April is the month to watch in 2014. It is our first New Moon in a cardinal sign for the year (cardinal signs are the ones that make things happen, they tend to be event oriented). It took place on March 30th and moves us through our first couple weeks of April, in a cardinal sig, it activates the upcoming Grand Cross and more or less pushes the button launching us all into one of the biggest changes we’ve felt since we started our journey here back in 2012. Make no mistake, from April 1st with the power of the New Moon thrusting us headlong into it until the April 20th – 23rd peak of the Grand Cross at 13 degrees around the zodiac, we are in for a momentous shift towards a new reality. That’s not even accounting for the 2 Eclipses on either side of that peak period, more on that later.

So let’s take a look at what we are all processing on a collective level. We showed up at this point in the timeline of life on Earth to experience massive upheaval and some kind of rise from the ashes into a new transformed direction for our soul’s growth, our soul group’s evolution and the evolution of the nations and great family of this world. If we were around back in the mid to late 60’s we were here for the beginning gambit when change and upheaval was set in motion towards some newer, higher ideal witnessed in the music, slogans and starring players of the time in reaction to the political unrest, war and cultural shift towards peace, love and freedom. The time frame between 2012 and 2015 brings the energy to the next chapter, it turns a hard corner, and faces the inevitable letting go, going down and coming back up that accompanies such transformation, as we take that beginning seed and move it to the next field of growth.

We have tools at our disposal with Jupiter helping us broaden our view of family, country, history, and how we set down roots that align with our beliefs. We have Neptune and Chiron informing our imagination, spiritual path and healing abilities in a more integrated way than we’ve ever experienced this lifetime. We are being called upon to allow for that wound to come up, that deep, primordial wound that we feel so innately that it feels like a flesh and bone part of us, and through this courageous act to release the tears and the baggage we’ve carried to get to a more clear perception of what it’s really all about here. We can trust our dreams, the signs around us and our intuition in a way that was not possible before, they will guide us.

“I feel overwhelmed, lost, my sleep patterns are out of whack, there’s this pain inside my heart I can’t describe, I’m not sure about where I fit in this particular reality I’ve created around myself, tears overtake me at the strangest moments,” If you find you are thinking/feeling these things, again, this is at work on you to help you purge, release, a Karmically rebalance, healing wounds you may have carried for lifetimes within yourself, in connection with those close to you or within the collective you incarnate with each time. Of course, if you feel you can’t make heads or tails of it alone and are feeling in peril in any way you must reach out for help but for those who are just processing this in a safe way, know you are on the right track and stop trying to figure everything out, this is about Faith and trusting the process.

At the 4 corners of this Grand Cross, we have differing energies at work. They all want what they want and they are all willing to move towards what they want, pushing you to do the same this month or to do what it takes in reaction to it.

1)In the first corner is the Sun, Moon and Uranus in Aries and at the New Moon head of the class. They are pushing for fresh starts, taking things to the next level, making sudden changes, breaking out of ruts, freeing oneself from stagnation, DOING something about one’s own personal needs, one’s body, image, identity, butting heads in ego clashes, fighting the good fight, turning on the passion and going for the one you want, pushing ahead in ways that affect one’s identity, name, title, or brand. This is highly charged, unpredictable, surprising, shocking, or exciting energy that will be fired up and raring to go. It wants an AWAKENING from you.

2) In the second corner is Jupiter picking up steam as he gets further into his Direct motion in Cancer. He is giving us all a chance to open things up at home, through moves, renovations, roommates, real estate deals, family, parents, land, country, history, or our own security needs. He is pushing us to look at what we can do about our beliefs here to make ourselves happier or more prosperous. He is offering us channels to expand in these areas through legal steps, travel, foreign interests, educational pursuits, marketing ideas, media, political channels, religion, or weddings. Jupiter is aligned positively with the Neptune/Chiron energy again reminding us that our sacrifices and wounds are somehow meaning something now and that we can find healing by keeping the faith and trusting our inner voice about direction. This is about GROWTH.

3) In the third corner is Retrograde Mars in Libra. He is backing towards the 13th degree while the other planets are moving forward towards that degree where they all converge between April 20-23rd. He is going back to take care of something, something that requires action, passion or a fighting spirit, something that involves a specialist, opponent, partner, agent, attorney, client, advocate, or other key person, something that requires balance, justice or a higher esthetic. He is pushed hard now to make this happen and may appear as your own aggressiveness in motivating that other person or in that other persons aggressiveness in doing what they will right now. Mars has an ally in Venus, he just came from some private or secret meeting with her, they are aligned, she is supporting him through love or money. There will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 15th in Libra bringing an ending or achievement around this other person and what is going on with them. This is about taking ACTION.

4) In the fourth corner is Pluto in Capricorn. This is the powers that be, this is the heavy hitter, the bank, the corporation, the government, the leaders, the boss, the parent, the judge, the direction of your career, the direction of your life, and it is deeply tied to powerful changes that are going on around financially shared interests; our loans, debts, inheritance, taxes, insurance, investments, commissions, alimony, or other financial resources. It is also around death, birth, divorce, reproductive matters, purging, power, control, triangles, manipulations, and sex. It is the thousand pound gorilla on your tulips. You have to face it and now, sometime between March 30th and April 23rd. You want to move in the areas that you can at the other points of this cross to help you work through the heavy hitter here. Note that Pluto will change his position on the matter or change things around in some way on the 14th as Pluto Retrogrades so you will have a shift in this part of the Cross, be prepared for it. This is about UPHEAVAL of the situation and REBIRTH from that deconstruction into a new paradigm.

As the month progresses and you deal with your issues, their issues, the powers that be issues, know you may find yourself stepping into different points of the Grand Cross and taking up roles respectively.

A) If you find yourself in the Aries sector, as Sun/Moon/Uranus, strive not to shock others, not to rebel in ways that harm, but to stand up for yourself in courageous ways and use your emotions to help others see what it is you need to feel like the real ‘you’ and to infuse some fresh air into the situation. Remember change is one of the scarier things for people. If you find someone is doing an about face with you and cutting ties or throwing something at you that you didn’t expect, instead of being confrontational, try to look at the inevitability of this moment in time and embrace that idea that New Moon energy is also doing its best to push you towards a better version of yourself and if this is part of it then you can choose what next step you take. If you find yourself in some sudden attraction with another or someone from your past has returned changing everything, note that this is more than just how you feel in relationship but about a catalyst to help you change your current situation and again, take the high road when taking the lead towards your desires. Be the awakener!

B) If you find yourself in the position of Jupiter and going overboard, over the top, bigger than big, generous, jolly, or standing on your soapbox, regarding home, family, parents, real estate, moves, history, country, or other grounded themes, know that you have the power to elevate and to make the big growth occurring come from a shared need for growth rather than letting the process do your talking for you: the law, the religion, the school, the foreign elements, the media/tv, the politicians, etc. This is about YOUR faith in being safe and the souls you call family, what changes in these areas now has the protection of Zeus which is not small thing, it is a blessing and is timed with the universal clock to carry us all forward on our journey, come from that faith. Be the growth and protection you want to see.

C) If you find yourself in the position of Retrograde Mars in Libra and are leaving a relationship or heading back to an old relationship, or you are angry or passionate about something in a relationship that you want to go back over and do something about, and remember this can be a personal or business relationship, again, know that Mars has the ability to fight the good fight or express ardor without being the bully, war monger or rapist. You don’t have to tear that other person up to find a victory at this time, if you need to be that specialist, client, partner, agent, attorney, advocate, competitor, or other significant person in the balance that is heading back to someone or something, be a valiant warrior, fight with honor, be chivalrous with passions. Mars will go back over this ground up ahead, do not scorch it behind you. Again, note that on the 15th there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse bringing closure, endings, a climax, achievement, something ‘eclipsed’ out, or a celebration in Libra and therefore, around these key relationships or the balance or justice in the situation. Be that courageous catalyst.

If you find that you are in the position of Pluto in Capricorn with someone else during this month, know this is true; you have a choice of whether or not you want to come smashing in like a power hog, controlling or manipulating because you hold the purse strings, the power in sex or divorce, represent some corporation, government, or leadership role, or know the secrets that can affect the outcome for others, or if you want to take the highest form of Pluto in Capricorn and look for ways to transform goals and shared interests by taking the lead and working within third party situations for the good of all. All things come back around, do your part if you find yourself here at some point to remain the Pluto that released Persephone back to her mother for half the year rather than the Pluto who kidnapped her and drug her down into the underworld for the other half. Again, note, Pluto will move on things one way between March 30th and April 14th and then he will Retrograde on the 14th and either change his position on the matter or go back for some kind of do-over between now and the 23rd.

If you have a Birthday that falls in the first week of a month you will be going through the biggest changes. The Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, will have the most intense of these either needing to take the lead in making changes or facing them, the fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, will find they have some adjustments to make and some opportunities linked to the changes, the mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will as well need to make adjustments and find some opportunities in the mix. If you know your chart and have any planets at 13 degrees, especially of the Cardinal signs, know that what they represent will undergo changes as well.

Finally, on the Cross and changes, it is unlikely that you don’t already know what this is about in your life, you would have to be comatose not to have noticed how the fabric is changing. I have illustrated how changes may challenge you, I also want you to know this, a Grand Cross is the single most effective tool for change and movement the cosmos ever gives us and this is one of the biggest ones we’ve had so you can dive headlong into going for that big thing you need and doing all you can to climb on top of this massive wave and ride it if you are so inclined. It can take you further in shore than at any other time. Some things will be wiped away, some absorbed back out to sea, some will gather steam along with you as you reach your destination or take it to the next level, the potential is awesome if you are consciously aware of where you are in the process and have goals firmly in mind.


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