Full Moon
7° Libra
March 27, 2013
5:27 a.m. EDT/2:27 a.m. PDT

I think, therefore I am witnessed by all beings.

I conceive of myself as being part of the community of living beings on this planet. I am not a separate or distinct entity. My experience of life is a contribution to the expression of life on Earth.

Standing on my porch this morning, I hear the sounds of the birds, the wind in the trees, the creek out back and I know that in some way the thoughts flowing through my mind are a reflection of what all life forms are experiencing.

What I want to do is to contribute to the well-being of all those life forms. It seems to me that if I find a certain openness in my heart/mind/physical body, that what flows through me can improve the lot of life on Earth.

I do not conceive that this openness is some kind of continual expression of love, or that it requires a sacrificial path of asceticism, or that I have all the responsibility for it, or that I can do it “wrong.” I do think that if I allow my ardor, my passion, my anguish, my instincts, my follies to flow through me that I can be witnessed by God and by all life forms as a living being. And all these beings – whether spiritual or physical – accept me as I am. It is the experience of being recognized that we are all wanting.

I am getting better at recognizing when I separate myself from all-that-is, quicker at sensing when my actions are motivated by one of the 7 deadly sins or one of the 8 pashas (ropes of ignorance). Deception is feeling alone in my experience. Deception being the opposite of Conception.

Shiva dreams and dances and all matter changes. The point between coming into being and dissolving out of being is the one thing, though every form experiences it in its own way.

In my experience, there are many paths leading out of deception. I find myself drawn to some very ancient teachings which help me witness the experience of life as well as to live it. Among these, astrology has had an astonishing way of revealing the energy of (or you could say “the flavor of”) the experience of life. It has given me many gifts, among which perhaps the greatest is this sense that all of us living beings here on Earth are somehow witnessed by even more than just each other.

Attunement to the Moon’s cycle is without a doubt the most tangible way I know of to participate in the shared Earth experience. The journey each month from New Moon to New Moon is metaphorically a complete life-cycle, from birth to death and re-birth. Whenever I need to, I can check in to the Moon’s phase and get a sense of place-in-time which un-deceives me – through which I can re-conceive my experience of life and re-connect to the sense of what all life-forms are sharing at a given moment.

I feel that consciously working with the Moon’s cycle gives me the best chance I know of to experience wholeness. I somehow know that all life forms other than humanity have maintained an awareness of the Moon’s cycle. It is my sense that whatever it is that is known as “The Patriarchy” has striven to eliminate the human connection to the Moon, most critically among people of European descent. But it has not been long – maybe only a hundred years – since even the white-skinned two-legged ones among us were still connected to the Moon’s ebbing and flowing. Farmers and Mariners still are – it is only those of us who have been industrialized that have lost our feel for it. But we remember it, and ache for it.

I am saying all of this as some kind of counterpoint to the classical rendition of the sign of Aries, where the Sun is now. It is sort of like the “why” of what is considered Self is to learn through karmic contrast just what Other means.

When the Moon is Full is when we are most stretched between our “drive” (Sun) and “need” (Moon). It is the threshold between the waxing (experience) and the waning (perception) during each cycle.

When the Sun is in Aries it is Full in Libra. The drive towards self is stretched by the need for relationship.

That statement is simplistic at best and yet simple is good. I try to keep my interpretations fresh and try not to rely on keywords but as they say at The Onion, “stereotyping saves time.” So I will say the Aries Sun/Libra Full Moon is the time of year when our desire for autonomy is most challenged by our need for recognition.

And perhaps it is possible to sense that contrast, and in sensing it learn to give something meaningful to the experience that all life forms are having at this time.

It being a Full Moon, I suggest you gather within your circle to share what you’ve been doing since the New Moon.

From John Sandbach’s Chandra series of zodiac degree symbols, I give you Libra 7, where the Moon is Full on March 27th at 5:27 AM EDT. The symbol is: A group of old ladies gossiping excitedly.

Whether you are a gossiper or are being gossiped about, whether you feel seen or hidden, may you look around you and see all the different life-forms expressing this energy. In a noisy flock of birds, in an orchard of blossoming trees, in the burble of a rushing stream.

Perhaps you feel hidden within your species, yet you can give the gift of recognition to any life-form you choose. And in so doing, you open a connection to the field, within which you are a conglomeration of matter created by the death of stars.

And so I say to you,

Thank you for choosing to be born.

With Love,


“If you meet your destiny half way, it will meet you all the way.”
Ellias Lonsdale.

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