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For September 2018:

Welcome to the 9th month of the year, the last quarter of the Sun’s cycle, where we take stock of where we are, how far we’ve come, and what is now ready to be manifested. In Cosmic Consciousness we arrive at the 9 o’clock hour of Libra, at the most feminine Portal of Truth, where Emotional Wisdom meets Physical Power. It’s here we bring into form what Spirit has initiated and stepped down into higher thought, balanced by and strengthened with pure Love, informed, purified and aligned by the energies in motion (e-motion), ready to be brought into physicality. It is the balance point of surrender (alignment) to what is, in order to bring our highest intentions to fruition. This is the Libra hour, the ascendant, where we our Selves come into physical Being as separate entities on the physical plane, making our way back to the Highest Realization that we are actually not separate at all, and never were, that everything “out there” is another facet of the hologram that makes each of us our very Selves. September is the month where we rebalance ourselves; it is a time of endings, reflection, of letting go of what no longer works or has completed its usefulness. We are getting ready for the harvest, reaping what we’ve sown all year and preparing our Selves for the next spiral up the evolutionary ladder, clearing our energy fields and planting seeds for the future.

This September, the closing of the 3-month Mother of all Wormholes occurs with the Virgo New Moon on 9/11. The sideways elevators are completed, and the wormhole energies have been gradually dissipating. But with the ending of the wormhole, in the month of endings, there is much activity and new beginnings: There are 13 (!) new cycles, and that doesn’t include the reoccurring conjunctions that occur within the larger cycles, and there are 6 of those!
Eight planets change signs, not including the Black Moon; and Mercury, moving quickly, changes signs twice. A new season is born with the Vernal Equinox on 9/23. That’s a lot of shifting consciousness. Three planets station direct; and the Black Moon goes retrograde and direct within 20 days, covering all of Aquarius. That is some serious movement! Our access to the divine feminine must include loving our Selves unconditionally.
There is also a beautiful Mystic Rectangle involving Mars, the Black Moon, Chiron, Varuna, the Soul and Earth Star Chakras (Moon’s nodes), Ceres and MakeMake, and any planets that transit 0-4° in Aquarius, Aries, Leo and Libra. (See the Aries Full Moon.) This configuration, lasting most of September, brings cohesion and stability, and an ability to work with 5D energies, aligning them with the higher universal laws, and delivering them into physicality. Letting go and allowing is the way to work with these vast and positive vibrations. We have given our Selves magical, positive energies to assist us.


As the Wormhole Winds Down…

9/1    Venus joins the Eris Haumea Lightbridge with a bridge to Eris and a conjunction with Haumea (24 Libra), plus a great eliminator (inconjunct) to Juno (our awareness of unity consciousness). This is a great blessing and bodes well for the entire month with this heart infusion into the High Way to Awakened Unity Consciousness. In our hearts we Know that we are all connected and that every one of us contributes something to the whole. Now is the time to eliminate barriers to this deep knowledge. Venus will conjoin Haumea again during her retrograde cycle, culminating in a new cycle with Haumea on 11/22, a date of mastery.


9/2    Mercury gets back to 23 Leo, the degree where he first went retrograde. Having thus recovered his shadow, Mercury’s first new aspect is manifesting with Eris before resourcing Haumea and forming a stepping stone with Juno. With our minds newly recalibrated and upgraded we can begin a brand new cycle of communication and connection, applying our higher mind towards accessing solutions to those issues that prevent others from accessing the unity consciousness we all share.


 The Sun Orcus new cycle today at 10 Virgo marks a new beginning in our awareness and capacity to access the invisible realm.  We know we are more than our physical Selves, and that we can travel multi-dimensionally whenever we choose while still in our bodies (Mars Pallas great eliminator). The Black Moon Pallas bridge provides a platform from which to access this wisdom.


At the end of the day, Venus enters her own retrograde shadow, at 25° Libra 15, on the same day that Mercury recovers his shadow. This is significant, as well as the fact that both Venus and Mercury connect with the Eris Haumea High Way to Awakened Unity Consciousness. Once again, the heart leads the way, as we awaken to a mind/heart balance achieved in perfect harmony.


9/3    Black Moon Lilith goes retrograde at the master degree of 29 Aquarius, in a bridge with Pallas, beginning her backward journey in the sign of spiritual love.


9/4-9/5     Pallas is the first to enter Virgo, as we focus our divine feminine wisdom through the quality of consciousness of the Divine Mother. Our consciousness has already begun to shift with the Sun’s entry into Virgo on 8/23, connecting with the royal star Regulus. Now Mercury makes his ingress (entry) on 9/5; the co-dispositors of the divine masculine are together in this very feminine, divinely pure sign. Here we apply emotional wisdom to identifying and bringing into balance the parts of us that are misqualified, learning to master our Selves. As each of us begins to achieve this mastery, we raise the healing/wholing energies for all.
9/6:   This is a very active, significant day, cosmically speaking. Ceres enters Libra and steps up to Quaoar, literally assisting in the birthing of the new world. Ceres becomes part of a power intersection with Chiron in Aries and Quaoar/Saturn in Capricorn. As more Love is birthed, it gives rise to more fear (chaos) in opposition, which must be worked through before it can disperse. Awareness of this will allow us to ride the waves even as they seem to get wilder.


Also on this day, the Grand Earth Manifestation between Mercury, Pallas, Saturn, Quaoar and Uranus gets majorly energized as Saturn turns direct at 2°33’ Capricorn; the Mercury Pallas new cycle begins (01° Virgo), and the Uranus Varuna stepping stone becomes exact at 2° Taurus/Leo.  With expanded perspective and the wisdom of our higher mind we are awakening to the proper use of our inner authority, which is more aligned with the new world that is coming into being.
9/9    This is a powerful day, a 9/9 stargate of completion. Venus enters Scorpio today, which is not an easy sign for the heart to master. It is fitting that the first aspect Venus makes is a great eliminator with Chiron, which serves to deliver alignment and mastery at the heart level.  We must make the choice to align and master the heart and its emotions; doing so will alchemize the heart to a higher frequency capable of greater Love.
On the same day the Sun/Moon new cycle occurs at 17 Virgo. It is the last New Moon of the season, and marks the closing of one of the longest wormholes we have experienced. Virgo is the quality of consciousness of the Divine Mother, the progenitor, who even now is birthing the new order. It is significant that Venus (where we access and hold Love) enters the sign of pure Divine Love, resonating with the co-dispositors of our spiritual Selves. The Sun and Moon aspect the very high energies of the Jupiter Neptune Sirius Grand Water Manifestation bringing expanded multidimensional energies to our consciousness. This new awareness brings transformation to the way we view and use our personal power in higher service for all (New Moon Pluto manifestation).  Today we will be delivered to the new world.
9/10 Today Mars enters Aquarius at 8:56 pm and immediately makes an intimate aspect (semisextile) with the stationing Quaoar. On 5/16 Mars first entered Aquarius before going retrograde in June, hitting the same degree (0 Aquarius) on 9/12. Today’s ingress completes the cycle. With a new perspective we are now tasked with right action that is oriented towards the future. But we still have to clear the past, and that begins with giving our Selves the Love that was denied because we could not access or accept the divine feminine within. It is notable that Uranus, the disposer of Aquarius, is rising at the moment Mars enters the sign of spiritual Love. Talk about awakening!
9/11  The Mercury Orcus new cycle at 10 Virgo occurs today.  This is a new beginning of the higher mind uniting with our capacity to access the invisible realm, to “grok” that we are spiritual Beings having a physical experience. The Sun manifests with Pluto today also, bringing our consciousness of the transmutation that leads to our immortality to our attention. Orcus is where we come from, and Pluto is how we get there.
9/12  Jupiter connects resourcefully (sextile) with Pluto today, on their way to their eventual new cycle in 2020. Pluto disposes Jupiter in Scorpio, and we have the opportunity to access great wisdom to transmute old beliefs and misuse of power.
9/13  Today Ixion goes direct at the purest 0 Capricorn degree. Ixion reflects the soul's essential purpose for the incarnation we have taken in this lifetime. At the soul level everyone has come here to correct something that was out of integrity in other lifetimes. Ixion resources Haumea and both form great eliminators to the Juno Sedna conjunction, creating a 5D Finger of God (FoG) aspect. Collectively we have the opportunity to work with unity consciousness by choosing Love over fear, taking the high road towards opening up to the Divine Feminine energies. This FoG has lasted for 5 years, and will continue, with Juno and Sedna conjoining again on 11/11, and beginning a new cycle in January.
9/14  Black Moon Lilith conjuncts the Earth Star Chakra (South Node) for the 6th time at 5 Aquarius, manifesting with MakeMake in Libra. We are in the process of correcting the karmic imbalance of the divine feminine in accordance with the divine laws of balance and integrity.
9/15  A new Ceres MakeMake cycle occurs today at 4 Libra. MakeMake (representing the universal laws that preside over our 5D consciousness) and Ceres (the midwife who delivers us from the ashes of the old) begin a new cycle that marks the birthing of the higher laws of divine order into mass consciousness.
9/16 Venus forms a perfect intersection with the Soul and Earth Star chakras (the Moon’s nodes), providing a fulcrum between past and the future. As we know, time doesn’t exist in 5D, only Love does. Also today the 4th Black Moon Mars conjunction takes place, delivering us once again to the new feminine way of allowing the heart to move us into action.
9/17  Just as Vesta enters Capricorn the new Vesta Quaoar cycle begins, activating the purity of our devotion to interacting with the emerging new paradigm that is coming into being from Source.
9/20  The Sun and Mercury, co-dispositors of the divine masculine, begin a new cycle at 28 Virgo, in the sign of the Divine Mother, bringing balance and emotional wisdom to what we focus our attention on. We must consciously align and manifest our thoughts and speech with Love.
9/21  Once again the Black Moon enters Capricorn, recalibrating our capacity to awaken to the Divine Feminine Creator. Our higher mind (Mercury) and consciousness (Sun) manifest with our inner divine feminine (Black Moon) just before Mercury enters Libra, sign of the highest realization that we are all One. Literally 2 days later (9/23) Black Moon resumes direct motion and heads back into Aquarius, where she aspects Quaoar, Vesta and Chiron, aligning our divine feminine with a broader perspective.
9/22  The Sun enters Libra, a World Axis point, at 9:54 pm, birthing the Fall/Spring Equinox, balancing day and night around the world. In Cosmic Consciousness, this marks the Sun’s movement into the divine feminine Portal of Truth that brings our consciousness to the physical etheric body. It is here we gain realization of the Truth that our separate Selves are an illusion, that we are all connected, even within the extreme polarity being expressed at this time. At higher levels we all long to be connected; that is the message of September. At the fall equinox it is time to collect the fruits of our labors: the relationships, ideas, beliefs, creations, gifts, plants, and blessings that we grew and tended; the wisdom gleaned from all we’ve experienced (and allowed our Selves to experience) thus far this year. As things come to their natural completion we bless them and let them go, preparing for the next cycle to come.
As the Sun enters Libra, he takes his place (with Mercury and MakeMake) within the Mystic Rectangle (see above) with a bridge to Chiron. The Sun also connects with Quaoar and Vesta in a stepping stone; they form an intersection to the Sun Mercury Chiron bridge. AND the Sun is part of an out-of-sign, very feminine Grand Manifestation between Juno (and Sedna) and the Black Moon. We are due for some major realignment and opportunities for integration and mastery of divine masculine/feminine energies this month as we grow in our capacity to perceive everything in life in new ways.
9/24  This is another powerful day, with 4 major events occurring. The Pallas Orcus new cycle at 10 Virgo begins the day, delivering the part of us that holds our feminine wisdom to a multidimensional level. Afterwards Mercury forms a new cycle with MakeMake at 4 Libra 18, and then goes on to resource the Soul Star Chakra and manifest with the Earth Star Chakra. This brings our higher mental operating system on line with Cosmic Order; we have the capacity to apply this new calibration to clearing karma and connecting with Source and the dharmic path of evolution.
That’s not all. The Full Moon at 2 Aries occurs at 10:52 pm. Because it falls so close to the autumnal equinox it is called a Harvest Moon, reminding us to collect the bounty of all we have created and experienced so far this year—and we have created/experienced a lot!
The Sun, getting ready to join with MakeMake, is part of 3 distinct planetary pictures that have a major impact on our collective consciousness. The Sun (with MakeMake and Mercury) bridges the Moon, conjoined with Chiron; Quaoar, Vesta and Saturn in Capricorn form a Power Intersection, another road to aligning our spiritual Selves with the higher Laws. Sun MakeMake (awareness of the Law of Love) in Libra forms a Grand Manifestation with the Black Moon, Mars and Earth Star (integrating the divine feminine within and clearing karma through Love-based right action) in Aquarius and Juno (our awareness of unity consciousness). The way we respond (the Moon) is the kite that makes this Manifestation fly.
Finally, the Sun and Moon become part of the aforementioned Mystic Rectangle, which peaks and starts to dissipate as Chiron leaves Aries. There is so much more to talk about; please read Vivian Small’s Moon Report and Stephanie’s weekly and daily blogs for more information.
9/25 It’s been 15 years since Mars traveled so close to the Earth. He has been out of bounds since July 8th. Today Mars returns to the ecliptic, ending his journey through uncharted territory. We’ve had over 2 months to learn to be here on the planet in an entirely new relationship with our physicality, acting to manifest the new consciousness on the physical plane. Our bodies (and Lightbodies) are being recalibrated to hold the higher frequencies that are making themselves known.
Today is also the day that retrograde Chiron enters Pisces, sign of spiritual wisdom. It is time now to process our sorrow, and go deep within to find those unconscious places where we are afraid of our limitlessness. The only way to work through these fears is to allow them to be acknowledged with compassion. Chiron will go direct at 28 Pisces on 12/9, and reenter Aries for good 2/18/19. Chiron’s journey back and forth across the divine masculine Portal of Truth ensures that we will gain mastery over issues involving the divine masculine, realigning those energies with our higher Self.
9/26    On 6/8 and 7/20, Mars and the Earth Star chakra conjoined, and today’s new cycle at 4 Aquarius with the Black Moon in tow marks the manifestation of the changes in physicality we (and the planet) have experienced. Perhaps there was a health issue, or a change in a situation that brought forth the need for a new response. This month will see some event or right action that will bring a resolution.
In addition, Black Moon joins the Earth Star (for the 7th time) and Mars (#5) in a triple conjunction at 4 Aquarius, all manifesting with MakeMake. As our bodies transmute from carbon to crystalline, we have greater access to the divine feminine, which allows us to attune to our original blueprint in the cosmic order. We are fine-tuning to higher levels of consciousness.
9/27  Today features not one, but 3 new cycles—all occurring before noon. The first is the Vesta Saturn new cycle at 3 Capricorn, which forms a great eliminator with Varuna. With our renewed passion and dedication to stepping into our authentic Self, we have the capacity choose to see things from a higher perspective and act with integrity and authority.
The Sun MakeMake new cycle (4 Libra) manifests with Mars, making our awareness of the 5D natural and cosmic laws more tangible. Finally, Mercury and Ceres begin a new cycle at 9 Libra, manifesting with Black Moon Lilith and in intimate (semisextile) aspect to Venus. Having a more complete access to the divine feminine within, we are birthing a new shift in the way we think and communicate, one that is more balanced and which includes observing, surrendering, and just Be-ing.
9/29  Juno, our own personal access to the new unity consciousness that we have awakened to, enters Gemini, the sign of mental wisdom. Gemini is the quality of consciousness that seeks to connect; to gather information, ideas and connect them, bringing them to the world. With Juno here we have the capacity to connect and share unity consciousness.
9/30    After being retrograde for 5 months Pluto stations direct at 18 Capricorn 45 around 10 pm, the last aspect of the month. Pluto has been sitting at this degree for a week and will remain there for another week, making for powerful energies of transmutation. Interestingly, since the 9/12 Jupiter Pluto resource there are no planets aspecting Pluto for the rest of the month. We work with Pluto’s energies when we stand in our Truth, when we observe the extent of our power and use it properly to unite and strengthen others, when we surrender to Source. Pluto’s direct motion
gives us the opportunity to apply our realizations regarding our relationship to power: within ourselves, in relation to others, and to our connection to Source.
Although the wormhole closes this month, the energies remain high, with no signs of slowing down. The shifts of rapid change result in many endings, which in turn produce new beginnings. As with August, we might find that people, places and situations that no longer serve us will depart. Many will feel the desire to change location, or complete changes begun since the beginning of June. Everyone has, is, or will experience a change in relationships, location, environment or health before the month is over.
We are all truly one underneath our individual differences; everyone is experiencing deep change and trying their best. We all need to come together to create and carry out solutions that will make life better for everyone. This month it is important to put emphasis on working with the relationships in our lives. This could be forgiving someone, allowing them space, listening to them, or telling your truth to someone -- whatever needs to happen in our relationships in order to make them more useful to us for mutual growth and connection. A good question to ask our Selves is: As long as this person is in my life, how can I work with this relationship to lead me to be the best version of myself? Another practice is to keep organized, making lists, using a calendar, keeping routines or rituals (the empowering ones). This will help with focusing on (inner) work that needs to be done, and meeting goals. It will benefit everyone if we keep our perspective high, be forgiving, and act from the heart.


  • Everyone you see is your reflection. Everyone you know mirrors you. Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone wants to live in joy. Everyone seeks a higher purpose. Everyone breathes the same breath. Everyone needs love to survive. Everyone has a purpose to fulfill. ~~Jackson Kiddard


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