March 11, 2013
3:51 PM EDT / 12:51 PM PDT
22° Pisces

May you re-state your commitment to being here.

On March 11th at 3:51 PM EDT, the Moon renews herself in the 22nd degree of Pisces. This is the last New Moon of the relatively placid period we’ve enjoyed since early December. There is a lot I want to say about it.

Last summer solstice, as I stood in front of the gathering to speak, I had a strong memory (or “knowing”) that I had been in that place, as the speaker for that moment, many times – on the Isle of Britain, the Great Plains…. That throughout history, I have been working to save the indigenous, “Pagan” ways of worshiping creation.

In writing this I pray that I honor that knowing, that I make known my love for that which has created this Earth in which we dwell.

So it is that I say that each New Moon sets the tone for all that happens during its waxing and waning.

In the old ways, in each New Moon we would seek to discern the nature of the cycle that is about to be born. And to influence that cycle with our prayers – the New Moon before an event is really the time to do that, you know. Whenever some important event is coming your way, it is on the New Moon before that event that you want to set your intentions, say your prayers, ask for assistance.

This New Moon gives birth to the Spring of 2013 (on March 20th at 7:02 AM EDT). What can we discern about the coming Spring from this Moon? And what do we wish to pray into this Spring?

Looking at the chart of this New Moon, it is striking how much energy is concentrated in the sign of Pisces. Neptune, Mercury, Chiron, Venus, the Sun, the Moon, and Mars, all in Pisces.

It’s obviously some sort of cosmic statement on how important it is to embrace the Piscean, to come to the essence of this sign. What is the essence of Pisces? It is to be flooded by sensation. So, let us pray that we serve the design of this moment by becoming: connected to each other through our sensations (Neptune); interested in our sensations (Mercury); in compassionate awareness of our woundings and our subsequent healing capacities (Chiron); in Love with the depth of our feelings (Venus); growing towards our capacity to heal others (Sun); unflinchingly IN our depth (the Moon); and learning the Warrior Way of being true to our feelings (Mars).

That’s what a stereotypical “astrological” interpretation for a New Moon with 7 planets in Pisces might look like. But that doesn’t begin to touch what I “know” to be true of this Moon. So let us go another way here. Drop in with me.

Our souls are in our bodies to experience the sensations of Life. The whole purpose of the body – which includes the heart and mind – is to sense what it means to be born and to live and to die. This is the real secret. And I say it well knowing the tendency each of us has to wish for the complexities of our divine nature or… yada yada. I mean, just ask yourself this: “What do I need a body for?” and then this: “If I didn’t need a body, why am I in one?” Because unless your soul is on a completely random journey, then it is in your body for a reason, and the only reason to be in a body is to experience what it gives you, and really all it gives you is the sensation of life.

If you are resistant to that statement, I’m sure you can find a complaint form to fill out somewhere. You know, “check this box if you think you came into your body so you could try to figure out how to get out of it,” or “check this box if your Divine Essence is not actually interested in the body experience,” or “check this box if you believe your soul is here to experience emotional monotony,” etc.

I’m not really sure who is the best one to give that form to. I know there are a lot of websites where you can post about your divinity and ascension and all that. Try

On the other hand, if you are like me and you embrace and rejoice in all the sensations of life that your body is allowing you to experience, then what an incredible Moon this is!

In my knowingness, I feel this Moon is asking me to make a ceremonial commitment to dwell unflinchingly in celebration and gratitude for all the sensations of my life throughout the cycles that follow. In many cultures, the Spring Equinox is the New Year, you know, so in many ways this is the Moon on which to pray for your year to come. The roots of the Easter rites are very deep.

And what a year it is going to be! It is without hesitation that I tell you that we are entering into about 7 months of historically intense energy. The amplitude of the energy swings is going to be excruciating. And about the only thing any of us will really have to hold on to is the awareness that we chose to be here for it. That we dwell in the sacred Earth because we have the chance to, that we are incredibly lucky to be here. This is the only place in the Universe where the great stories are born. Do you realize that? Romeo and Juliet are children of the Earth, and Antigone, and Harry Potter.

And we have such a tendency to create great stories here. Survival level crises that lead to great transformation. Perhaps, this time, we can learn another way. That is MY great hope – that we will not have to look into the abyss, that we have enough experience and wisdom to change course without going through a population bottleneck.

And so I say to you, on this New Moon, do you want to wait until the tree is dead to pray for it? Just because that’s the way we’ve always done it? In the deepest sense of Pisces, here is the opportunity to keep it alive.

The koan for this Moon is, “Do you remember how to pray?”

May the Moon show us the way.

With Love,


You are sensing these openings, into which love can be born. May you fill these with your blessing, for you are ready to do this.

Now is the time, and you are the one.

Jon Waldrup
Incarnational Astrologer
(208) 290-8578
Skype: fulfillmentdegree30