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Happy New Year, and welcome to 2020, the first year of the 3rd decade of the 21st century! This is a ‘4’ year, coming out of the ‘22’ vibration of the Master Builder. Together, with the universal energies, we are building a new world out of the chaos of the old, holding the space for the new foundation. Because it arises out of universal consciousness, all the chaos we see is in perfect divine order. The ‘4’ vibration speaks of order, reason, stability, strength, and a solid footing. It is an organizing principle: the 4 seasons, 4 directions, 4 etheric bodies of the lower body system, which are the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical etheric bodies, interacting and ideally balancing each other. The ‘4’ also speaks of life on earth. When we take positive action towards our highest intentions, aspirations, and goals, the Universe works with us to help establish a solid foundation and advance us along our path.
January is the 1st month, bringing new beginnings and new creations. In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius represents the 1 o'clock hour, the place within our energy fields where we learn--and remember--to love our Selves unconditionally, as Source does. It is the hour of Spiritual Love, where the heart opens and we take down the walls that prevent us from loving our Selves. In January the Sun, the seat of our consciousness, reflects the Source energies of Capricorn, which are then stepped down into each of us individually when it enters Aquarius on 1/20. We realize we are each a unique expression of Source energies. When we are free to Love our Selves unequivocally, shadows and all, we open to the joy and freedom of being seen as we really are. Mercury (1/16) and Ceres (1/31) also enter Aquarius this month, providing us the opportunity to change the way we think, communicate and nurture our Selves.

 Blueprint for 2020

The year begins and ends in a wormhole, and there are 3 of them. The one we are currently in contains a lunar eclipse on 1/10, and ends with the Aquarius New Moon on 1/24. Another wormhole opens on 5/22 and closes on 7/20, with 3 eclipses in between. The last one opens 11/15 and closes in January ’21. Out of the 6 eclipses occurring this year, 4 of them are lunar eclipses. A lunar eclipse deals with the response to what is going on in our conscious awareness. The old reactions will no longer suffice when so many things are changing; this year a new kind of response is needed.
The January 1 chart reveals the themes for this year as well as for the month. As the New Year kicks in, MakeMake is rising at 7 Libra. As the Mirrored Self, Libra signifies the Highest Realization that everyone is a facet or reflection of our Self. MakeMake represents cosmic order, and so whatever comes up, each person or artifact we meet or let go of, manifests according to the Law of Spiritual Attraction, to name one of the cosmic universal Laws. When we hold Love in our hearts we will see it reflected in others; it is the Law of Love.
The Soul Star Chakra (N. Node) in Cancer is at the midheaven, the highest point of the chart, along with Sirius, the 7D star of the ascended masters, indicating that whatever happens is for our highest evolution. At the other end lies the Capricorn stellium (grouping). MakeMake intersects the nodes, making a stepping stone with Jupiter, expanding our connection to the higher Laws, especially in the social realm. Those laws cannot be ignored any more. The Black Moon manifests with Mars, signifying that untoward actions will no longer remain hidden. Over the next few weeks many planets will make stepping stones with Eris, providing a way to rise above the emotional drama resulting from the disruption that awakening brings. And there will be plenty of awakening to come.

January Energies

As the 1st month of the year, January brings new beginnings and a chance to start over. This month contains so many new cycles --20!-- not counting one of the biggest and most long-lasting: the once-only Saturn Pluto new cycle. The energies have been increasing around this event for months now, and the Full Moon eclipse delivers us to it.
On 1/10, at 2:21 pm, the Full Moon penumbral lunar eclipse in Cancer occurs. A penumbral eclipse results when the Moon moves through the faint, outer part of Earth's shadowIt looks like a Full Moon, only a little darker. A lunar eclipse is an internalized shift, a reboot of emotional consciousness that calls for a new kind of response to whatever happens. The more openhearted and conscious our responses, the further we can allow the Flow to take us. Eclipses are sideways elevators that take us to places we had no idea existed. The way to deal with them is to know they are coming, stay centered and open, and enjoy the ride. And what a ride it is!
This eclipse falls on a 1:1 stargate, and will tend to be more emotionally charged, being in Cancer, the sign of Emotional Power, the Moon’s sign. The Sun Mercury new cycle occurs just before the eclipse, bringing a new chapter to our inner divine masculine, spirit and mind, which, when united, creates conscious thought. A balance of conscious thought and emotion is just what is called for now, for today BOTH Eris and Uranus station direct. To have 2 planets with totally different orbits station within 30 minutes of each other is extraordinary, but to have that occur on a Full Moon eclipse is off the hook! It may not be obvious at first, but so much awakening is due to happen. Our task is to hold sacred space within our Selves, a place where we can be centered and compassionate; this will serve to create a sense of calm that will help those overwhelmed by the energies. With the Venus Pallas resource we have the wisdom of the heart for assistance.
The long awaited Saturn Pluto new cycle occurs on 1/12. It is significant that this is their only meeting, and significant—and extraordinary—that 4 other planets –- the Sun, Ceres, Mercury and Chariklo -- are a part of this conjunction. Saturn, our inner guru, is powerful in his own sign. With his energies we learn to stand in our authority and structure our lives. There is no hiding from him. Pluto is the gatekeeper to higher 5D consciousness, removing barriers to that consciousness—whether we like it or not. There is nothing else to do but surrender.
The last time these 2 powerhouse planets came together was in 1982, 37 years ago, at the same degree Haumea inhabits now—27 Libra. Haumea reminds us that we are really One. She is in stepping stone to this new cycle, as is Eris. There is a sense of the parts of the whole coming together, but also that much disruption will take place. It could occur in the economy, or through natural disasters and other effects of climate change, requiring a redistribution of resources. This transit is already revealing lessons about the abuse of power and karmic consequences of misaligned actions. It is fitting that the 2 planets representing the divine masculine, the Sun and Mercury, are involved in this new cycle. Our consciousness and the way we think must change if we are to heal the planet and everyone on it. In fact, Mercury meets with Saturn and Pluto first (1/12), setting the stage before they meet each other. Ceres is present to welcome new life out of the ashes of the old, and Chariklo brings stability and protection to the process.
The 1/24 Aquarius New Moon (4 Aquarius) signals the closing of another incredible wormhole. This new cycle bridges Varuna, providing a cosmic view to contrast the humanitarian view of Aquarius. Uranus, dispositor of the New Moon, intersects this bridge, bringing another road to our consciousness, the road to awakening, of trusting intuition, and sudden realization. The New Moon resources Chiron, Salacia and the Black Moon, and manifests with MakeMake. Uncovering of more truth connected with the higher cosmic Laws is on tap, along with healing old wounds and realigning with the clarity that comes from knowing deep within what’s really true.

Planetary Movements: New Beginnings, Changes in Consciousness:

Mercury first entered Capricorn on 12/28, resonating with the 7 other planets and Earth Star Chakra (S. Node). The Great Messenger spends half of January connecting with each in new cycles before entering Aquarius on 1/16. Mercury holds the energies of how we think, communicate and connect; he is always dynamic. As the divine masculine archetype, Mercury is not about understanding anything, he is more about putting one’s heart into and FEELING the event we are moving through. He represents the higher mind, the Christed Self.
Mercury new cycles are always significant, but the timing is particularly salient now. The Mercury Quaoar new cycle occurred on 12/30 between the higher mind and the highest octave of the mind, where new paradigms of thought arise. This paves the way for the Mercury Jupiter new cycle on 1/2, delivering the capacity for expansive wisdom to our minds, before the Mercury Earth Star new cycle arrives on 1/3. Much clearing of old core thoughts, ideas and beliefs is possible now, going all the way back to our karmic lineage. The Sun Mercury superior conjunction occurs 3 times a year and each meeting is like a new chapter in the story. But this new cycle, on 1/10, takes place while Mercury is out of bounds, bringing in increasing amounts of out of the box information and revelations-- AND it takes place right before the Full Moon eclipse. Our minds are being stretched, expanded and moved to new ground.
The 1/11 Mercury Ceres new cycle prepares us for the changes to come to our mental operating systems. On 1/12 Mercury conjoins Saturn and then Pluto, before they meet each other. The Mercury Saturn new cycle brings definition and structure to a new way of realizing the world (and therefore our Selves). Mercury Pluto is nothing less than a resurrection of the higher mind. After these new cycles, Mercury returns to the ecliptic. New thought, new connections, new ways to communicate: there will be so much to share in the coming weeks. The Mercury Chariklo new cycle on 1/13 brings a calming stability to the mind, allowing for centering and integration. Mercury is resourceful in Aquarius, and when the Great Messenger enters that quality of consciousness on 1/16 we will feel it palpably.
Sun: The aforementioned Sun Mercury new cycle occurs on a 1:1 stargate, and brings the co-dispositors of the divine masculine together as part of the greater Saturn Pluto new cycle. What’s interesting is that the Sun conjoins Pluto first, and then meets Saturn and Ceres afterwards, all on 1/13. These 3 new cycles with the Sun, the generator of our consciousness, help us to recognize our alignment with Source, which brings new life and new expressions of personal empowerment and authority to each of us. We are learning to make our way in a world where the old rules no longer apply, and the new rules and laws have yet to be written. Also on 1/13, the Sun Eris stepping stone provides a way to step over the discord created by the mass realization that things cannot remain as they are. On 1/15 the Sun meets Chariklo, and our consciousness finds protection and stability, a place to find respite if we make use of it.
On 1/20 the Sun changes consciousness, entering Aquarius, the sign of Divine Love. In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius is the place within each of us where we learn to love the Self so unconditionally that we are willing to allow our True Selves to be seen by all. Until we are able to do this we have to go through a process of facing and removing the shields we erect to hide our Selves from the world. This month, the process includes facing the part of us that holds our own divine feminine energies and letting it shine forth.
Venus: On the same day that the Sun makes all those new cycles (and Mercury too), Venus enters Pisces, the sign of Divine Wisdom. She is happy and resourceful here, it’s easier for Love to expand. In the limitless realm, Love is unlimited. Two days later (1/15) the retrograde Black Moon conjoins Venus for the first time this year. After Black Moon goes direct she and Venus meet again on 1/19 at 7 Pisces, and more hidden Truths of the heart are brought to light. On 1/27 Venus makes a new cycle with Neptune and our newly purged hearts get a dose of sorely needed higher Love as Venus leads the way.
Mars and Jupiter: Mars brings up the rear as the last personal planet to enter Sagittarius on 1/3. Sagittarius is the place in our conscious where the higher Self triumphs over the lower self. Here we can clear old habits relating to our bodies, habits that hold us back from our highest expression and contribute to illness or confusion. Jupiter, the planet that has domain over Sagittarius, makes a new cycle with the Earth Star Chakra on 1/8, underscoring the elimination of old karma that has kept us from Source.
Pallas Athena: The asteroid holding the energies of feminine wisdom is active this month. On 1/11 she connects with the Galactic Center in a new cycle of multidimensional downloads that allows a deeper wisdom to emerge. The Pallas Ixion new cycle (1/16) brings this wisdom to our sense of purpose. On 1/18 Pallas becomes the 9th planet to enter the Capricorn field of consciousness. Her particular brand of wisdom will grow more noticeable and significant as she slowly makes her way through the sign of Divine Power over the next 3 months. Her first new cycle, with Quaoar on 1/28, signifies the addition of the feminine wisdom of the ages to the new paradigms of thought that are creating the new world.
Ceres: The archetype representing the nurturing and midwifing energies that bring new life to our endeavors follows the Sun’s path this month. First, she meets Pluto on 1/12, then Saturn and the Sun on 1/13; she makes a stepping stone with Eris on 1/14 and a new cycle with Chariklo on 1/18. The Ceres Pluto new cycle speaks of the 2 planets working together: Pluto will destroy or transmute what is not needed, and Ceres will nurture the rest into existence. Ceres’ presence in Capricorn ensures that our connection to Source remains strong and vibrant, renewing and sustaining itSelf. Ceres enters Aquarius on 1/31, where she nurtures our capacity for Self Love for the next 3 months.
Astraea: Astraea is a big part of Varuna’s retrograde cycle, conjoining Varuna after he went retrograde in November. The Divine Feminine is part of the larger picture. Now both are retrograde, and they make their 2nd conjunction on 1/9 at 3 Leo. Astraea backs into Cancer on 1/24 where the implicit sovereignty and royalty of the Divine Feminine Self can reconnect with the inner harmony of the Mother within.

Changes in Direction

MakeMake has to do with the universal laws that we live by, which are always true, in all situations. Makemake represents cosmic order, the divine laws of nature, the equality that exists between true authority and service, the balance of power, and the incredible integrity that belongs to a soul who honors the cosmic order of things, including nature and the ecology of the planet we call home. On 1/5 MakeMake goes retrograde for the next 5 months, allowing us the opportunity to integrate the cosmic laws within.
As was mentioned before, both Eris and Uranus station direct on 1/10, a 1:1 stargate, literally within 30 minutes of each other. That’s a whole lot of powerful awakening to handle, both internally and externally, within the mind and the heart. And it takes place during the Full Moon eclipse! When we keep hearts and minds open, in full trust that the shifts in emotional response and the sideways elevators that appear will deliver us where we need to go, we get to experience the incredible energies available on this day.
On 1/26 Haumea goes retrograde until mid July. Haumea marks our return to wholeness and unity consciousness, with respect for the contribution of each of the parts that make up the whole. This retrograde gives us the chance to reevaluate what we see in the Mirrored Self, and to effect change in our Selves if we don’t like what we see.

The Black Moon

The retrograde Black Moon starts the month manifesting with Mars before meeting up with Neptune (for the 16th time) at 16 Pisces on 1/7. She continues all the way back to 2 Pisces, where she conjoins with Venus on 1/15. The following day Black Moon goes direct (1/16) and then moves forward for another meeting with Venus on 1/19. The next day she conjoins Neptune again, before traveling into Aries (1/23) and dancing with Chiron and Salacia for the 9th time on 1/24. On 1/26 the Black Moon turns around retrograde once more. The Black Moon Neptune dance continues for another 2 months as each little bit of enlightenment takes us forward on our evolutionary path. There is still yet more Truth and clarity to uncover.


There is no way to express how far-reaching the energies are this month, and that’s just the beginning! At a time when reality and consciousness itself are getting restructured, we need to find a calm, safe space within that holds a sense of sacredness, honor and compassion for the Beings of Light that we are and the Love that we each carry. We can accomplish this by quieting the mind and envisioning an altar in a beautiful surrounding. On this altar we place any concerns, fears, hopes and dreams, giving them to our guru, guides, angels, a particular Master or teacher, or our Higher Self. We honor that space, knowing that it is meant for us, and give thanks to the One honored there. We can make this practice a physical reality by creating or refurbishing our own altar at home. Let this space be the secure foundation that supports us as the world rushes by. We can all meet there in spirit, and walk each other home.
The greatest thing you can do for another being is to provide the unconditional love that comes from making contact with that place in them that is beyond conditions, which is just pure consciousness, pure essence. That is, once we acknowledge each other as existing, just being, just being, then each of us is free to change optimally. If I can just love you because here we are, then you are free to grow as you need to grow.” – Baba Ram Dass
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  1. Just gotta say…

    My 29th birthday is 1/10 at 2:22pm.

    My partner Sarah and I were acquainted quite literally out of thin air on the 1/31 lunar eclipse of 2018 – she was at work, her phone was in her purse, and I missed a call from her, I called her back, heard the voicemail prompt, sounded just like another Sarah I knew, so I texted her – she had no idea who was texting her and had no record of her phone calling mine, and it turns out now here we are, almost two years later, partners for life we are sure, we’ve never argued or fought, not once. Both of us, then and before, aware of the mechanics of surrender and attraction, manifestation, and open, waiting for the answers to our wishes. We have so much in common that neither of us ever could have known about our future selves, growing up – and get that – we already knew each other, we went to grade school in the same district. And by the way – I had just changed my phone number to cut away from some local chaff and had not given it to anyone outside of family and a couple non-local friends – nobody could have given it to her. And we hadn’t seen each other in nine years.

    Whether preordained or dynamically arrived at, here we are together.

    This is a reminder for anyone who might doubt the truth of our own power and the unlimited “higher aid” available to us should we choose quite simply to “bring it all back home” – get with yourself, clarify your wants and needs, do whatever makes you happy, even if that is as apparently trivial as it was for me: allowing myself after weeks of intentional stillness to jump online and play an old emulated-MMORPG I loved so much a decade before. I was happy, I was allowing myself to have fun and enjoy and express myself. Happiness and joy are the conduits of more of themselves.

    As my mom would say, “don’t should yourself.”

    Really. Just BE YOU. Your truth, your life, is no less valid, no less valuable, than any. We spend so much energy thinking about what we need to do to make this and that happen, all this crap we have been brainwashed to believe we need to live up to. ENOUGH ALREADY.

    If you are feeling stuck, let go. The shortest prayer in the world is “f*ck it.” Here we are in 2020 – this is not the time to short ourselves. This is not the time to try and live up to “shoulds.” This is the time to turn a new page. If you don’t know where in your own book you are, that’s okay. Even I don’t right now.

    Just let go. Let the truth work through you and for you.

    The magic of astrology, numerology, faith, etc etc etc: it is all just how it is. It is life. It is all just reality.

    So, just open up to reality.

    Happy 2020 and thanks to Steph and Co. who share such valuable insight and guidance here.

    With love,

  2. Dear Shelly, thank you for all of this, especially “Let this space be the secure foundation that supports us as the world rushes by”. I, too, have a 01/10 birthday, and am in the process of moving into a new home. I expect to be fully empowered by my birthday, cooking with gas (literally and figuratively!). So much of what you had to say about January resonates with me. I remember as a child not liking January very much, but one day as an adult I read someone describe it as ‘cozy’. Since then, it’s become a time to stay close to the hearth/heart, rejoicing in the warmth, planting seeds/dreams for the Spring/year. Namaste.

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