September 5th, 2013
7:36AM EDT/ 4:36AM PDT
14° Virgo

Against the primacy of the human experience.

We’re really in this transition zone, between personal and collective consciousness. And it’s difficult because, well, because it has to be. Our society itself, the very foundation of our beliefs and perceptions, is born in the capitalism of self-interest and the philosophy of perpetual growth. And we know we’ve got to change that.

237 years have passed since The Wealth of Nations was published, and those years have not convinced me that “enlightened self-interest” is at all compatible with the greater good.

A sustainable world, and by virtue of the necessary intentional self-sacrifice, a more beautiful world, can only arise as a consequence of actions based on collective, rather than self, interest.

The impetus to act in a non-selfish manner mostly seems to come from extreme conditions, conditions which are life-or-death. So the human race is creating a collective experience of life-or-death drama to facilitate the evolution of consciousness. We’re actually living through a period in history during which we’ll either come together as a species, as members of the biological community or we’ll likely perish. It’s life or death like that – evolve or else.

And we’re right in the middle of it, right now, at a tipping point. So there’s a lot of back-and-forth to it – it could go either way.

The personal experience of it is really intense. The amplitude is high. People are experiencing higher highs and lower lows, except those are not the words for it. More like an oscillation between the more beautiful community of life we know must arise and the breaking heart of the lonely world we are leaving.

The concept of dwelling in the body during this period is so foreign to most of us. Our society offers great incentive to escape, all these ways to live someone else’s life for a moment, all these ways to be numbed out. Alcohol is certainly at the top of the list, followed by TV, partisan politics, American professional sports, Santa Maria…. All the ways in which we occupy ourselves to avoid experiencing the effects of corporate-sponsored, global violence.

Because of where my writing gets published, I get to write to people who are generally more aware, educated, and open than the average bear. But even so, we have our ways, don’t we? Many of the people I’ve talked to in the last month are having this incredible oscillating-frequency experience.

An interesting side-effect of the proliferation of belief in 20th-century New Thought/Law of Attraction methodologies is the compounded response to emotions that are perceived as negative. People seem to think that there’s some kind of energy police who will punish their imperfect thoughts so that when a feeling of sadness or something like that comes in, in response they think they’re making a mistake that will create more sadness.

If I still thought of the human experience as causal, I would agree.

But there is a hubristic human-centricism at the root of that sort of thinking that I want to talk about.

We’ve spent a long time working with the concept that we are more godlike than other forms of life but I want to ask you to maybe reconsider that. We hurt and kill each other for a lot more reasons than other creatures do amongst themselves, that is true – but is that “godlike?”

Consider that individual human consciousness is not separate from collective human consciousness, that collective human consciousness is not separate from tree-dolphin-butterfly-consciousness. The energy matrix excludes no creature/source of emanation. It’s all there. So how are we closer to god?

We are more than ever aware of our energetic interrelationships with all living beings and yet we haven’t politicized that awareness yet. At the personal energetic level we experience the vibrational consequences of our wars and their associated environmental catastrophes, but we haven’t yet decided to change the system that requires that violence. So we live in a bath of unnecessary, unprecedented anguish, the offspring of the supposition that the personal experience of life is distinct and therefore separate from other experiences of life.

In other words, you are not separate from the lives of the creatures that are dying because of the American way of life. At your core, you are intrinsically sharing the experience of Tahrir Square, of Damascus, of the deforestation of the Amazon, and so on. Thank you. It will take many of us to stop so much that hurts.

The root of all this violence can be traced back to the Western philosophies of self that have given rise to our current forms of government. Capitalism itself is impossible without a notion of self as not just distinct but alone in a world in which all other entities are separate. And we have scientific evidence now that that’s not the case. There’s nothing discrete about physical violence because it becomes vibrational violence that affects every node in the field.

And you know since I’m going to put this online and thousands of people will read it, I guess I better state something here, which is that if you think the only non-capitalist option is socialism, or something like that, then you are really thinking of yourself and the time you live in very highly. Because thought itself evolves, so will political systems. I think it is extremely arrogant to think that we’re living in the best system there ever will be. And frankly, I hope we will be living in a much better one very soon.


Hubrisitic human-centricism be gone! Love all life forms as you wish to be loved!
In support of that, here’s a nice quote from Charles Eisentstein: “Every act that comes from the understanding of the interconnection of inner-being is a spiritual act and also a political act. By acting from a different story, we disrupt the psychic substructure of our mythology. And we offer an alternative.”

Maybe it’s a stretch for you to think that by experiencing sadness or pain, you are actually doing the universe a favor, but that is what I’m saying about this. What I’m talking about here is a thought form that has moved beyond the incredible isolation and ego-centricism of the mythology of the 20th century.

When you allow yourself to be an expression of what is happening around you, you are disrupting “the psychic substructure of our mythology.” When you allow yourself to feel, it becomes a political act. Things may be as they need to be, this may be part of the journey, but things are not actually ok. So why then should you be on some sort of sterile manifestational plane?

This is the dark zone of the transition – nobody is buying the old crap anymore, we just haven’t figured out what to do next. And all these beautiful people that I know are beating themselves up because they’re convinced that the way they feel is not manifestationaly correct. And I say to each of you, dwell there – be in your body! Don’t please go away. Allow it. Let it grow in you until it becomes a movement for change.

Until we allow ourselves to feel what the Earth is telling us, we shall remain separate from her – and therefore from each other. So each of you who is emotionally like a swallow right now, swooping, diving, soaring – I want to say to you Thank You. Thank you for being here. Please don’t go anywhere.

We live in an energy matrix. We are part of it. We are in relationship with it. May you be its most tender lover.

And so as is customary, I share with you, from John Sandbach’s Azoth series of zodiac degree symbols, Virgo 14, where the Sun and Moon are in conjunction at 7:36 AM Eastern Time on September 5th. It is “Someone writes a book of imaginary future history.”

May it be the history of when we learned again to venerate all the creatures of the Earth.

And may the Moon set you free!

With Love,


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Now is the time, and you are the one.

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