February is when we begin to see some of our personal planetary energy move into more mystical territory and it becomes a very good time to get in tune with your magical side, to listen to your intuition, be mindful of signs from the universe, pay attention to your dreams, and visualize. If you have been wanting to get more aligned with this way of conscious living or take it to the next level, make a concerted effort this month.

It’s important as you enter this month to ask yourself what dream you really hold for your year ahead. There will be energy behind what you are concentrating on this month to get you there so visualize what you wish to manifest. Personal independence and originality are key.

We start February with both Mars and Venus changing signs on the 1st. Mars is our motivating energy and he is diving into this mystical Pisces today. This means that our actions, passions and anger will be more Karmically linked, unconscious drives will take over, and we will be doing a lot of our activities in secret or behind the scenes. This is good for the arts, spiritual interests, hospitals, dealing with addictions, research, retreat, development, and hidden romantic desires.

Venus enters Aquarius today so she is going to be more extroverted while Mars is going introverted, interesting! Venus here is going to want more detachment or anonymity. She is all about her friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, and socializing at events or parties during the next weeks. She wants freedom, independence and to try new things. Since Venus rules our love and income in life, you can expect these affects to be more noticeable here.

Mars will meet up with Neptune on the 4th. This combination can spur you into action on something that is either completely inspired and romantic, artistic or spiritual, or it can push you into doing something that you do not at all see clearly, that may be deceptive, disillusioning or confusing. Be conscious of this today when choosing what to do. At all costs avoid too much partaking of alcohol or substances since the lines will definitely be blurred.

On the 5th Mercury joins in the mystical Piscean waters and turns our thoughts and ideas to these subjects. This is a great period for writers and brings the muse down close to earth. It may bring agreements or sales associated with film, music, art, spiritual interests, psychic abilities, magic, hospitals, dealing with addictions, clandestine romance, research, investigations, or retreat over the weeks ahead. On the 6th Mercury takes his turn meeting with Neptune and what you put in motion on the 4th now gets an answer or more information. Again, since Neptune clouds things as well as inspires, it is great for writing but not the best day to sign a contract if you can wait a day or more.

Our NEW MOON this month is in Aquarius on the 10th. This opens up your best 2 week window of the year to start new social activities, meet new friends, start new projects with friends, join or form groups, get internet projects started, get into astrology, charities, or pursue your aspirations. The CHINEESE NEW YEAR of the BLACK SNAKE begins now. They say the snake correlates to the sign of Virgo in western astrology so with that in mind you should be entering a year that is going to reward attention to detail, work and efforts, cleaning out and organizing, attention to health, and regard for the environment and animals. Mars will contact Jupiter today to push for something big.

The Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th and our ego drive and life vitality is now moving into that mystical plane. Think about pulling back a bit or working behind the scenes, developing projects, putting yourself into more spiritual activities, painting, picking up an instrument, writing poetry, meditating, getting into yoga, starring in a film or making one, tuning into your center, going to the hospital for anything that needs attention, facing your addictions, and taking the lead in your life through these topics.

Saturn Retrogrades today as well. This is the planet of tests, limits, responsibilities, structure, depression, ambition, leadership, mastery, and direction in life. His Retrograde cycle will either give us a breather in financial realms, our sex life or divorce issues or take us back into the past to finish things up, reconnect or release. You have until the first week of July to wrap it up or tweak it!

Mercury Retrogrades in Pisces on the 23rd and will be in his backwards motion until Saint Patty’s day, March 17th. Mercury is going to slow things down, mix up communications, and bring any transportation issue to your attention. Mercury is also going to offer you the opportunity to rethink, rewrite, revisit, release, and reconnect over any clandestine romance, addiction, secret, hospital matter, film, music, art, spiritual interest, research, investigation, or development you need to tweak.

The FULL MOON in Virgo arrives on the 25th. This brings a work project or job to an end or brings some celebrations, achievement or recognition here. Health will peak in some way at this time as you reach goals, end issues or habits, and mark where you are with your body. Anything going on with pets, animals or the environmental interests you have will crest now too; celebrations, endings or achievements. Venus moves into Pisces today, the last of the personal planets to enter the territory this month and here she sheds her detachment and independent ways a bit and gets more dreamy, instinctive, secretive, artistic, spiritual, and romantic. Venus rules love and income so expect to express love in these ways now and to make money through themes that are associated here.




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