Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse
6° Scorpio
April 25, 2013
3:57pm EDT/12:57pm PDT

A bridge of swaying vines across a canyon

The Earth is our Mother, and she has loved us. Within her fertile hips are the lives and loves of every lover and hero, the greatest and the least, of all who have ever lived. She has wept in joy and in anguish with each of us who has ever been.

It is unquestionable that we are at the balance point now. Between love and hate, between community and corporation, between life and death. Though there have been crises aplenty, none has had the consequence of this time. We either choose love, or we choose death.

And the Earth rises to the occasion, smiling sweetly, adorning herself, so that we may recognize her gifts.
In choosing love, we may choose to fight – for Her, the Earth, who has loved us.

On Thursday the 25th of April, at 3:57 PM Eastern, the Moon is Full. The Sun will shine in the 6th degree of Taurus and the Moon will smile back from the 6th degree of Scorpio. It happens to be a partial Lunar eclipse.

To follow the Moon’s journey is to unite oneself with the Earth. The rhythms and cycles of the Mother are reflective of the waxing and waning of the Moon. The tides’ ebb and flow is evidence of her pulse. Each of us can decide to let an awareness of that cycle come into us, and in so doing, regain the original awareness of time. Time who births and destroys all form.

In my way of looking at things, Scorpio and Taurus are both expressions of feminine energy. Taurus is the energy of the maiden, while Scorpio is the energy of the crone. I know this is not traditionally the way to look at Scorpio, but…. I guess if you want to go deeper into it, start with Liz Greene’s “The Astrology of Fate” to get her interpretation of Pluto. I just think of Pluto as Kali.

The Earth herself is an expression of the full gamut of feminine energy. At this time of year, the maiden is laughing, and I hope she catches your eye.

Although there has been and will continue to be much death, I am convinced that there has been more laughter than sorrow. Especially if you consider the sheer number of orgasms that humanity has enjoyed, it seems certain to me that life is stronger than death, that love is greater than fear.

This Full Moon, I invite you to tune into the history of life on Earth. Not in an academic way, but in an energy-awareness way. See if you can feel the bones of Agamemnon, of Casanova, of Einstein. Of Helen, of Nell, of Eleanor Roosevelt. Can you find within yourself the exquisite, trembling loves that have been?

I am asking you, metaphysically, to decide that you want to contribute love to the balance, and to let it flow through you like the Sun through water.

We are in this tenuous place. I am not feeling much faith in technology to pull us through it. Rather, I am an advocate for a Renaissance of Love. And I think this Moon is an incredibly deep opportunity to discover within yourself a deeper, more real and grounded sense of Love than you have ever known.

Persephone is walking the Earth, and the birds tumble from the sky in their mating dances.
None of us is too young or too old to notice.

May the pain of your joy make you weep!

With Love,



“If you meet your destiny half way, it will meet you all the way.”
Ellias Lonsdale.

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