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For June, 2018

Welcome to the month of June, the 6th month and midpoint of the year, delivering us to the fullness of the year’s potential. June bridges (opposes) December, the 12th month. There are 12 qualities of consciousness (signs), and in Cosmic Consciousness, 12 hours or mansions; each is a reflection of its opposite, creating 6 bridges that allow us to walk between polarities, integrating and balancing their energies, creating a harmonic resonance between them resulting in a unified consciousness.

In Cosmic Consciousness, the 6 o’clock hour represents emotional power. It is the place where the masculine mental quadrant comes together with the feminine emotional quadrant at the core of our being along the vertical axis, reflecting the physical and spiritual realms (11 and 12 o’clock hours). Balancing mind and heart at the Cancer Portal of Truth allows us to ascend to a new level of unified Source consciousness. It is here that we add depth of emotion arising from the heart center to our mental operating system; when we allow these emotional energies the freedom to rise up and mingle with our higher Mind, we create space for an authentic, heartfelt response instead of shallow reaction from the ego. We think with the heart and love with the mind, making the unconscious conscious and bringing it into awareness. We See with Love’s eyes.
The key words for 6 energies are Reflection, Balance, Harmony and Integration. The geometrical form generated by the 6 vibration is the Hexagon, and its internal form, the Star of David: two perfectly balanced, interlocking equilateral triangles. Thus formed, the 6-pointed Star of David represents the uniting of heaven and earth, spirit and matter; the stars in the sky reflecting the atoms that comprise physicality and symbolizing the axiom As Above, So Below.
The Star of David lies at the center of the heart chakra, which is located at the center of the chakra system. It is the balance point of unconditional Love which springs forth from the very fabric of the universe, across all dimensions, time and space; the fulcrum upon which all Reality rests. In Sanskrit it is called Anahata, the unstruck soundless sound of the balanced heart. An open, balanced heart at rest is cleared of all past hurts and future anxieties. Here we find unconditional Love, harmony, compassion, forgiveness and peace.
Astrologically, the Star of David is comprised of 2 Grand Manifestations (trines) that form a ring of 6 sextiles, resourcing all the energies in a balanced way, with a mystic rectangle in the center. Such a planetary picture represents various energies working together in balanced, harmonious ways, manifesting something powerful into the world.
The symbolism of the 6 is all about the union of opposites, and this can mean the union of the left and right brain in order to perceive the world as it really is, rather than how it appears to be.

Overview and Planetary Pictures

At the beginning of the month there are 5 planets at 0-3° of their signs: Quaoar and Vesta in Capricorn, Chiron in Aries, Uranus in Taurus, and Makemake in Libra. Varuna is about to enter Leo (6/2) as well. By the end of June, 3 more planets join the group: Black Moon in Aquarius, Mercury in Leo, and Ceres in Virgo, with Juno about to enter Taurus. That means that any planet entering a new sign will immediately connect with each of these archetypes, and of course, they interact with each other. You will note that all of these planets, with the exception of Black Moon and Mercury, are slower-moving or 5D entities, meaning that they will remain in the signs they occupy all month or longer.
Since the last week in May there is a grand manifestation in water signs between Jupiter (wisdom, expansiveness), Neptune (enlightenment) and Sirius, the 7D fixed star (where we access higher dimensional consciousness). Located at 14° Cancer, and known as the Dog Star, Sirius is, from our perspective, the brightest light in the cosmos. It is the place where the ascended masters and Great White Brotherhood have their etheric retreat. This star twinkles in varying colors; I have seen it through a large telescope and it looks like a diamond shooting out multicolored sparklers in all directions. We can go out and interact with it, it will communicate with us. Stephanie Azaria says it is really our own higher Self, connecting with us in a most visible way.
As the month begins, Venus is the first lower body to connect with this grand manifestation, having made a new cycle with Sirius on 5/31. Already out of bounds, this connection takes our hearts to new heights and depths. Pallas (6/14), Mercury (6/19) and the Sun (7/6) make new cycles with Sirius, providing us with the opportunity to raise and expand the frequencies of our natural wisdom, mental operating systems,, and consciousness. On those days it will be especially useful to meditate with Sirius. The grand manifestation will be in effect until Jupiter moves away in September. The next time a planet conjoins Sirius (besides the Moon) won’t occur until May 2019. The Jupiter/Neptune/Sirius grand trine is a huge part of all the major events of this month, including the solstice, retrogrades, and lunations.
From mid-June a grand manifestation in late Fire signs forms between Juno/Eris, Vesta/Ixion, and Ceres until the end of June. Then it switches to Earth signs as Juno moves towards Uranus in Taurus, Ceres enters Virgo, and Quaoar remains in Capricorn. The quickest way to clear old growth is to burn it away. Our devotion to this clearing process gets a boost as we birth a new perspective and deeper connection to unity consciousness, preparing the New Earth (and our Selves) for the new awakenings to come.
On June 1 a Finger of God results from Pallas’ resource with Orcus, with both planets forming great eliminators pointing to Mars and the Earth Star Chakra (South Node). This is a potent combination; we know in our bodies why we are here, and we must make the choice to clear old karmic debris as the energies quicken and elevate. Pallas moves away and Mercury enters this planetary picture on 6/16-17, and the Sun follows on 6/28 on into July. On a personal level, the divine masculine energies of spirit and mind, as represented by our systems of thought, communication and awareness, have the opportunity to clear ancient barriers to the knowledge of our Selves as immortal beings. This can only occur with unconditional Self-Love. We are going deep, unearthing ages of old traumas and beliefs; when we love our Selves deeply and fully, without judgment or reservation, we apply healing balm to these old wounds and deliver our Selves to wholeness.

Out of Bounds

The area outside the ecliptic (23°27’ north and south, the area that defines the Sun's yearly journey) represents a consciousness that’s higher than our usual one. The Sun generates our consciousness, and when a planet travels further out than the Sun, we can sense that the planet in question is in another dimension.
Venus has been out of bounds since 5/5, and she reenters the ecliptic on 6/7, in Cancer. When Venus reflects a higher consciousness at the heart level, everything changes; the boundaries of the heart have been completely expanded.
Mercury conjoins the Sun in a new cycle on 6/5, just before Mercury takes our mental operating system beyond the usual parameters of consciousness on 6/6. The Great Messenger enters Cancer 6/12, and brings new insights to us as he returns to the ecliptic 6/24. With Mercury out of bounds, we have the opportunity to connect in unconventional and creative ways with the new consciousness that is available to us.

6/13 New Moon in Gemini

The Sun and Moon new cycle occurs at 23 Gemini on 6/13. Gemini represents the conscious wisdom of the integration of mind and heart. A new beginning is on tap in the practice of expressing our higher consciousness through loving with the mind. The rulers of the spiritual body connect with the Lightbridge to Awakening Unity Consciousness by resourcing Eris (and Juno) and manifesting with Haumea, as well as resourcing Ceres, who makes her own connections with the 5D Lightbridge.
This lunation presents the opportunity to detach from fear-based thinking and birth a new Self-expression based on Love. In order to be impeccable with our word (one of the Four Agreements of don Miguel Ruiz), we must raise our awareness of what motivates our thoughts and emotions, and consciously choose their highest expression from a loving place. Lovingly speaking our Truth from the observer’s perch elevates our frequency and gives others permission to do the same; it is one of the most powerful things we can do to shift outcomes towards Love.
Mercury, dispositor of this New Moon, intersects the Chiron Makemake Light Bridge, and with Quaoar, is part of the Crossroad in power (cardinal) signs; Mercury is also in a resource with Uranus. These aspects bring the 3 octaves of the higher mind together (Mercury, Uranus and Quaoar), making for new alignments and higher calibrations to the frequencies of our mental operating systems. The Moon and Mercury are in each other’s signs (a mutual reception), reflecting how the mind and emotions inform and support each other. Add to that the Mars Orcus great eliminator, connecting our physicality to our conscious awareness of our immortality (and the Truth of who we are), and we have one potent lunar event.

Neptune Retrograde 6/18

Since 2011, when Neptune entered his home sign of Pisces, Neptune has been stationing retrograde in June and going direct in November; this will continue into 2021. Neptune begins his clockwise journey towards Source at 16° Pisces 30’ on 6/18 for the next 5 months, until 11/24. For the next few months we must go inward to find the clarity we seek.
Neptune is part of the aforementioned grand water manifestation with Jupiter and Sirius (conjoined by Pallas at this point), and while our social consciousness (Jupiter) completes its involvement in September, it is possible to have clear access to universal insights that can lead to enlightenment as Neptune and Sirius continue manifesting together through the winter of 2019.
The aspects for the retrograde chart are interesting and plentiful. For instance, there is a grand fire manifestation between Ceres (the midwife), Ixion (our purpose) and the Juno/Eris new cycle (our awakening consciousness of our inherent unity); and a Moon Orcus new cycle that forms a great eliminator with Mars, making it possible to realize the temporary nature of our physicality and allowing us to intuit this divine truth. The Sun resources Ceres and forms a bridge with Vesta/Ixion, while the Ceres Sedna stepping stone reminds us that we are here to re-member (put together) and (re)birth the Divine Feminine in all her forms. The Saturn Soul Star great eliminator, with Venus conjoining the Soul Star, also deserves a mention, as it presents the choice to step into a leadership role led by the heart. All these aspects and more are part of Neptune’s journey through the waters of unlimited potential towards Source, which is truly All there Is. Anything ‘out there’ is an illusion (Neptune). This is what we are here to learn.

Sun Enters Cancer- Summer Solstice

Every month that contains a solstice or equinox is more powerful, as those months are derivative of 3, or manifestation energies. June has the feminine power of 2, or 2 x 3, double manifestation. On 6/21, the Sun enters Cancer at 6:08 am NY time, kicking off the Summer Solstice. This signifies the midpoint of the year, the fruition of the intentions made at the beginning of the year around the Winter Solstice. It also marks the place on the Cosmic Clock where we reach the core of our being, at the World Axis, and where our consciousness attunes to the frequency of emotional power. Cancer is the sign of the Mother, the One who nurtures and loves unconditionally. We all have the Mother within. Cancer is a water sign symbolized by the River, which moves ceaselessly onward, flooding only when it is blocked. To be in flow is to achieve inner harmony. For the next 30 days this is our focus.
The solstice chart delivers a preview of the new season to come. The Sun is literally rising on the ascendant, forming a Grand Crossroad in Power signs by coming into an intersection with the Chiron Makemake Lightbridge and forming another Lightbridge with the Black Moon/Quaoar new cycle. Makemake represents the universal laws that preside over our 5D consciousness, and Quaoar represents our capacity to perceive everything in life in new ways. We have the capacity to take our consciousness in any and all directions, applying the higher laws of divine order to perceive and integrate the divine feminine in new ways, wholing our Selves in the process. Uranus is connected to this Crossroad through resourcing the Sun and manifesting with the Black Moon Quaoar conjunction, creating yet another road for our consciousness to travel.
The first quarter Moon disposes the chart, bringing our focus inward, forming a great eliminator with now-retrograde Neptune sitting in the Portal of Truth at the midheaven. Through the way we respond, unlimited potential for enlightenment is available to us, especially if we allow our emotions to nurture and inform us without attachment or judgment. The Mercury Neptune manifestation gives voice to this process; when we are aware of what drives our emotions we can respond with heartfelt words and actions. Imagine what we can manifest with clear, conscious, loving intent!

Mars Retrograde

This summer features a Mars retrograde cycle that begins on 6/26 at 9°13’ Aquarius. Although Mars goes retrograde every 2 years, this backward cycle in Aquarius will only be the second in living memory. Mars was retrograde briefly in Aquarius in 1924 and 1939, and retrograde entirely in Aquarius in 1971. At that time, like now, Chiron was in Aries.
This backward journey will take Mars from Aquarius back to Capricorn before he goes direct in August. Where Capricorn represents tradition and the old ways of the past, Aquarius represents innovation, change, and the future. We are asked to review our past actions and reevaluate our environments to determine what must be let go of or realigned to be congruent with who/what we are becoming now. The Sun Saturn bridge signifies that we have the authority and the duty to restructure and reshape our lives into one that is more authentic.
An intersection makes it possible to travel down all the roads involved, and to allow the heart to determine where we most need to be in any given moment. The Chiron/Quaoar/Makemake intersection gives us access to new perspectives borne of our calibration with the divine laws of the cosmos. Any road we take will fine-tune our frequencies to higher levels. Uranus, dispositor of Aquarius, manifests with Quaoar (and Saturn) and Ceres as she is poised to enter Virgo on 6/28. We are preparing to birth a new paradigm out of the ashes of the patriarchy, and this earthy grand manifestation will continue into July. Patience and grounding are required.

Full Moon in Capricorn

The 6/28 Full Moon in Capricorn provides a microcosm of the Sun’s journey through the year so far.  With the Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer, the vertical axis is activated and ascension is possible. Our consciousness is focused in the emotional realm, yet our subconscious is attuned to Source. The Sun is in the Moon’s sign, and the Moon conjoins Saturn in his own sign. We can trust that our feelings are authentic and that they come to teach us about our Selves. Shedding light on them allows them to deliver their messages and frees up trapped energies.
The Moon’s nodes are only 30° away from the Sun Moon bridge, not close enough to produce an eclipse (which will occur next month), but close enough to create great eliminators. It is possible now to see old fear-based emotional response patterns and how they prevent us from sharing our Selves with others, and to choose new responses that free us from these patterns.
This lunar event features a Venus Neptune great eliminator, a Vesta Ixion conjunction, Juno Ceres manifestation and a Mercury Juno stepping stone. The choice is ours to open our hearts to a higher frequency of Love, which allows us to step up into a new awareness of our innate oneness with others.

Black Moon

Black Moon Lilith spends the entire month in Capricorn, going retrograde on 6/5. She conjuncts Pluto on 6/10 and Saturn on 6/16. After going direct on 6/20, Black Moon conjoins Saturn again on 6/23 and Pluto on 6/26, and enters Aquarius 6/30. All this activity speaks to the dissolution of the patriarchy and the transformation of the divine feminine in our lives. The old systems are crumbling while new ones are in the process of being resurrected. Black Moon will conjunct Pluto several times more in the following months as the transmutational process continues.
As you can see, the energies of June are huge, expansive and quickening. There is a lot to take in; it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. This is the month to focus on being your best Self, and to align yourself with that vision. Our thoughts and actions manifest instantly now, our choices are important as they shape the new world that is emerging. Our actions must line up with our values; now is the time to resolve any dissonance between them. We must hold ourselves accountable when we are less than loving and nurturing toward our Selves.
The practice for this month is to step up on the observer’s perch and see the broader picture. Find where you fit in, determine your part in it all. Then choose your best, highest response. This is who you are.


Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most. ~~ Buddha

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