Gabriel Blows his horn. Welcome to March 2013! The archangel Gabriel, known astrologically as Fomalhaut, one of the four watchtowers, in this case the watcher of the South, and the healing angelic energetic on high, is going to sound his position this month in an ongoing trigger that began last year at the end of February for a brief time when Neptune moved onto but not totally to the end of Gabriels degree for the first time in over 160 years before Retrograding off. The degree was then retriggered this year by the passage of Mercury and Mars over the degree on Feb 6-7 followed by the Moon bringing it into the public scope when passing over it on Feb 11.

On the global stage we see Pope Benedict aligning with the movements of the Heavens when according to a senior communications officer at the Vatican “Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to step down from his office was made soon after his trip to Mexico and Cuba in March 2012″~ (quoted from the Catholic News Agency), just days after the first trigger last year. This then led to his behind the scenes actions and decisions of Feb 6-7 and the public statement on Feb 11th to step down.

The following transits were the Sun with Gabriel on Feb 22nd putting the Pope physically into the mix, his presence made known as the sound is heard, followed by Venus coming to Gabriel on Feb 28-March 1st. These mark the final day of office for the Pope and the first day without a sitting Pope. What ALL OF THIS HAS BEEN LEADING TO is the first sentence above: Gabriel blows his horn. This comes on March 21-22 when Neptune, the ruler of Gabriel’s sign and placement, moves to sit with Gabriel for the first time in over 160 years and the first time ever at the end of one precession and the beginning of another that lasts approximately 26,000 years. It is a momentous time. So last year, as it brought the decision into the Popes mind Neptune made it to 3.09 degrees before Retrograding and giving the grace period. Gabriel/Fomalhaut sits at 3.52 degrees which will finally be reached on March 21-22nd. Note that Neptune moves upon the 3rd degree on Feb 26, will cross the 3.9 point on March 1st/2nd and after triggering the exact degree of 3.52 on March 21/22 will move completely off of Gabriel/Fomalhaut by March 25th.

So, it may be that more is revealed or that our new Pope is given on these other days. It is important to note what transpires on a Global scale because it is a larger than life version of what is going on in your own life on some level. So, how does this affect you on a personal level, in your daily life? What old belief are you letting go of or who in your life held such a position that is now being abdicated? How are your beliefs evolving because of this huge and somewhat unbelievable change? Note the dates yet to come as key in the process and look back at the ones already passed to see how this aligns with a major shift in consciousness and faith for you in your life. Is there a need to stop relying so much on external authorities for your connection to the higher power and can you see a way to connect through trusting in your own divine nature and ability to lead your life forward on an enlightened path? Have you heard the sound on some level and are you being called to something higher in your life? Give it some thought as this momentous month begins.

The NEW MOON in March arrives on the 11th in the sign of Pisces where all of this energy is transpiring so this marks your powerful 2 week window to start fresh and launch new ideas, projects, relationships, and objectives. Look to film, music, art, spiritual interests, psychic or magic interests, meditation, yoga, romance, research, investigations, dealings with hospitals and other institutions, releasing addictions or bad habits, rebooting behind the scenes, rest, retreat, and development as key areas that will get you moving in new directions, inspire your imagination and help you to move ahead. Since Mercury is Retrograde until the 17th if you launch fresh things between the 11-17th then part of the past is involved, if you want completely new beginnings/situations, then start on the 18th forward.

Mars moves into Aries, his favorite place to be, on the 12th. This is going to bring fire back to the situations at hand and get you amped up to stop thinking about things and start doing them. Here actions are quicker, things move at a brisker pace and passion or anger will escalate in like fashion. You exit the fog and light up in the body.
Mercury ends his Retrograde on Saint Patrick’s Day, the 17th. This day will be pivotal for any shifts in direction or change of mind. It is now time to take what you have worked on tweaking and reworking over the last 3 and a half weeks and move ahead on it. Some people, situations and ideas will be let go of now while the ones you revisited that held merit and could be revised or things were hashed out, you may choose to take with you into the new paradigm. You now have the green light to sign documents, purchase new electronics or vehicles and say yes to new people or offers.

The Sun moves into Aries on the 20th marking the Spring Equinox. This begins a rebirthing season, the best time to start looking at your body and image, caring for your health and putting attention to your brand or identity. This marks a shift from deep, Karmic sleep and incubation to wide awake and ready to move out into the world on some new ideas and energy. It’s an exciting shift that should get you moving and feeling more alive.

Venus follows the Sun into Aries on the 21st followed by Mars meeting Uranus here on the 22nd. This means these 2 days will stand out when it comes to your personal needs about love, money, passion, action, and change. It is going to be highly charged with electrical energy that is meant to wind you up and get you motivated to make things happen. Again your body, brand, image, or identity may be affected and you will be personally or physically involved. From this day onward the love nature becomes much more ardent and when well received will be very passionate, when rebuffed very angry.

The 23-25th will bring some major adjustments and these are going to be financial focused on a loan, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, taxes, insurance policies, settlements, alimony, child support, commissions, investments, royalties, a partner’s money, or they will be focused on intimacy, your sex life, reproductive needs, or divorce. Look at the serious side of these themes and any limits, losses, ambitions, commitments, endings, structures, or responsibilities in the mix. Do what you can to adapt, bend a bit and work things through.

The 26th may be an active day for many as Mars gets busy with Jupiter and Pluto. This will put you into things on a more passionate, angry or motivated way over news you hear, offers, writing, agreements, sales, decisions, and the authority figures you deal with, goals, career, finances, divorce, or sex life.

Chiron is going to be active the 27th – 29th and he is making his presence known through the Piscean field. Chiron will wound here or help bring healing, possibly both. This means that your film, music, art, spiritual needs, clandestine romance, hospital or prison interest, addiction, research, investigation, or behind the scenes focus on something/someone will be spotlighted. This is a Karmic field so take news you hear or ideas you come to, talks you have or information in general today as part of something you are meant to step up to and balance, listen to the inner voice for guidance and know that there may be great inspiration stemming from what comes.

The FULL MOON on the 27th brings a peak period around key relationships. This will be a time of great achievements or celebrations as well as the period where you may mark some significant endings involving romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, advocates, specialists, competitors, or opponents.



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