Why is there so much concern over the Moon events in the month of October? Because they are going to be much more active and dynamic than other Moon’s this past year. Is this something to fear? It is far better to approach October knowing that this is one of those month’s that life is all about, where everything gets stirred up into a commotion and you are moving forward on any stagnant matters rather than worrying that something will go in a direction you do not want to see. You have free will to act or react as you see fit and I will do my best to outline just what is likely to get tossed into the proverbial mixer so you know how to prepare as best you can.

The month begins with the NEW MOON in Libra and this is the starting gun shooting you out there into new directions. This is not your typical New Moon because it is going to not only activate the Uranus/Pluto square but form what is called a GRAND CROSS. This Grand Cross is where the action amps up big time and it plays out with the New Moon and Sun together in Libra on one corner of the Cross, Uranus opposite in the sign of Aries on another point of the Cross, Pluto squaring up in Capricorn on the third point of the Cross, and Jupiter in Cancer sitting the fourth point of the Cross. Grand Cross configurations want something to change, move forward, rev up, and with New Moon energy behind it we are in for some real call to action. Again, you may be reacting to something happening or steering the ship into new waters yourself. The New Moon will give you a full 2 weeks to make it happen or deal with what happens.
Let’s look at what this New Moon means for us as far as change and new beginnings. Libra is the sign of balance, justice, and our key relationships. So we are going to be heading out into new areas via what’s going on with marriage, romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, experts, clients, specialists, competitors, advocates, opponents, and the like. How would you like to find new balance with these people or how can you find balance in a certain area of life by connecting with some of these people for their help? Uranus in opposition says something is going to change and perhaps suddenly. This may be very exciting or it may bring a bit of a shock. In Aries it could involve the body, image, name, or personal goals. Pluto in square means a powerful evolution is occurring, again bringing change and it may involve financial matters, divorce, third party situations, sex, your goals, career, reputation, fame, a parent, boss, or personal ambition. Jupiter in square means that something big is pushing to add to the happenings and it will come through home matters, moves, renovations, family, a parent, roommate, real estate deals, property concerns, or your sense of security. Not only will these bodies be active but we need to look at the ruler of this New Moon, Venus. Venus will be in a square of her own from the transformational sign of Scorpio. From this position she will want change and play out around love or money tied to bigger financial resources, a divorce, death, birth, or the sex life. She will square Mars and Neptune so there may be fights, amped up action, passion, confusion, deception, or inspiration tied into this period and playing out over health matters, work, paperwork, or animals. You can use this square to help you motivate on these matters and come from an inspired perspective, working through any confusion but you need to be aware that all may not be as it seems and be cautious if you feel something is amiss. Get ready to embark on an intense journey starting now.
On the 5th Saturn will adjust to Uranus so something involving that financial need, a life or death scenario, a birth, divorce, your sexual attractions or issues, or third party scenarios will require some adjustment. Take a deep breath and think about solid, steady steps you can take to cement something.
Venus moves into the sign of Sagittarius on the 7th where she will spend the rest of the month helping you to smooth out legal matters, educational interests, wedding plans, media, marketing or publishing deals, travel plans, and beliefs. Here she will bring women that can benefit you through these means as well as opening up the love and income opportunities. She has 2 days where you may have to push harder or deal with a glitch here and they fall on the 10th and 16th. Both days will bring up any Karmic matters in the mix and focus on what is going on behind the scenes. If you need to meditate or connect with your spiritual practices, find time for romance or artistry, these days will test you a bit. There is also the possibility that a hospital need or addiction comes into play so if this sounds like something going on in your life then plan for a bit of leeway on these days.
Mars enters Virgo on the 15th where he is determined to light a fire underneath your health priorities and work life. Here he will give you a fighting spirit and help you motivate on doing what needs done to land a job, further your work life, get active with co-workers or people you hire, tackle your paperwork, start working out, get surgeries underway, see your doctor, hire the trainer, start the diet, you get the idea. Passions may erupt in these areas of life or you may find you are fending off more spats or feeling frustrated and pissy yourself, regardless, you will move forward. If you are dealing with animals or environmental interests Mars will drive these matters forward now as well. Days to watch for highly charged Mars energy are the 19th when you will be involved in something here with another person and the 31st when everything amps up and changes can occur.
The secondary intense change of the month after the New Moon energy comes on the 18th with a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aries. As you may know, Eclipses bring 3 times the punch as far as endings, climaxes, achievements, celebrations, and wrap-ups. This one is in the sign of the body, ego, personal goals, image, brand, name, identity, and activates a T-square with the Sun and Jupiter. So you can expect that you have worked through your fresh starts and are nearing a culminating point now that is all about you. That other person is in the mix and so is your feeling of home or family, what’s going on with real estate or moves, roommates or parents, security or history. You may look back to Sept 20th for clues as a trigger date that may have brought you some idea of what was wrapping up now. Eclipses may be start to come into being as soon as 5 days prior so you will start to feel this build-up and see events coming into play as soon as the 13th. It may be time to release something personal or physical that has been going on, allow the universe to do it’s job.
Mercury Retrogrades on the 21st and will remain in Retrograde motion through November 10th. This is a Retrograde in the sign of Scorpio and it moves from the 18th back to the 2nd degree of the sign during its phase. So you will be reworking or revisiting paperwork, agreements, writing, offers, sales, and decisions involving loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, settlements, investments, alimony, child support, commissions, a partner’s money, divorce, your sex life, reproductive needs, a death, birth, or third party situation. Let me be clear that this phase is not about scratching the surface. You need to dig deep, open up whatever is buried and work through issues, see if there is a reason to reconnect with someone, release matters, revise them, or reclaim them. Take the time as a gift to get it right, to make sure, before all of this moves forward in November again. Since Mercury Retrogrades bring mix-ups and miscommunications, breakdowns and snafus, double check everything. There is a triangle that is active, make certain you know and understand what the other people are doing. As always with a Retrograde period, if you can hold off on signing new agreements and instead work on fixing the old ones you are in a better position. The same goes for holding off on new electronic or mechanical purchases, instead focusing on old ones.
The Sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd where he will plop you down into this Retrograde agenda on a more personal or physical level and keep you busy there for the next 30 days. You will want to get more involved, show up, take the lead, and it may require your name on the dotted line or an identity matter coming to bear. It will be a more sexed up time or one where your personal power, finances or divorce will consume more of your energy.
The last major aspect of the month arrives on the 28th as Pluto and Chiron form an alliance. This will bring an opportunity for some major change to open up around any wound you have been feeling or are dealing with behind the scenes. Look for ways to reach out to parents, bosses, judges, and other authority figures, do what you can to transform deeper connections or ambitions, pursue career agendas or personal goals, and find healing on some level through film, music, art, meditation, magic, yoga, intuition, hospitals, research, retreat, rest, recuperation, and development.



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