February 10, 2013
2:20 am EST / 11:20 pm PST (Feb 9th)
22° Aquarius

At 2:20 AM Eastern on February 10th, the Moon is New in the 22nd degree of Aquarius. This Moon opens the cycle in which Saturn will station retrograde for the next 5 months and so offers significant insight into the astrology of 2013.

Thematically speaking, the first 3 Lunar months of 2013 are asking us to value the work of evolving. In other words, while it would have been nice if on 12.21.12 we all became fluffy butterflies of radiant golden light, there have been some rather denser experiences since then. And so the impulse, the temptation, is to drop the ball, to resign ourselves to being encased in our karmas.

But everything we wanted to be true about 12.21 is still real, it’s just that the relationship with spirit is interactive and we’ve actually got to demonstrate some of our own perseverance here. There is work involved, and it has to do with continually opening and allowing what is to be, to be grateful for what is as a perfect opportunity, and to create an energy of welcoming so that more and more can flow through us.

The passage of time itself has to happen if we are going to get where we’re going – what are you holding onto? What that you “know” has become obsolete?

As I said at this time a year ago, “What’s the best thing about 2012? 2013. That’s because at last, we will actually know what 2012 has brought. Millions of people will start living their lives again instead of waiting around for some magic date to keep them from having to learn who they are.”


I invite you to copy and paste that link into your browser, to read that article, and to think about your year since then, and as well, where you want to be a year from now, the next time Saturn goes retrograde.

(For the statistically inclined, Saturn retrograded on 2/7/12 in the last degree of Libra. This year, its retrograde station is on 2/18/13 in the 12th degree of Scorpio. And next year, it stations Rx 3/1/14 in the 24th degree of Scorpio).

What I want to say about this year and about people “living their lives again” in relation to the New Moon of February, 2013 is this: how do we let evolution do us, instead of us “doing evolution?” Please allow me to explain.

A friend of mine said recently, “I’ve fired all my guides.” What an interesting concept! What if this whole thing has to do with a willingness to just be open to whatever is coming in and to not pretend to have any idea at all who is working with us or through us because knowing that kind of thing doesn’t matter at all? To me, 2012 expressed itself as an orgy of the desire to “know” what it was going to be like. To have names for the beings working with us, to have dates for the “transformation,” to know what the future looked like.

The 20th century, patriarchal impulse to empiricize that which is innately unknowable had its terminal expression during 2012. (I hope).

The desire to “know” is born in fear of the unknown. It is the antithesis of the “beginner mind.” The most negative expressions of the masculine spring from the fear of the unknown, the lashing out against the unknown.

Wolves and women, night time and the Moon – do you embrace these energies or do you attempt to control them? The future is yours to love if you so choose. But you can’t expect the past to define it for you.

It is time to go for a walk in the dark without a light, to remember what it means to feel your way. We don’t know where we’re going and attempting to light the way is a waste of time and energy when we can instead just walk in the dark. We’ve had enough “light” pollution!

We’ve come a long way since the Harmonic Convergence and we’ve got a long way to go. Why are you still holding onto all that late 20th Century stuff?

Fire your guides!

From the Fairchild series, the symbol for Aquarius 22, where this New Moon takes place, is “A whirlpool.”

May you enjoy the ride – it’s going to be intense as hell, just the way your soul wants it to be. You think your soul has any respect for your rational mind? Can you feel all those bits of “knowledge” peeling away as this year gets spinning faster and faster?

Yeee Haw!

With Love,


You are sensing these openings, into which love can be born. May you fill these with your blessing, for you are ready to do this.

Now is the time, and you are the one.

Jon Waldrup
Incarnational Astrologer
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