) retrogrades back into a bridge with Chiron. This interception in the beginning degrees of the Power (cardinal) signs becomes a Power Cross when Venus and Pallas cross into Cancer between 5/20-5/26. This speaks to aligning our hearts with a new perception of the higher laws of Love. As we whole our Selves we are able to find new ways of bringing in new paradigms around the higher laws that have always existed, but that we are now aware of. The divine feminine is a vital part of these new perceptions.
Now direct, Black Moon conjoins Vesta again, and Saturn yet again on 5/25, resourcing (sextile) Jupiter and Neptune (who are manifesting together), on 5/27. The divine feminine is becoming part of our new, enlightened social consciousness. The Black Moon conjoins Pluto once again on 5/28, before intersecting the Haumea-Eris Light Bridge the following day. She will go retrograde on 6/5, but will remain in Capricorn all of June, dancing with Saturn and Pluto yet again.
Black Moon Lilith retrogrades frequently, and had been going back and forth through Capricorn since December 2017, making new cycles with Ixion, Quaoar, now Mars and Vesta, but especially with Saturn and Pluto. If you notice, the Black Moon makes 2 conjunctions with every planet in Capricorn this month, except Mars! Our access to the divine feminine is being altered as the patriarchy loses power, and we need the space to go within and integrate the transmutations, which include changes in our way of perceiving, our purity of purpose, and our physical cellular structure. We may not understand the transformations, but we don’t need to. We just need to be aware that they are occurring, and be open to them in full faith that however they manifest, it is for our highest evolution. We created this! What we perceive is what we will experience; we have the power to shift our experience by changing our perceptions and thoughts to those infused with Love and equanimity.

Black Moon Lilith aspects

5/3     BM conj Mars          24 Cap 50
5/8     BM conj Pluto          21 Cap13
5/13   BM conj Saturn       8 Cap 38
5/14   BM conj Vesta         4 Cap 45
5/16   BM conj Quaoar     1 Cap 43
5/19   BM conj Ixion          26 Sag 56
5/23   BM  conj Ixion         26 Sag 35
5/24   BM conj Quaoar     01 Cap 35
5/25   BM conj Vesta         03 Cap 44
5/25   BM conj Saturn       08 Cap 02
5/28   BM conj Pluto          20 Cap 58

Lunar Matters

The 5/15 New Moon at 24° Taurus 36’ is connected with Uranus’ entrance into that sign; in many ways it is the same event. The significance is that they occur so close together. Every year the Sun and Moon begin a new cycle in Taurus; the same is not true for Uranus changing signs. There is so much to be said about this New Moon that I will present an overview. Please refer to Vivian Small’s New Moon report, Christine Clemmer’s weekly column and Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog for more details.
This Sun Moon new cycle is a powerhouse: for starters, this new cycle conjuncts Sedna. With Haumea and Ixion both in resource to each other, the resulting Finger of God points to Sun/Moon/Sedna. Clearly our purpose in this incarnation is to celebrate the return of the Divine Feminine, recognizing and eliminating the barriers to wholeness that her absence has incurred. The Part of Fortune positioned exactly on the ascendant in the Libran Portal of Truth, with Venus and Vesta rising, indicates our destiny to connect and integrate the fragments of our divine feminine nature, which becomes reflected in the physical world. Mars is connected to Varuna in a partile (exact) Light Bridge with Uranus intersecting—all at the 29 master degree of spiritual, mental and emotional Power signs. Mercury and Venus are in each other’s signs, called a mutual reception, working for each other and combining mind/heart energies. Mercury’s great eliminator with Makemake eliminates barriers and gives voice to the immutable higher laws of Love. And to top it off, Saturn, Juno, Orcus and the Moon’s nodes are all at 8+ degrees in Earth, Fire and Air signs, an important degree as we will see. We are shedding the karma of old structures of authority as we embrace the true unity of our immortal Selves. Wow!
The Sagittarius Full Moon on 5/29 is another significant event. The Sun hits the same degree that Juno occupied at the Taurus New Moon (8° 10’ Gemini), making our awareness of our innate unity an integral part of this lunar event. Orcus intercepts the Sun Moon bridge, providing another vantage point from which to view how the clearing of emotion (and adding Love) contributes to the elevation of the higher mind and connects us with our immortal Selves. Orcus is a powerful presence in both lunar events this month, sitting on the same degree (8° Taurus 07) since before the New Moon, stationing direct on 5/23.
Mercury resources Varuna, as he prepares to enter Gemini a few hours later, taking our mental operating system to new perspectives. Saturn is in a great eliminator with the Soul Star Chakra, and the ongoing Ixion Sedna great eliminator is nearly exact. The Haumea Eris Light Bridge to Awakening Wholeness is wide open, also almost exact. We have the capacity to choose to step into our authority and face the future bravely, assuming leadership and staying on purpose, which is to observe and honor the Divine Feminine and integrate her expression in our lives. The Mars Pallas polarity underscores our ability to do this, using the emotional wisdom of our own divine feminine as a guide.


With Uranus entering Taurus, new worlds are opening; we are awakening to frequencies greater than what we had been used to. As the energies shift, the direction (we thought) we were heading will change. Our higher minds are getting rewired and we may feel disoriented. It will serve us to embrace May’s energies by staying in motion physically, walking, swimming, dancing; anything that moves us forward.  Another helpful resource is to bring our mind to our hearts, connecting to Source through the practice of gratitude and prayer. The potential for sudden revelations, realizations and awakenings is great; changes will come swiftly. We must move with them, go where the waves take us, knowing that things will shift again. Returning over and over to our heart center and our connection to Source, while allowing Love to motivate and move us, will help us navigate through the roller coaster energies of May. Positive activity, while holding the energies of Love to make our lives and other people’s lives better, will be our saving grace throughout the month.
If the world is reflecting something you can't come to terms with, find that generic issue in your Self and pour some Love into it. When you do this, the world suddenly starts to make sense, and your new beliefs (which are generated when you learn who you are) literally transform the world. ~~Stephanie Azaria

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