Valentine’s Day Full Moon
February 14th, 2014.
26 Leo 13
6:53pm EST, 3:53pm PST, 11:53pm GT

At 6:53 PM Eastern Time on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, the Moon is Full in the 27th Degree of Leo. From John Sandbach’s Pleiaidan set of zodiac degree symbols, the image for the Moon’s position at the moment of fullness is “Waking at dawn, a woman realizes her fever has broken.”

In some literalistic sense, this may seem quite different from what normally passes for a Valentine’s day sentiment, which might have something more to do with the woman’s fever intensifying.

Taken alone, that degree symbol is one of my favorites in the entire zodiac. More than most, it clearly communicates a moment of feeling that I think is easy for most of us to identify with.

I am quite convinced that learning to work with feelings is the whole point of inhabiting a human body – the whole thing is basically an antenna, etc. Learning to feel individuation (self-awareness), connection to another, and connection to the collective, in a very present sense (and probably in that order), is the whole point of taking on karma and being born.

So when you read that image, can you feel what it feels like to wake at dawn and realize your fever has broken? There is a wonderful stillness and joy in that, and I think it conveys at least an aspect of what it means to be whole for a moment. It is a beautiful internalization of the “Be mine” sentiment.

Before you can be someone’s, be your own.

In sessions with clients, we work towards what might be called a “personal sense” – what I would describe as a very clear realization of what it means to be you. Going towards that involves naming and invoking all the karmic (for lack of a better word) pieces that surround you, all the ways that voices not-your-own contribute to the noise of your personal environment. It’s really important to realize how unique your experience is, how the frequencies – the feelings – you are working with are exactly yours. So there’s this teaching process, in which what I’m doing is delivering tools that help you recognize these sensations. Sensation-recognition being the essence of individuation.

And I think the reason I like that Pleiadian symbol for Leo 27 so much is that nearly all of us can, if we take a moment, recognize the moment of sensation it’s describing. Feel it.

Contextually… as an antidote to the commercialization of romance, I love it. So clearly un-dependent, so not Vampire.

As a basis for change in 2014, it is quite good as well. “Fever” is a good metaphor for our relationship with the carbon economy, and I am so very hopeful that by the end of April of this year, many more of us will have awakened to realize they’re not suffering from that affliction anymore.

May this Valentine’s day find you deep in conversation, sharing your vision and your truth – that’s what Full Moons are for, love.

And may you find yourself surprisingly whole.

With Love,


“However odd things seem, mustn’t it be to exactly that extent of oddness that a life is one’s own, and no one else’s?”
William Gibson, Pattern Recognition

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