This last year has been so powerfully epic for many of us, huge changes continue to rock our world as we move ever along our journey, evolving, building from the proverbial ashes, rising as the Phoenix, learning more about ourselves during this intense period of our lives than we have in a long span before.

The growth and opportunity that has been expanding our world or pushing us to expand our horizons ourselves has come from Jupiter as he has toured Gemini.  Here he has done his best to open our minds, to get us to reconnect with our belief system by being put in situations where seeing two sides of the issue were key to reaching this clarity.  He has helped us find luck or expansion through our ideas, writing, agreements, sales, decisions, talks, meetings, and what has transpired with brothers, sisters, neighbors, short trips, vehicles, electronics, and local activities.

He will give you 25 days of June to do what it is you would like to see grow over the next 12 years in these areas before taking his growth and protection into Cancer for a year.  This means you should be a bit adventurous, open up, share ideas, make choices, and follow your thoughts regarding higher education, legal matters, media, publishing, marketing, weddings, travel, foreign interests, politics, or religion by invoking something here before we reach the 26th.

The Month starts out with Venus moving into Cancer on the 2nd, smoothing the way ahead for the other greater benefic to follow on the 25th.  From this day you should begin to see things smooth out a bit at home, with parents, family, roommates, renovations, moves, real estate deals, and security needs.  Venus here may bring love blossoming around these people and places, help you attract more income here or aid in an easy acquisition.  It’s a GREAT month for beautifying your surroundings.

It’s important to note the 6th as it is one of the Eclipse Trigger Dates from last month’s New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus.  If there was to be another page to the story it will likely come up today.  Remember this was about your fresh starts in areas of self-worth, possessions, income, acquisitions, and feeling valued, with an eye on eclipsing something out that could be holding you back here.

Neptune, the Lord of the Sea, your Karma, hidden agendas and enemies, self-sabotaging tendencies, addictions, and ruler of film, music, art, spiritual interests, magic, psychic abilities, clandestine romance, hospitals, prisons, retreats, investigations, research, and development, Retrogrades on the 7th.  He will remain in backtracking mode until November 13th.  This is your cue to work on imaginative work you already have in mind or in motion, to rework old projects in film, music or the arts, to revisit past hospital matters, investigations or research, to tune back into any psychic interests or magic, look at the clandestine romance you are involved in or issues that surround this epic in your life, and to spend from now until then on the reality of what you wish to do about any of it.  If you feel something shifting in the days surrounding June 7th relating to one of these topics you know that the time period to readjust and come back on a new level will be November 13th.

June 8th is the NEW MOON in Gemini.  I can’t tell you HOW IMPORTANT the next 2 weeks are for you in these areas of life.  Why?  Because not only is this your one major doorway this year to new opportunities, fresh starts, new approaches, and next levels when it comes to writing, agreements, sales, meetings, talks, speaking roles, short trips, local activities, moves, ideas, flirtations, dual situations, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, and decisions, BUT it is your last once a year fresh start in these areas for the next 12 years while Jupiter is in attendance.  SO LAUNCH NOW.  Jupiter wants to help you expand, will continue on with you to grow over the next decade plus if you seed it under his tutelage, and he rules luck, protection, happiness, and prosperity, so yeah, I’ve beat that topic over the head but hopefully you get it…it’s time.

Both Mars and Mercury are in weird aspects on this New Moon day so you may have to really prove it, want it, make it happen, or work through something in the way before the real action starts.  Mars is geared up with Saturn in adjustments meaning you will need to take or deal with action regarding all of this and the big financial picture, divorce, death, sex life, reproductive need, or third party situation.  Mercury is shaking it up with Uranus so some news or information is going to rock things in ways you weren’t expecting.  So you are armed with the info ahead of time, reflect, react and keep moving the best you can towards your desires.

As many of you know, Chiron, the wounded healer, has been traveling with Neptune through Pisces, influencing each other through the most mystical, Karmic time many of us will ever know.  He too will Retrograde this month, turning in the celestial sky on the 16th where he will continue to backtrack through November 19th.  The wounds and healing are up for review, you will be going back over old territory here to release.  It is also your cue to go back and take up your personal guru energy to aid others in similar situations that you understand from your own experience to help them.  You may note something comes up around this date of June 16th that will let you know what it is you should be work on during this period.

The 19th is bound to be an important day as the life-giving Sun comes to sit with Jupiter in Gemini, the very last conjunction they make together for 12 years.  It’s a day to physically step into the growth or adventure, or to see your identity, image, brand, ego, body, or personal goals hit some fresh new direction, as your mind aligns with what this will mean for you in the coming chapter.  Take charge, let your faith or beliefs guide you, ask for it, receive the information coming, know in all of this you are under Divine Guidance.

Mars and Chiron will square today so the wound will be opened or the healing will begin, there is something pushing you or someone close to you now.  This may be a day when those ready to cross over take their leave.  Jupiter is the great protective energy of Faith and expansion and with Chiron in the mix there may be a great timing to it.  It may also be when you give yourself the last push to do something about healing or helping others.

The Summer Solstice arrives on the 21st and with it a new emphasis on home, real estate, family, roommates, parents, renovations, moves, and security needs.  For the next 30 days the Sun will travel through this energy field putting a spotlight on you and asking that you step up, take the lead and get more involved.

There is a second Eclipse Trigger date in June, this one for last month’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and it arrives on the 22nd.  You may have another part of the story peak today in some way and it would be focused on Sagittarius themes so any legal, travel, media, marketing, publishing, educational, religious, wedding, or political interests may hit their stride today.  This one is about achieving goals and celebrating or marking endings in these arenas.

The FULL MOON on the 23rd is in Capricorn and will bring a big high point or ending around a goal you have been working on, your career status, reputation, ambitions, a boss, parent, judge, or other authority figure, or your own achievements.  This Full Moon activates relationships with others as you are either celebrating these peak experiences or marking your endings.  There is opportunity in what crests today to bring some Karmic balance and Fated events, work towards what you would like to see manifest during the month so you are able to feel the optimum results.  If you are seeing something end that is challenging in some way know that there is much support from other people and opportunity to enter into the next Karmic cycle.

Jupiter enters the sign of Cancer on the 25th!  Jupiter was last in this sign between  July 12, 2001 and August 1, 2002.   Cancer rules our home, land, security, family, real estate, country, roommates, parents, renovations, nurturing, and emotions.  And yes, back then we had the attack on the towers and the seeds for homeland security based on Jupiter topics of religious intent, politics, foreign issues/people, the legal system, media, and something BIG.  There were and are many positive things that can be done during this transit, you can think big when it comes to a move, purchasing or selling a home, you could exit one space and move into one much larger or have someone move out giving you the feeling of more space.  You could start to teach what you know from home or take classes there, learn real estate and this could open up your world in some new way, or you could broadcast from your home, publish work about family, parenting, food, real estate, interior design, your early days, a move, roommate, country, or security.  You could just find more enjoyment and happiness at home or with family this year ahead.  You could decide to move to a foreign land or take in a foreign exchange student, get a new look in the home that is inspired from Tuscany or the French Riviera, or start to speak a second language with your roommates.  Legal documents are usually favorable regarding property and family during this period but of course consult your attorney or financial planner first before moving ahead.  This year may see you hosting some big events in your home and there should be a feeling that things are going to work out.  Jupiter will travel through Cancer from June 25th, 2013 through July 16th, 2014.  It is likely that as the energy moves into this new placement you will have something come up for you that will give you a clue as to what this transit will be about, look for it over the coming weeks.

Mercury Retrogrades on the very next day, taking us back into past issues or opportunities tied to home, family, roommates, moves, real estate, renovations, parents, nurturing, or security from June 26th through July 20th.  This means you will be getting your do-over or given some space now to finesse anything tied to these topics, to rethink what you want, rewrite proposals or agreements, go back to the negotiating table, release anything or anyone that needs releasing, reconnect with those opportunities that you still can grasp, and look at past sales, ideas or decisions here.  You may have a shift over an agreement or information that arrives now that takes what you were doing with property, family, or the rest and turns it about somewhat during this time frame.  There can be more misunderstandings, mechanical breakdowns, transportation issues, and changes of mind as well, so note what you are thinking and hearing and process it during this phase before choosing your path in late July.  It’s a time to let things evolve and to realign yourself over these topics so don’t rush something if you can just allow.

The last shift in June comes on the 27th as Venus moves into Leo.  This will begin a period when true love, children, creativity, recreation, and self-expression will flow more easily, you will find you are attracting the love or earning in creative ways during this time.  Women may be more beneficial to your interests in these areas as well.  Venus will remain here until July 22nd so enjoy!

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