June 8, 2013
11:56 AM EDT/ 8:56 AM PDT
18° Gemini

I want to really say something about this New Moon. So please give me a few minutes to create some context for it.

The Moon last renewed herself on May 9th, at which time she and the Sun got together to produce an annular Solar eclipse. For sure, eclipses are events which we best pay attention to, as they’re always a combination of the Sun, the Moon, and her nodes.

It is a human tendency to focus on the spectacular, to make promises, to focus on what’s on the other side of a doorway rather than on what’s guarding that door. So most of the “metaphysical” writing I see on eclipses seems to have the flavor of spectacle. In short, I would say that a great majority of what I read talks about every eclipse as “the one” that is going to transform us all into beings of light, and free us forevermore from the shadow.

Of course, it’s not just eclipses that are forecast that way. For context, maybe you can remember, way back, like 6 months ago, the 12.21.12 event? As distant and vague as they may seem, I think it’s important to remember these things – your heart’s hopes, your mind’s expectations. Where are they now?

Maybe you can remember that in May of 2012, Venus eclipsed the Sun, and we had a Solar eclipse? Do you remember all that was said about those?

It is good to journal these kinds of things, to develop a record of what people say and see how they turn out.
As I said, any eclipse, whether Solar or Lunar, is a celestial combining of the Sun, the Moon, and her nodes. Our inner and outer selves in relationship to the destiny impulse (North Node), or our inner and outer selves and the tendency to flee from our destiny (South Node).

The big eclipse last May, and the one this year, were both on the South Node. FYI. Really good to keep track of that kind of thing, if you are destiny-bound.

For the record, Solar eclipses always happen on New Moons, and Lunar eclipses always happen on Full Moons. On a Lunar eclipse, the Sun is conjunct one of the nodes and the Moon is conjunct the other. On a Solar eclipse, both the Sun and Moon are conjunct the same node.

And pretty much, nobody really wants to talk about the South Node. It’s like a fog – the things we did in past lives that our souls would like to have learned from, and brought forward into this life in order to experience another chance to learn from. It’s very individual, and in my opinion, not to be avoided. When we spend time in South Node mode, it’s like we’re taking the time to get a really solid grasp on what’s NOT working. Which works, if you know what I mean. It’s not to be avoided, but rather recognized, acknowledged.

So here’s the context of the current state: most likely, you are in South Node mode. The May 9th Solar eclipse was on the South Node. Most likely, if you are willing to see it, you are giving your energy to the sort of things that, between lifetimes, you laugh about, shake your head, and try to figure out how to set things up for your next life so that you can work past them, into a more purely individuated state.

The way that I see it (and am experiencing it) is that mind is very strong right now, and heart is hidden. And it’s okay. We all agreed to spend time together this way, as we firm up our grasp of what is needed – sometimes you have to have a lot that you don’t need in order to get really clear about what you need.

And it’s funny to say that the heart is hidden right now, because in many ways what we’re experiencing is that everyone is “playing nice,” as best they can, in order to smooth over the really ragged edges of life on Earth in 2013. Like, we’re really trying hard to see what we want to see. And that’s a mental game.

At the heart level, the potential for full heart experience and expression is very strong. Saturn, Neptune and Venus are in a lovely water sign grand tine. Each position is radically transformational. But let me share some key phrases for each. These are excerpted from Ellias Lonsdale’s “Inside Planets.” The bolds are mine.

For Venus in Cancer: secret soul; sentiment saturation; hidden anguish.
For Saturn in Scorpio: intensive and drastic; inside the flames of destruction; burning up old karma; swept up in lesser patterns and seeing them through.
For Neptune in Pisces: radical revaluation of the direction the world was going in; official ideology never more deceptive and out of touch with the deeper core of human existence, dramatizing what the world would be like without it; total exile.

For the most part, in South Node mode, we are NOT letting ourselves feel the Mother’s struggle. It’s like we’re all teenagers right now, focusing on whatever we’re focusing on and not being able to Feel, let alone recognize, what we’re seeing. The radical weather, the worldwide war, the GMO invasion, etc… They show up at this time as data, for the most part.

So we’re allowing ourselves to be stretched along further towards some sort of breaking point. Very South Nodey, that.

But two things, really quickly: 1) We do this so we can recognize the results and outcomes of being so, well, ditzy. So we have more strength to do something about it when it becomes unbearable. And 2) The Moon is New on June 8th at 11:56 AM Eastern (8:56 AM Pacific). If you want, you can use that to renew your commitment to live in your heart, which means to feel. You can choose to reactivate your commitment to a destiny of energetic unity with all living beings, animal, vegetable, and mineral. To share with all things the struggle and glory of being mortal.

Or not. Maybe just have another busy summer, if you want. Life is short, after all, and there are many more to come.

In conclusion, I want to share with you, from John Sandbach’s Chandra series of Zodiac Degree symbols, the symbol for Gemini 19, where this New Moon occurs.

It is, “Strange creatures peeking out from behind trees.”

It’s easiest just to keep walking, honey. Ignore them, they’ll leave us alone.


May this Moon make them bold!

With Love,


“If you meet your destiny half way, it will meet you all the way.”
Ellias Lonsdale.

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