This month the aliens land and the banks forgive all debt….April Fool! But it would make for an interesting month. What we do have in store will feel like a skip in the park after the intense energies at play the last two months!

The first week of April is loaded with opportunity aspects and these are always a good sign that you can get things moving in positive directions with a little effort so put those smiley faces on the calendar and get busy!

Mars and Venus meet up together on the same degree late Saturday night/early Sunday morning depending on your time zone so you may want to mark this weekend as an incredible date night. Nothing like Mars and Venus embracing to put a love-on between the battle of the sexes 🙂

The NEW MOON arrives on the 10th in the sign of ARIES. Aries is our ego, the thing that differentiates us from the pack, our need to be noticed, first, courageous, and active. This New Moon offers you your best 2 week window of the year to make fresh starts where Aries falls in your chart. Look for ways to move things ahead, express your passion, deal with anger, and any physical needs you may have. Brand, image and identity are also under Aries realm so you may get a fresh start with these as well. Both Mars AND Venus sit this New Moon which means you will have added mojo behind what you do and the potential to bring love and passion together or motivate on things that may be money makers as you launch in this period, sweet.

Friday the 12th is a big day because the slower moving, outer planetary energies are going to be quite active. First, Pluto is going to Retrograde today. He will remain in backwards motion from April 12 through September 20th. That’s a long time to head back over any heavy issues or to release them once and for all. Pluto rules the big financial matters in our life, our sexual attractions and issues, reproductive needs, divorce issues, life and death situations, triangles, power struggles, and control needs. He is in the sign of Capricorn which means our ambitions or status may be wrapped up in all of this or we may be dealing with some power person working through it all. With the Retrograde you will either see things ease up a bit or you will get a chance to catch up to where you find yourself, tweaking any matters already on the table and prepping for the next round in September.

Second, Saturn and Uranus inconjunct today as well so there is a turning point involving these energies. Saturn wants commitments, endings, structures, limits, ambitions, or responsibilities, while Uranus wants sudden changes, freedom, revolution, originality, or excitement. Since Saturn is in Pluto’s sign, again the themes of sex, divorce, finances, life and death matters, triangles, power struggles, or control will be the focus and Uranus in Aries will want to see you rock this out in a way that focuses on your needs, body, identity, image, or brand.

Mercury moves into Aries on the 13th so from this point on this month you will see more talks, offers, news, meetings, agreements, writing, proposals, sales, or decisions that are aimed at you and your needs. This may be about your body, image, identity, ego, brand, or personal goals but it’s time now to make choices and align with that New Moon energy spurring you on.

Venus moves into Taurus on the 15th kicking off a new Love and Personal Income Cycle. Here she is about taking things slower, fixing upon the object of her desire or the money, and stubbornly plowing ahead to get what she wants. This will mark a period when you will want to luxuriate in the tangibles when it comes to love so look for eating well, making love, lounging around in each other’s arms, and building things together. When it comes to income you will find that a steady and earthy approach will win the day and that you can see rewards from efforts made now.

The Sun moves into Taurus on the 19th where he will illuminate the sign of the bull for the next 30 days. This is where you will want to pour most of your personal and physical energy and where you will stand out so take heed, this is the sign of feeling valued. Do you feel valued? What can you do to make that so? The Sun is about our identity, image, brand, or body so that as well is heading into the realm of earned income and values, do what you can to get with the new direction. Mercury inconjuncts Saturn today so you will likely get the answer you’ve been waiting on from what developed on the 12th or you will apply more information to the mix today, adjusting a bit over the sex, divorce, finances, death, triangle, or control.

Mars moves out of his comfort zone and into Taurus on the 20th where all of his eagerness and passionate energy will now have to slow down and ground itself to accommodate the flow here. While Mars moves through this part of the zodiac our passions and anger will be stirred over making money, being valued and any possessions or acquisitions in question. This is a motivator.

The 20th is also the first of two days when things are going to really move due to Mercury. Mercury and Uranus embrace today in the sign of Aries so there will be some news, talk or decision that shakes things up and spurs you to do something different. Awaken and excite, it’s about originating. On the 21st Mercury will square Pluto so you will be dealing with some heavy news or information, getting in there with talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, or decisions to push something ahead with the boss, a judge, parent, or around a goal or career matter. Note that if you hit obstacles today that these things should get better by May 7th.

The month’s energy peaks on the 25th with a FULL MOON in Scorpio. Scorpio Full Moon’s are always some of the most intense of the year but this one is even more powerful as it is a Lunar Eclipse. An Eclipse is 3 times more powerful so not only will this be a big ending or achievement as things peak but one that is magnified and more final due to the Eclipse. Eclipses have trigger dates that mean you may feel this today or 30 days to the day before or after so note what occurred on March 28th to see if you have already marked this and are now just dotting the ‘i’s’ on that story. Also note May 22nd when you may get more information about this culmination. Mars sits opposite this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse so you can expect that there will be something very active about the day or passions and angers will be stirred over the top. Saturn sits with the Moon so there is again an added finality to what is occurring, long term commitments or endings are in the mix. Neptune harmonizes so there is the ability to tune into the spiritual or magical, to rely on institutions, research or behind the scenes efforts, to move through it. Uranus inconjuncts so an adjustment is required involving your needs, image, brand, body, or identity.



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