Happy New Year! We enter 2013 with lots of strong energy in the Capricorn part of our charts so our potential is out there and within reach, our ambitions are heightened and goals are motivating our efforts. You may garner some attention, connect with someone in a position to aid you in your aims or move ahead on the career in some new way.

We get serious about this on Sunday the 6th when Mercury comes together with Saturn forming an opportunity to commit, structure things, set limits, or shine those ambitions. Look for meetings, news, talks, agreements, sales, proposals, short trips, or local activities to play out around third parties, shared financial interests, sexual attractions or needs, divorce, power plays, or deeper understanding when it comes to the situation at hand.

Monday the 7th will put actions into play where aspirations are concerned or with friends, groups, the internet, causes, charities, astrology, or events. Some or all of this is going to push buttons around that limit or commitment in your sex life, with the divorce or the financial interest.

Venus moves into Capricorn on the 8th helping to smooth things out that you are trying to achieve. This bodes well for efforts with authority figures, career, ambitions, reputation, fame, and goals. Your love energy will now be expressing itself through a more ambitious and status conscious field so you may go for someone older or more established or find love will in pursuit of career needs. This transit can cool down feelings a bit since it is associated with more serious intentions so some of you may opt for burning the midnight oil until this passes. Others will face commitment or endings issues during this phase depending on where you are in the relationship.

Friday the 11th brings the NEW MOON in Capricorn and your best 2 week window of the year to launch new career goals, deal with those in charge, launch a business, get your name out there, or pursue new ambitions.

Saturday the 19th will tip the scales of the zodiac from so much serious Capricorn energy to the quirky, brilliant, revolutionary, sometimes shocking, and always original Aquarius. Mercury moves here first followed closely by the Sun. This means in the weeks ahead thoughts will turn to aspirations, inventions, original works and ideas, causes, missions, revolution, change, socializing, friends, groups, events, the internet, astrology, and charities. This is where more talks, meetings, agreements, sales, short trips, and your own personal face or presence on the matter will play out.

The FULL MOON on the 26th brings a peak around creative ventures, recreational activities, true love, and children. This is a time of high points when achievements here are recognized, celebrations commence and endings are marked.

Jupiter goes Direct on the 30th which is great news for everyone as we are finally able to begin new growth prospects in our most cherished ideas and big decisions. It’s going to put us out there with agreements, writing, sales, proposals, auditions, interviews, talks, meetings, short trips, local activities, brothers, sisters, neighbors, vehicles, and electronics in ways that are about our happiness, expansion and prosperity. This period runs from today through June 25th and then Jupiter will not return to this sign for another 12 years. Make it count. The only sobering energy tied to this arrives today with a Sun/Saturn square. This means you must get serious about commitments, endings, limits, or ambitions. The aspiration or social medium you are involved with is going to be up against the financial picture, divorce, death, birth, third party interest, or sexual interest. Take responsibility and get real about what is going on.



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