October 4th, 2013
8:34 PM EDT/ 5:34 PM PDT
12° Libra

The Act of Faith.

It seems sometimes that the prayers, the ceremonies, the efforts to live “in a good way” have no effect. A vision of a peaceful world of plenty for all becomes again a personal survival story, the pressures mounting, multiplying.

Somehow, this is “good?” The lesson-repetition factor is stronger than everything I have learned and all I have done?

Watch this though: these thoughts and feelings are characteristic of phase 27, during which this is written. And my desire is to “love myself for taking these journeys.” Just that…

In my writing for the Moon Temple Oracle, I said that the mantra of this phase, two days before the New, could be, “The ferryman knows what I’m ready for.”

“Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
If I shall die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take. Amen.”

The strength of faith in the moment of surrender. It may be that each lifetime is an expression of what we demonstrate in the moment of our previous death. That we set up each journey to provide us with just this or that incredibly nuanced experience of the opportunity for faith.

The past lives are a part of who we are, yes, but the last death is the crystallization which we seek to break through.

At 8:34 PM Eastern Time on the evening of Friday, October 4th, 2013, the Moon renews herself in conjunction with the Sun in the 12th degree of Libra.

And in writing that sentence, I find room to talk about degrees in general, and that degree in particular.

Now the tone changes. The following “degrees in general” section may be tedious to you if you don’t care about the technicalities of astrology, and I invite you to skip ahead to “Libra 12 in particular.”

In general:
I am a “degree astrologer.” Meaning, I look for meaning in the individual degrees at work in a person’s life. And I am that because my study of astrology led me that way. I discovered degree work in Dane Rudhyar’s “The Astrology of Personality,” first published in 1936, with its discussion of the Sabian series of zodiac degree symbols.

The experience of reading that was like an explosion and to trace the path from there in a linear sentence form would be tedious but maybe I can share some of where I am with it now as I seek to express my faith in this coming New Moon. As I seek to do what I can to evoke this ridiculously entangled moment in time and make an offering within its context.

The first thing you will learn, if you study degrees, is that degree astrologers always “round up” when talking about degrees. And I want to express that because astrologers who are not degree astrologers for some reason insist on erroneously identifying the degrees of New and Full Moons in their writings.

There are 30 degrees in each sign. There is no “zero-th” degree, but there is a 30th degree. The first degree of a sign is zero degrees and zeros minutes into that sign – it comes after 29 degrees and 59 minutes of the previous sign.

The last degree of a sign is the 30th degree, which runs from 29 degrees and 0 minutes to 29 degrees 59 minutes.

And the reason I say that is because, for instance, if you have a planet in the last degree of a sign, and you’ve had a “non-degree” astrologer talk to you about it, they would have called it the 29th degree. But if you looked up the 29th degree in, for instance, Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala,” you would have been reading the wrong degree. You want to look up the 30th.

And this is true for each of the 30 degrees of a sign. For instance:

This coming New Moon occurs in the 11 degrees and 56 minutes of the sign of Libra. And a majority of the astrologers who write about it will say that it is happening in the 11th degree of Libra. I guess because it seems to make them seem more technical or something. But they are going to be interpreting the New Moon in Libra, not the New Moon in a particular degree of Libra.

And I am writing about the 12th degree of the sign of Libra. The 2 most influential bodies in our solar system, the Sun and the Moon, are forming a conjunction there, creating a massive pull in the direction of that degree. Whenever I write about a New Moon I am writing about the degree in which the conjunction occurs.

Degree astrology, by the way, is very old – thousands of years. And this is not the place for that, but it is a really good place to say that there are myriad “sets” of zodiac degree symbols.

In 21st century Western astrology, I can recommend as very good reading everything about the Sabian symbols you can get your hands on, although Rudhyar and M.E. Jones are the most important.

With a good foundation in those – particularly a good foundation in how they came to be – you can then open yourself up to more “sets” of symbols.

So, symbols for Libra 12 in particular:
In the Sabian set, the symbol for this degree is: “Miners are surfacing from a deep coal mine.”

In the Fairchild set (by Alice Kashuba), the symbol is: “A man riding horseback through an autumn snow storm.”

In the Chandra set (by John Sandbach), it is: “The burning of a bough of sage.”

In the Omega set (by John Sandbach), it is: “A man gathering seeds from a white morning glory.”

In the Pleiadian set (Sandbach), it is: “Black butterflies emerging from a cave and becoming brilliantly colored as the enter the light.”

And in Sandbach’s Azoth series, the symbol is: “The Moon Goddess, leaving no footprints, walks across the Moon.”

It is the case that in opening this article, I described my understanding of this degree, which is very important in my life.

Why do we burn sage? To clear the air so we can surface, so we can emerge.

What is the man doing as he rides bareback through the autumn snow storm? He is letting the horse do its work. He is staying soft in his touch so she can. He is not falling off, though she might stumble or turn. It is faith in combination with a wisdom for feeling.

Why does a man gather morning glory seeds? To have this experience of faith, to take the journey.

The touch that the man on the horseback has with the horse, is it not somehow expressed in the image of the Moon Goddess?

And so on… how is your Libra 12 Moment?

It is the case that one can discover so much in degree work. Just looking at the degrees in your birth chart through this lens can be really helpful. Just remember to round up!

I hope you can find comfort in what I have written. Even though the most ridiculous expression of America that has ever been is under way at this moment, and even though it undoubtedly has a reflection in you, may you find the strength to burn some sage (or cedar, or copal, or something good like that).

Even if the only thing you know is that by doing so you are invoking some other thing, some other level.

Little actions like that, undertaken simply because it uses your energy in a way you can love, are what make the difference now.

May the Moon set you Free.

With Love,


And p.s. …. More reading:

Dana Gerhardt’s excellent New Moon article can be found at: http://www.astro.com/astrology/in_dg_newmoon_e.htm
The Fairchild Symbols, by Alice Kashuba, were published by Astroviews in 2003.
Marc Edmund Jones’ “The Sabian Symbols of Astrology,”
Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases.”
Ellias Lonsdale’s “Inside Degrees”
John Sandbach’s “Circular Temple Oracle” available on Kindle through Amazon.
And of course, for a real-time degree experience, please subscribe to “The Moon Temple Oracle” mobile or on the web at http://moontempleoracle.com

Or for a guided interpretation of your own chart(s), contact me. http://www.senseofvisionastrology.com/services.html

Now is the time, and you are the one.

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