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For November 2018:

Welcome to November, the midpoint of the fall season as we head towards the end of the year. In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius represents the 11th hour on the Cosmic Clock. Beginning at the Portal of Knowledge, it is where we take all we have learned since the beginning of the year and apply it to areas where we are still out of integrity with our highest Truth. Each time we speak the Truth that lives in our hearts we become more aligned with our higher Source-connected Self.

Jupiter disposes the Sagittarius hour, as we tap into and apply wisdom and expanded consciousness to clearing obstacles to our connection with our Higher Self. Jupiter has been in Scorpio for the last 13 months, which reflects how applying love to our visions and intentions has transformed us. We have delved deeply; now we are ready to clear any remaining karmic debris and expand our Light. Jupiter is a big part of this month’s energies, more on his journey below.
November is the 11th month, and 11 is a karmic master number representing the higher octave of 2. As a higher vibrating energy it raises consciousness by taking polarities and revealing the connection between them, building bridges.  It signifies mastery over the Self, intuition, enlightenment, visionary consciousness and higher manifestation.
This is the time to surrender to the wisdom of our inner Teacher and divine Mother within. We must be fearless and scrupulously honest with our Selves, facing those obstacles presented by our lower selves in preparation for the new cycle to come. Whenever we reach a pinnacle in our evolution we are tested with the debris of old responses to the consciousness we left behind. Here we do battle with our lower selves to end the ego games and align our Selves with the Truth of who we really are. We are seeing this collectively as well, reflecting the slow but widespread awakening and elevation of consciousness. We bring this wisdom to the physical plane when we express our highest Truth through the integrity of our thoughts, words and deeds, an expression that always includes the voice of the heart.

November Energies

Despite there being only two planets in Scorpio at the beginning of the month, there remains a feeling of deep alchemical energies as the New Moon takes place in that field of consciousness, and Ceres enters that sign as well. The Sun (our consciousness) remains there for 3 weeks, and Jupiter (our expanded social consciousness) is powerful at the final degrees of Scorpio. We will begin to feel the shift in energies when these 2 archetypes move into Sagittarius.
The sign of alchemical physical Love, Scorpio is the place within our energy fields where our beliefs manifest the physical world. It is no coincidence that the Sun is always in Scorpio on Election Day in the US. Because so many of us are holding light and love, we are collectively at the point where we are more aware of how our choices affect the world we are creating. It is also no coincidence that this year, Jupiter is wrapping up Scorpio’s lessons at this time, demonstrating how unbridled emotions and negative beliefs create social chaos---AND that the karmic Earth Star Chakra (South Node) is at 0° Aquarius, the same degree as on Election night in 2016. In Cosmic Consciousness, alchemy is the turning of what is not love into Love, through Love itself. No matter what happens on Election Day, the transmutation will continue afterward. We must acknowledge and balance shadow and Light within our Selves to see it manifest in the world.
The beginning of the month finds Ceres on the same exact degree as the Venus station, forming a new cycle with Haumea (25 Lib 35). This is an auspicious new beginning, signifying the birthing of new unity consciousness. Ceres also conjuncts the fixed star Arcturus (advanced healing), and these aspects occur on the most benevolent degrees of the Via Combusta (the Fiery Way), which stretches to 15 Scorpio. At this point, there are 6 planets in the intense energies of the Via Combusta, but Arcturus and Haumea’s presence there ensures that we are safe and protected, unified and whole.
There are 8 sign changes this month, including those of the Black Moon Lilith. Usually Mercury and Venus change signs every month, but due to their retrograde cycles, this November they remain in the same sign. Pallas, Ceres, Mars, and of course the Sun also enter new signs this month.
What is unusual though is that the Moon’s nodes, which move clockwise (towards Source) into new consciousness (signs) every 18 months, change signs on the same day that Uranus retrogrades into Aries—which just happens to be Election Day in the United States! That’s a lot of shifting of consciousness for one day, and such an important one at that! And if that weren’t enough, Jupiter also moves into a new field of consciousness. Jupiter reflects the expansion of our social consciousness, wisdom and higher Truth, and conversely, our brashness and dogmatic beliefs which must be overcome to emerge victorious over the lower self.
Also in November there are 11 conjoinings: 3 brand new cycles (Ceres Haumea on 11/1; Vesta Pluto, 11/7; and Venus Haumea, 11/22), and 8 conjunctions between planets that will be repeated.

Planetary Energy Patterns

There is so much to talk about; we must begin with the extraordinary planetary pictures that present themselves this month. As Vivian Small says, collectively we create the effect of a transiting planet. When they come together to form a pattern, this is the result of our collective consciousness creating the energies necessary to carry out the dictates of our higher Self, which is connected to Source.
Grand Manifestations: In November there is a Grand Manifestation (Trine) in Fire signs formed by Salacia in Aries, Mercury in Sagittarius, and Varuna and the Soul Star Chakra (North Node) in Leo. When the Soul Star moves into Cancer, a Water Grand Manifestation forms with Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio. Any planet or point moving from about 28° of a water sign to 3° of a fire sign will be a part of one or the other or both of these grand manifestations, which have the effect of working in tandem. Emotions may flow easily, yet can just as easily morph into a higher spiritual expression with awareness and Love. As Jupiter (11/8) and the Sun (11/22) enter Sagittarius they access both of these configurations; Mercury’s retrograde cycle takes him back to them 11/28 and on into December.
Power/Love Crossroad with Nodes: On 10/31 a Crossroad was formed in Love (formerly fixed) signs between the Soul and Earth Star Chakras in Leo and Aquarius, and the Venus Uranus bridge in Scorpio and Taurus. Then Venus retrograded into Libra (becoming part of a Finger of God, see below), and Uranus maintains an intersection (on/off ramp) with stepping stones to the nodes. On 11/6 this becomes exact at 00 Leo/Aquarius 00 and Taurus 00, in the generic Portal of Strength on the Cosmic Clock (the entryway to Love signs), right before the nodes switch signs at 1:09 pm.  Then Uranus enters Aries at 1:59 pm, and the energies switch to a Crossroad in Power (cardinal) signs.  It will be hard to miss this shift as it moves from the mechanism of Love to the Power and clarity of the lower 4-body system (again, on Election Day). Ceres joins this crossroad on 11/10 before entering Scorpio, and Venus hits it on 11/29, forming her 2nd bridge with Uranus.
 Fingers of God (FoGs):  A Finger of God (FoG) is created when 2 planets in resource (formerly sextile) to each other form great eliminators (formerly inconjuncts) to a 3rd planet. A FoG requires that we consciously choose Love over fear in response to whatever options present themselves, choices that require discipline, acceptance of what is, and faith. We have the option to take the high road, something we may not be comfortable with, to achieve what has become fully possible. This reflects the current state of human evolution. As we become consistent in choosing the high road of Love, old habitual paths fall away.
Chiron and Sedna have been in a resourceful aspect for well over a year, bringing healing and wholing to the re-membrance (coming together of the parts) of the universal Divine Feminine.  Chiron, as the dispositor of Virgo, represents purity, wholeness, and alignment, the birthing of Christed energies. As we heal and whole the divine feminine, we raise our frequencies and capacity to discern its place within the Unity of All.
Chiron and Sedna, with Juno in tow, both point to Venus (our personal expression of Love) at 28-29° Libra from 11/1-4, creating a Finger of God. Our inner guidance is leading us to the consciousness of unification (Juno) of the parts of the Divine Feminine (Sedna), which we are learning to align with (Chiron). But we must choose to inject Love (Venus) into this process. The conjunctions between Haumea, Ceres and Venus bring new life to the heart’s yearning for integration with the Divine Feminine and the healing and wholing that results.
In addition, Haumea (our appreciation of all parts of the whole) and Ixion (our collective soul purpose) are also in a resourceful relationship, and both make great eliminators pointing to Sedna and Juno. Collectively we have the opportunity to work with unity consciousness by choosing Love over fear, taking the high road towards opening up to the Divine Feminine energies. This FoG will last for months, with Juno and Sedna conjoining on 11/11 and beginning a new cycle on 1/30/19.
During November both Ceres and Venus are part of both FoGs. Since we are here to integrate and balance our souls, it is so fortuitous to have the chance to bring our newly calibrated heart energies to assimilate our grasp of the Divine Feminine unity consciousness.

Highlights of the Month

11/1    Jupiter manifests with retrograde Chiron (28 Scorpio/Pisces), and the Ceres Haumea new cycle occurs resourcing Ixion. As we engage with one another, we heal the misalignments that separate us, and rebirth a new appreciation of everyone’s part in the world we live in.
11/2    Varuna, highest perspective we are capable of, goes retrograde at 3 Leo until April 2019. For 4 months we have the opportunity to focus our 3rd eye inward and consider all we are grateful for. Today also, Mercury goes out of bounds, beyond the ecliptic, taking our thinking and communication systems to new territory. Jupiter forms a bridge with Juno, allowing us to view the expansion of our ability to perceive our relationship to everything as a reflection of our Selves.
11/3    Saturn, (our own inner authority) makes a stepping stone with Makemake, (divine authority and universal Law) at 5 Capricorn/Libra, the 3rd this year. This aspect serves to lift us above the drama that manifests as we continue to shift from the man-made laws of the patriarchy to the divine Laws of Love, Oneness, nature, cosmic order and balance of energies.
11/4    Pallas Athena, the part of our consciousness that holds divine feminine wisdom, enters Libra, sign of the Mirrored Self today. For the next few months we will see our intuitive wisdom--or lack of same--reflected back to us through others.
11/5    Black Moon Lilith and Mars come together for conjunction #7 at 24 Aquarius, resourcing Eris.             Venus and Ceres also conjoin for a rebirthing of the heart on today. They become part of the Finger of God with Juno, Sedna and Chiron, signifying our alignment with the unifying divine feminine force, provided we take the road less traveled. Due to their retrograde cycles both conjunctions are repeated this month. In fact, Black Moon retrogrades and conjoins Mars again 2 days from now, bracketing Election Day with divine feminine inspired right action that comes from the heart. Black Moon Mars conjunctions are delivering us all to the new feminine way of allowing the heart to move us into action.
11/6    As mentioned before, today is the day the intersection in Love signs between Uranus and the Soul and Earth Star Chakras (Moon’s nodes) becomes exact, around 11:15 am. According to Cosmic Consciousness Taurus, Leo and Aquarius (and Scorpio), formerly known as fixed signs, are called Love signs because the only energy that never changes through all dimensions is Love. With this intersection, there is a perfect balance between past karma and dharmic evolution that we are awakening to. This is an amazing observer’s perch.
Right after that, the nodes themselves change signs, with the Soul Star entering Cancer and the Earth Star ingressing Capricorn. The Moon’s nodes always move clockwise towards Source, indicating that we are always moving towards our own evolution. At any moment we have the choice to create more karma or to eliminate it, which is known as unwinding sanskaras. For the next 18 months we will have the chance to clear karma around personal authority and empowerment while we connect to our higher Selves and flow with the energies of allowing things to Be. The last time the Soul Star entered Cancer was 4/9/2000. Look back to see how far you’ve come since then.
Finally, around 2 pm Uranus makes his way back into Aries for a final awakening and mastery of disciplining the mind, of thinking loving thoughts, and bringing the spark of new ideas and revelations to our attention. Uranus will return to Taurus 3/6/19, giving us 4 months to master the discipline of letting Love be the focus of our thoughts even when it is so hard to do so. What happens today may prove surprising, but what follows may be even more so. Let today be dedicated to actively bringing Love to fuel the higher mind; our future depends on it.
11/7    After yesterday’s incredible energies there are more significant celestial events. Black Moon, our access to the divine feminine, turns towards Source (retrograde) at 25 Aquarius, conjoining Mars again (#8) at the same degree.
Jupiter’s final aspect in Scorpio is a manifestation with the Soul Star, suggesting positive developments for the collective social consciousness. Pluto and Vesta’s new cycle (19 Capricorn) brings the energies of devotion and purity to the transmutation taking place within us. This new cycle is part of today’s New Moon.
The Sun Moon new cycle at 15 Scorpio occurs just at the end of the Via Combusta, at the world axis degree, making it a powerful event that will be felt by everyone on the planet. Pluto disposes this New Moon, adding his resources (along with Vesta’s) to its energies. This is a good time to ask: Are our beliefs congruent with what we want to manifest? Are we making enlightened use of our power, or giving it away in confusion? Today is a good day to inject Love where it is missing for the empowerment of all.
11/8    Jupiter represents the part of us that is the Truth Seeker. Jupiter expresses as wise, optimistic, expansive, aware, abundant and benevolent, seeking growth in an outward expression. Where Jupiter is, that’s where our consciousness expands. Today Jupiter enters Sagittarius, his own sign, where he is most powerful and comfortable. For the next 13 months we will be facing and clearing the issues that keep us out of integrity and prevent the expression of our higher Self, which will surely change the fabric of our social consciousness. We will need to keep our hearts open and face the Truth about our Selves, surrendering to Source within (which is found in the heart). When every thought, word and deed aligns with the Truth of our being, we will achieve the highest victory of wisdom in the physical realm.
11/10  Venus’ last aspect before stationing direct is a conjunction with Haumea, the 2nd of 3, at 26 Libra, fortifying and wholing the heart center with unity consciousness.
11/11    On this auspicious day of personal mastery downloads, the 11/11/11 Stargate, the asteroid Juno, representing our capacity to perceive everyone and everything in the world 'out there' as our own reflection, comes together for the 2nd time with Sedna, the Divine Feminine record keeper (27 Taurus). Juno goes direct on 12/23, and makes a new cycle with Sedna on 1/30/19. This conjunction is part of a greater FoG (see above). Allow it to reveal its energies throughout the month.
On the same day Ceres (the midwife within) enters the deeply alchemical sign of Scorpio. While she is there, we have the capacity to lift our Selves up out of stuck emotions and into higher ground. For the next 11 weeks we can go within to transmute and bring new life to our emotional awareness, which can only serve to deliver us to a more peaceful world.
11/15  Mars, representing our physicality and right action within it, enters the Piscean quality of consciousness today, after being in Capricorn and Aquarius since spring.  Pisces is where we learn to face fear and doubt, embrace it and move past it. Pisces is the ocean of possibilities, the limitless realm. When we face the fears created by the illusion of separation, we learn the Truth, that we are more than our limited physical bodies. That is spiritual wisdom. Once we break through our fears we find Love on the other side, and unlimited potential for right action. Mars will remain in Pisces until New Year’s Day.
11/16    Mercury and Venus have been engaged in an interesting dance. In mid October they created a new cycle from opposite directions. On 10/31 they each entered different signs, Mercury moving direct (counter- clockwise) and Venus going clockwise. Today they change directions: Venus stations direct at 25 Libra 15 and Mercury begins his retrograde later in the day at 13 Sagittarius 30, in a stepping stone with Neptune. The Mercury Neptune stepping stone requires raising our thoughts as high as we can to get past confusion and disillusionment. Both mind and heart are still and powerful as their energies prepare for their new journeys. The heart has reviewed the experiences it has already encountered and is now ready to redefine or manifest what it has learned. The mind is preparing to reevaluate every aspect made since 10/28. Today is a good day for stillness and meditation.
11/19    The Pallas Makemake new cycle occurs at 05 Libra. The wisdom of the ages provided by Pallas combines with the universal higher laws. Also the Black Moon reenters Capricorn once again in her dance between that sign and Aquarius, the old order and the new.
11/20     Once again the Black Moon conjoins the karmic Earth Star, this time at 29 Capricorn. This is the 10th conjunction, and each time these 2 energies come together they bring big changes to the condition of the patriarchy and the male/female balance. In this configuration, Uranus forms an intersection, like an on/off ramp, adding a dash of revelation to the energies. Today also Mercury, now retrograde in Sagittarius, returns to the ecliptic, allowing us to process the uncharted energies in our thinking and communication systems.
11/21    Our access to the divine feminine connects with the inner fire of devotion when the Black Moon conjoins Vesta for the first time at 25 Capricorn.  We are committed to honoring the divine feminine in our hearts.
11/22     Today we will feel the shift of energies as the Sun (our consciousness) enters Sagittarius. The Sun joins Jupiter, Mercury and Ixion in the sign of the highest victory of the higher Self over the ego. This represents the ending of the yearly cycle, in preparation for the next one. Now, rather than New Year’s Day, is the time to make resolutions to break the habits that keep us from evolving.  Today is also the day the Venus Haumea new cycle is complete, delivering the heart center to a new manifestation of unity consciousness.
11/23  The Full Moon is a reflection of the Sun and what it’s doing. The Gemini Full Moon at 00 Gemini 52      reflects the physical wisdom of the Sun Jupiter new cycle that becomes exact on 11/26. This new cycle reflects the Truth resulting from the integration of heart and mind. The Moon is a kite in the Grand Fire Manifestation that includes Sun Jupiter, Varuna, and Salacia. Love is the vehicle that lifts up the energies of expanded consciousness and cosmic vision needed to grasp the interplay of shadows and light, and makes them fly.
11/24    Black Moon Lilith resumes her dance with Pluto for the 1st time since July with a conjunction at 19 Capricorn.          There will be 3 others, all in December. This connection with Pluto is sure to resurrect the dormant power of the divine feminine each time they meet. There is no going back. Later today Neptune stations direct at 14 Pisces after a 5-month retrograde cycle. After journeying within to find the sources of disillusionment and confusion, we are now ready to see the Light in our Selves, and use it as a guide to enlightenment.
11/26  The Sun Jupiter new cycle (4 Sagittarius) delivers us to expanded consciousness. It lights up our awareness of the way we interact with each other and how we learn from one another. As mentioned before, this new cycle manifests with the energies of Varuna and Salacia. We grow in wisdom as our consciousness expands with higher perspective and insight regarding the interplay of Light and shadow in our lives.
11/27  Today features not one, but 3 conjunctions, two of them involving Mercury. First, the Sun Mercury inferior conjunction occurs at 5 Sagittarius, an alignment of Mercury in between the Sun and the Earth. When the co-rulers of the divine masculine spiritual and mental bodies come together, there is a revitalization of the capacity to connect and communicate.
Our devotion to unraveling old karma and surrendering it to Source is stoked with a Vesta Earth Star conjunction (28 Capricorn), the first of several. And finally, the 2nd Mercury Jupiter conjunction occurs at 4 Sagittarius. This time we reexamine whether our beliefs have changed and how that affects others in the social sphere. It’s time to eliminate tired old stories and ideas and replace them with those that resonate with our Truth.
11/28  Venus forms an intersection with the Soul and Earth Star Chakras (and Vesta), as she did last month, only now she moves into the Power Crossroad. This intersection creates stepping stones that allow our hearts to rise above the water of turbulent emotions. As long as we stay centered and still, our hearts can show us the way to go.
11/29  The Black Moon goes direct in mid Capricorn, preparing for her next meeting with Pluto in 2 days. In the sign of Spiritual Power, our divine feminine accesses the energies of Source.
11/30   The Venus Uranus bridge (29 Libra/Aries) opens for the last time as the heart center gets its final awakening and recalibration. With all the activity this month, our hearts are newly awakened and we are more aware of what we value and what we love. As part of the Power Crossroad, all roads are open, ready for us to choose the best one each step of the way.
November is an emotional month, with intense energies. Planets are shifting back and forth, and some changes begun this month will last for quite a while.
The pace of life is relentless and fast. Many people are leaving the physical plane, and polarization is reaching its peak. Along with this, our heart energies are expanding rapidly. As they expand, the heart breaks or cracks to allow more Light to shine. It can be uncomfortable and painful.
It is very important to nurture our hearts and to spend time with people who love us. It will help to spend time loving others. We must put our attention on things we love, and cultivate a sense of love in middle of heartbreak or overwhelm. We begin with love for our Selves and then expand from there.
In Cosmic Consciousness the New Year begins when the Sun enters Capricorn, not on January 1. This Sagittarian month of clearing old karma involves the throat chakra. Therefore it will be important to speak the Truth with as much love as we can muster. Vocalization of any kind will be a great help this month. Chanting, seed mantras, and singing will serve us immensely. It will create space for resonance, truth, harmony, resonance and joy in the body. By staying flexible and open to what is, and watching it all from an observer’s perch, we will heal our heartbreak and stay strong in Love.
"There is a crack in everything.
That’s how the Light gets in"  Leonard Cohen                       
"The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it…"– Nicholas Sparks


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  1. This is a lot of clear info Shelly. Today, 11/2, prior to reading what you wrote, was in the middle of so many abrupt flashes and confrontations… tought to find the angle, until I chose to come from the Heart of Venus. Then the Love option came available, seemed to chime with what you wrote. This month means business (already). Safety nets aside, time to just. be. Love. Thank you.

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