Full Moon
28°11′ Aquarius
Aug 20, 2013
9:45PM EDT/ 6:45PM PDT

Struggling out of a cozy cocoon.

This is the middle of it. And we have to be aware of that. Context – this is a collective transformation. So we’re talking about a movement through something massive, difficult to alter.

And one of the things that makes it so slow is the tendency all of us have to self-reference. The story is ever coming back to the I and personal experience. It’s very hard to recognize ourselves as having chosen to assist in such a tremendously tensional passage.

So especially now, during the month of Leo in the Year 2013, when we are past 3 of the 7 exact Pluto/Uranus squares, when Saturn is in Scorpio, when Pluto and Jupiter make a T-square to Uranus in Aries…. You know the solar system is a projection of our experience, right?

And I just want to say that in America, this middle passage, this stretch of time that corresponds to hump day… what I pick up on is such a listlessness, a dullness. It’s so hard to keep making the leap when your fundamental cultural basis is so selfish. “Why am I needing to keep stretching my spirit, my life-envelope? It’s so easy to just go to the beach….”

Do not forget how this country was born. I suppose a person could analyze a profit motive in even those revolutionaries, but imagine – keep imagining – the tension it would take to actually throw your home, your livelihood, your very life on the line for this undefinable concept called freedom.

Because it is the case that this time is also about freedom, and the stretch for it. And what it comes down to really – it’s just so interesting how contrary this may seem to those who’ve become so comfortable in their New Age-y perfection of understanding – the freedom is ultimately in saying no.

The question is really whether or not we still want to live on planet Earth, or maybe it’s just better to live on planet Market? Planet Market seems really easier – smooth technology, homogenous persona of intelligent choicemakers, easily identifiable social stratigraphy and boundaries… those kinds of things that make the challenge more about what than why. And we’ve said yes to that for a very long time.

And where we are now, in the middle… it’s really hard to remember why we want to shed this very old skin. Hard to remember when what newness feels like is so raw. Hard to remember why we want to….

For me the choice is really between the existing, dominant and growing-in-power spiritually sterile culture and a way of being that is alive with birdsong and the stomping dusty feet of women gathered to feed each other renewal.

I am not a luddite, but I am aware of a kind of laziness that pervades our culture. We’d rather not sweat. What if a mosquito bites me? It’s keeping so many of us indoors.

How long has it been since you’ve had a blister – on your hand, from shoveling maybe; or on your foot, from walking?

There are so many little lids on, but in this country, it’s about comfort.

And we’re in the part of the passage where we can still decide not to go all the way. We can still say yes to that easy-yet-dead way.

And so we have to remember why we are willing to continue into this unfamiliar, uncomfortable territory.

We’ve been coming into bodies for long enough now that we have chosen to go beyond the simple love story, the Romeo and Juliet self-importance (tragic and histrionic). We’re wanting to give birth to a whole territory of freedom that is centered in a collective awareness.

Which you know if you think about it the collective energy is really kind of tragic and histrionic at this time anyway, what with the weather and the incorporation of spying and all that.

Yes, it is true that each moment is perfect and all we have to do is keep trusting that. But maybe they’re doing a better job of that in Egypt than we are here. I don’t actually know. But I admire people who are putting it all on the line. Way past worrying about credit scores, health care or retirement plans, you know? What we’re trying to say no to is the lid that those kinds of things put on us.

Personally, it’s just so hard to remember… “keep stretching the boundaries of belief. Remember, you chose to be here to open a new way. Remember, we are a species.”

And as Bruce Lipton puts it, “Nature is not concerned with the best human, nature is concerned with humanity.” So we’re giving birth to new selves focused on being part of that, rather than selves so caught in the I..

There is a force that would like to keep humanity and nature separate. I’m not sure why. I think it has to do with the concentration of wealth. And I think this force is very effective at making it seem so uncomfortable to recall the sacredness of the Earth. So effective at making cubicles and sweatshop clothing and perfect little markets seem so much better than sweat and blisters and dirty fingernails.

And so that’s where we are. In the middle. Between two extremes – there was Enron, and a whole cultural phenomenon that cradled that, and that insidiously festers in our midst today. Can you, will you, say no to that?

And there is a community garden near you where you can learn everything you could ever want to know about belief.

On August 20th, at 9:45 PM Eastern, the Moon is Full in the 29th degree of Aquarius. This is the degree of Neptune’s last direct station in Aquarius. If you want, read “A Luna Moth Emergent” from October of 2011, the last time I wrote about this degree. http://www.senseofvisionastrology.com/articlearchives.html

When you realize your belief creates your world, then you have some choices to make. Worldviews create worlds. Give birth to something really beautiful.

Humanity united with Earth. Birth the EarthHuman. Or, planet Market. You are choosing between these, every second.

From John Sandbach’s Pleiadian series of zodiac degree symbols, I share with you the 29th degree of Aquarius, where the Moon is Full… It is “A luna moth struggling out of a cocoon.”

I mean, it is a LUNA moth, not an iMoth….

Give it a homebirth, surrounded by sun-kissed garden-poets with calloused fingers singing like angels, hey?
Choose to feel it all. Do it for all who are yet to come.

And may rays of Moonlight hit you in the third eye!

With Love,


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Now is the time, and you are the one.

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