Astropocalypse part 2

New Moon March 1st, 2014.
3:00am EST 12:00 MN PST 8:00am GT

These articles have been more challenging to write lately. I keep starting out with these really big themes that defy any sort of “wrap-up” kind of statement. It’s been a lot of time spent trying to say what I really want to say and then a feeling of capitulation when I finally just go for something simpler.

A friend recently told me that reading them lately has felt like looking through different facets of the same diamond. And I suppose that makes sense. We’re in the midst of the Big Square. Everything is within that context. Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries.

It’s interesting to realize that in a little over a year, they will have gone past partile – it will be increasing away from 90 degrees. There are three partile squares left in this sequence. They happen on 4.21.14, 12.14.14, and 3.16.15. After that, they won’t be in aspect again until they trine each other in 2027 and 28, and not in hard aspect until they’re opposite each other again in 2046.

All of us have been working within the context of this energy. Squares are big in any chart, and when they’re between two such potent planets, they’re going to tend to dominate. So if it has been different facets of the same gem, that gem is what I’m trying to say about this square and the facets have to do with how the Moon and Sun move around in us.

I think I’ll try again to say what I need to say about all this:

1) Be here. There’s nowhere else your soul would rather be. All this noise about “enlightenment,” “ascension,” and extra dimensions is just as distracting and no less harmful than any other escapism. Your body is just as much part of the Earth as any other physical object. It is an antenna for the frequencies of this planet, and you chose to be here. We walk IN the Earth, not ON the Earth, don’t you know?

2) Everything is ending. It is the Astropocalypse. To say “structures are breaking down” or something like that just seems fake, because it separates us from the experience. All structures are breaking down, all hierarchies, all forms. That means the US government, the dollar, the concept of American Exceptionalism. The very fabric of life that you grew up within – all the beliefs about what life is about, they’re ending. We are being brought to a null point, so that we can reformulate the what and how of existence again. So be here. What is ending is your ability to tolerate the cognitive dissonance that has allowed you to function in this society.

3) When people talk about a “resurgence of the feminine” or something like that… yes, that is definitely happening. But it’s not about everyone becoming less logical and more intuitive or something like that. Nature is and has always been feminine. We have been very abusive of her, and her mode of rebalancing is to express her moods in ways that ridicule our masculine sense of control. Nature is coming. I’ve been saying it for awhile. That’s what this rebalancing is about – it’s not at all some nice choice that some nice white people make about how they’re going to try to be more intuitive. It’s about storms. And really, I hope that any woman who reads this feels empowered, right now and forever more, to be more stormy, chaotic, tempestuous, demanding. The resurgence of the feminine shall not be measured, controlled, understood.

4) When people talk about some kind of “unitive consciousness” or something like that… this idea that we’re evolving to some new frequency or dimension or however you want to put it – yes. It is the transition from the story of the self to the story of the people that Charles Eisenstein talks about. But what does it mean? Well it means the end of Capitalism, at the very least. “Enlightened self-interest” is a self-cancelling phrase.

It means valuing the lives of all creatures on this planet just as highly as your own. It means Ubuntu rather than any blaming system. It means the only victims there can be are ones that you realize you’ve injured, but that you can never be a victim yourself. Of anyone. Whatever happens, you are the one doing it. Climate change, oil wars, environmental catastrophe, racism…. Your life contributes to these, and you are being asked, nay, it is being demanded of you, that you figure out how to completely get out of the system that perpetuates this Earth-killing way of life now, today.


Maybe in 2017 we can go back to simple planet/sign/house stuff. For a little while, anyway. We really need to get a lot done before Saturn conjuncts Pluto in the mid-2020s.

Last New Moon, I included a calendar of the astrological events that would occur during the Moon cycle. Did you track your experience of those? This month is even bigger, taking us from the New Moon in Pisces to the New Moon in Aries. Every year, this is the month of zodiacal ending. The whole Easter symbolism, re-birth…. Well, ya gotta die to be reborn. So here we go. All times Pacific.

3/1/2014 0:00 New Moon Pisces 11
3/1/2014 8:24 Mars Rx Libra 28
3/2/2014 8:19 Saturn Rx Scorpio 24
3/3/2014 17:26 Sun conjunct Alpha Omega Pisces 14
3/4/2014 9:46 Moon conjunct South Node Aries 30
3/5/2014 13:03 Venus into Aquarius Aquarius 1
3/6/2014 2:42 Jupiter Dx Cancer 11
3/10/2014 22:14 Mercury square Saturn Scorpio/Aquarius 24
3/11/2014 12:03 Venus square Mars Libra/Capricorn 28
3/14/2014 17:17 Neptune Septile Pluto Pisces 6/Capricorn 14
3/16/2014 9:08 Full Moon Pisces/Virgo 27
3/18/2014 22:31 Moon conjunct North Node Libra 29
3/20/2014 8:57 Sun into Aries Aries 1
3/22/2014 12:16 Mercury conjunct Neptune Pisces 7
3/29/2014 13:14 Venus square Saturn Scorpio/Aquarius 23
3/30/2014 10:45 New Moon Aries 10

I offer this calendar in the hope that you’ll just track your felt-experience of these timings, thereby honoring the commitment your soul made to come into your body, thereby uniting yourself with the Earth.

This New Moon is at 3:00 AM Eastern on March 1st, 2014, midnight Pacific. Eight hours later, Mars retrogrades, heading back through Libra for the big grand cross of April. It goes direct May 19th.

24 hours later, on 3/2, Saturn retrogrades for its trip back through 7 degrees of Scorpio, which lasts until July 20th.

After your last lifetime, you decided that this transition is what you wanted to experience next, and you made exquisite plans to set up how it would feel to you. You want this change to happen – you’re not sure there will be human life left on Earth if you don’t get this done.

So right at the start of March, 2014, no matter what else is true of your life, you will have another chance to start again. In some ways, I think it is really for the Moon that we come here, so that we can experience these New Moons, so that we can again and again start over. May she ever shine on people who love her!

From John Sandbach’s Azoth series of zodiac degree symbols, I offer Pisces 11, where the Moon is New. It is: “The Moon pulling on the liquids in the bodies of sleepers.”

Feel her, I pray of you.

With Love,


“However odd things seem, mustn’t it be to exactly that extent of oddness that a life is one’s own, and no one else’s?”
William Gibson, Pattern Recognition

Thank you,

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