2017 Gemini New Moon

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Thursday May 25, 2017

3:45pm EDT, 12:45pm PDT, 7:45pm GST

4 Gemini 47

There are many layers to the Gemini New Moon event today that deeply impact us as we are awakening, unifying, and embodying our Self into the aware, multidimensional consciousness that the higher Self IS.  Both the higher frequency resonating Heart and Mind are being infused and enlightened with even higher frequencies that will uplift us into forgotten worlds of consciousness.  The Mind, Heart, and physical worlds are undergoing deep transformation, so that they can fully embrace and resonate with these higher cosmic frequencies the Earth now finds herself immersed in. The Earth is being encoded by a band of concentrated Light, a cosmic "Light Bridge".  This Light is infused with rich, cosmic information of our divine origin and galactic heritage.  As we allow these higher frequencies of Light to transform, upgrade resonance capability, and unify our lower 4-body system of Spirit/Mind/Heart/Physical, the memories long-forgotten in the shadowy, denser 3D experience resurface for remembrance to upgrade and expand our consciousness in our everyday lives.     

The four lower body rulers are currently traveling through the signs related to the Mental body.  Interestingly, the planets that dispose these signs (Aries, Taurus and Gemini) are traveling through mental body signs other than their own.  Venus is in Mars’ sign - Aries, Mercury is in Venus’ sign - Taurus, and Mars is in Mercury’s sign - Gemini. The strength of the mental body is being maintained with just enough change to allow for possibility to find root in new expression.  We are awakening to the Heart’s consciousness that is always at the inception of our collective experience of Self, and expanding this consciousness into our physical world through subtle adjustments.
The ancient awareness of the awakened, Divine Feminine recorded in all consciousness from our Source is being birthed into our consciousness here on Earth through this Gemini New Moon event.    This is a seeding of the Heart’s unifying Love to dispel our false illusions and misperceptions that have created a dualistic experience of the incarnated Self to date.  The Mind is awakening to the Heart now that it has been" re-calibrated".  The higher frequency resonating Heart is now ready to awaken to her Self without the constraints of a limiting, lower frequency resonating mind.  She is in the process of turning up her Light so that she can radiate forth in her full glory as the unified Great Light of Spirit.  As such, it is she who receives and holds the Divine within us, sourcing our physical world with Spirit through action and relationship.
The Sun and Moon, the Great Lights of Spirit that give us our conscious and unconscious experience of Self, are joined in a unified seeding relationship today at 5 Gemini.  This is in the first dean of Gemini where we are asked to look at forgiveness as a component in learning how to turn duality into Love-based action.  With this particular placement of the Sun and Moon, we are being asked to take advantage of the higher Light frequencies available to us now and expand our Self past all boundaries and limitations into the infinite realms of awakened multidimensional awareness.  We are being opened up to engagement with all possibility.  The door that was previously shut to separate our 3D self from the unlimited, multidimensional higher Self is being divinely opened into a passageway for all courageous enough to enter within and discover what is found.
Mercury, the ruler of the mental body, is the dispositor of today’s Gemini New Moon event.  As such,the mental body and the workings of the lower and higher Mind are being highlighted today,  When the lower mind and higher Mind perceive and form consciousness from separate perspectives, we end up with a polarized, seemingly disorganized world within which to try to find some balanced meaning. When they are unified, we have a clear, balanced reflection of Self and, therefore, the world we experience.  A clear, balanced reflection of Self always reflects the truth of our Heart.  When we see from the single-lens perspective of the Heart’s Love, we are balanced and whole.  Love is the Great Unifier, the divine consciousness that is given to each of us to shape into physical expression and experience of the Divine through the actions we take.
Venus, the ruler of the emotional body and co-ruler with Mars over the Divine Feminine’s Heart, is residing at 20 Aries.  She has recently entered into the ongoing 5D Light Bridge between the Great Awakeners (Uranus and Eris)) and Haumea that is waking up all consciousness that enters into higher frequency resonance.  With the Awakeners and Venus all in Aries, the Divine Feminine is becoming aware of and realizing her rightful place within the totality of the Self’s experience of itSelf through each of us.  She is coming Home to the awareness of her unlimited frequency resonance, infusing it as an integral part of our conscious experience of Self.  Venus and Pallas Athena are subtly shifting our consciousness into a new understanding of the Divine Feminine and the workings of her emotional body’s experience and expression so that we can turn this into important behaviors, skills, and talents that are uniquely special to each of us.
Mars, the ruler of all things physical and co-ruler of the Divine Feminine, is residing at 24 Gemini in the same field of consciousness that the Sun and Moon are lighting up with a new seeding.  Mars, currently out of bounds, is in a Light Bridge with Saturn, Ixion, and Quasar who are all aligned with the Galactic Center, our Source.  Our consciousness is being seeded with original thoughts based in the purity of inner authority that are designed to give us discriminating command over our world of form and experience.
The Mars in Gemini portion of this Light Bridge is involved today in an Air Grand Manifestation (Trine) with Haumea in Libra and the South Node in Aquarius.  We are manifesting in our mental body the capacity to access and act on our new understanding of the integrated unity of all perceived parts of Self that are only separate for the wisdom they bring to the whole.   This is changing our 3D separation consciousness into 5D unity consciousness.
The Saturn/Ixion/Quaoar/Galactic Center in Sagittarius and Capricorn portion of the Mars Light Bridge is in a Fire Grand Manifestation (Trine) today with Uranus and Eris in Aries and the North Node in Leo.   The awakening of new thoughts to form new, more authentic and loving worlds of expression of our Self is our new Leo/Aquarius evolutionary path for the next 18 months courtesy of the recent move of the South Node into Aquarius and the North Node into Leo.  As we manifest these new worlds out of new more inclusive and Love-sourced thoughts, it is imperative that we be impeccably and consciously diligent about discerning what we are thinking and saying; about how we are communicating our perception of our Self with Self and with others.
These two Grand Manifestations today, one Air (mental) and one Fire (spiritual) are joined in a Star of David formation with the apex pointing to the Soul Star Chakra (North Node) and the base pointing to the Earth Star Chakra (South Node).  To see this Star of David, you have to include the influences of higher vibrating 5D consciousness.  Without this, the pattern is hidden from our awareness.   With a Star of David (Seal of Solomon) over this Gemini New Moon event, there is a Divine Seal being placed over today’s influences on our consciousness.  It is said that the Star of David represents liberation and new beginnings. According to some Kabbalists, it symbolizes “God’s complete rule over the universe and that the two triangles represent duality.”  As such, the Star of David represents the end of duality in the mind. In essence, this is a spiritual decree that the male and female parts of the brain, the left and right hemispheres of the brain represented by the two triangles that form this Star of David pattern, be joined as one into a unified, whole-brain processing and formation vehicle for consciousness.  Our right brain helps us to stay tethered to our linear world of form.  We have become so densely entrenched in the right brain that it has dominated our world view and experience of Self, excluding the importance of our rich sensory input and information that allows us to stay balanced and whole in our perspective.  The left brain functions to deliver us to what is at the heart of the matter being focused on.  This demands a pure, clear, unfettered heart that is a true reflector of the information received from our divine womb of consciousness within which we express our form.  The new whole-brain processing of consciousness through a single, Love-based lens into how we perceive, think, act, and experience intwines the body with the higher consciousness resonance of the divine that allows us to see All That Is with more clarity and awareness.  As we shape our reality from what we perceive internally into thought, and then speak and act on it in our external world, greater clarity and awareness of consciousness allows for new and more encompassing possibilities of experience to be manifested from within us.
How wonderful that this Star of David is presenting itself at the beginning of the Ninth Wave of Unity consciousness that according to the the Mayan’s made its full Presence known yesterday in our awakening consciousness.  The Mind is now able to find balance within the Heart who, in turn, is finding the ability to stand in her full power as the Mother of all Life.  The higher Mind within each of us that resonates with the higher frequencies of unity consciousness has been awakened by the Great Awakeners and the ongoing 5D Light Bridge that they have helped to form with Haumea, and Jupiter when he was joined in relationship with Haumea.  The lower mind was aided in its transformation into the wholed, higher frequency resonating Mind by the Heart who partnered with Pluto two weeks ago at the time of the Scorpio Full Moon.  We were being asked to look into our Hearts for the answers to foundation-shaking questions that have been have been transforming our lives.
We begin to wake up and develop our higher vibration-resonating Mind as we explore and engage in an interactive relationship with our world.  Through the higher Law of Free Will, we individually choose what we will focus on to engage with and learn from.  We move toward and are (motivated by that which interests us or serves some basic, programmed need like food, comfort, and rest.  We have been moving in cycles of the “rest and digest”influence of the parasympathetic nervous system, alternating and balancing this  with the “fright, fight, flee”,  programmed fear-based response generated within the sympathetic nervous system.  This interchange has been encoded in our DNA to motivate our evolution.  Now, our DNA is being reprogrammed by cosmic influences via soular input.  These higher-frequency-resonating cosmic Light waves are changing our DNA pattern of response.  We are in the process of extinguishing this old, evolution-motivating, fear-based pattern by submerging ourselves in an overload of that which has helped to create and maintain the pattern. The higher intent is to trip and break the circuit, allowing our newly awakened, unity consciousness DNA to override the old and become the new informer of our physical experience.  The new, cosmic-influenced DNA that is being awakened and activated from within, constitutes "the ancient ones” with memories of our spiritual heritage from the Cosmos where All resides with sacred reverence within the One Heart.  The One Heart is being awakened now from within as the Divine Masculine is finding balance within her.  The One Mind and One Heart are riding this new Ninth Wave of Unity Consciousness together from its onset.  As they ride together, they will fine-tune their experience into one of seamless perfection, becoming the Portal of the Divine within where Spirit meets Matter within each of our hearts and then is formed into our physical experience of Self.
Consciousness is our divinity that informs every cell of our body, enlightening and enlivening them so that they serve our evolution of consciousness.  Cells function at the unconscious level until conscious intent and focus overrides this, allowing us choice-based dominion over our world experience.  Mastery demands dedication, commitment, and passion to weather the storms encountered by forms navigating though the Sea of Consciousness.  Being awake and aware of our consciousness with mastery over it is our sovereignty expressed.  When we develop patience, understanding, allowance, compassion, and reverence for our life and its opportunity to experience and know our whole Self, we begin to work with consciousness.  When we are whole-brained, consciousness becomes alive with all possibilities found in awakened existence in the relativity of simultaneity.  Thus, we ascend into a Universe of Limitless Possibilities, a rich and fertile field where choice and sustained attention spring life from its source-field of resting potential into being, into form for the sensory experiences that yield knowledge and understanding.  These sensory experiences from the heart of our Selves are the foundational blocks out of which our Self is transformed into purposeful expression for meaningful wisdom and evolution of consciousness.
It can feel pretty “spacey” when one ascends into the whole-brain experience of a universe of limitless possibilities where absolutes are lost in the merging of Light and Dark; where all resides as One.  We ascend into unity consciousness by moving past the need for the programming that locks us in step as a whole in some unconscious way collectively, moving instead into sovereign creation by choice with the full understanding that we are a holographic fractal of the Whole.  When we are sovereign creators, we are conscious and aware that we are always in service to All by our very existence in individuated form just as each cell is in our body that houses our DNA with its encoded memories of Oneness with All.
And so, I end with my prayer to Oneness, my unified Self that is the Presence of divine consciousness within me:
Let my lower self give way graciously, respectfully, and reverently to the highest and best within me.  Let me be my highest Self, that which vibrates and resonates with the unconditional Love for All that resides deep within me as the truth of my being.  Let me find the courage to live that which makes my heart sing with joy and Love; that which evokes the highest frequency-resonant perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions that I am capable of in any given moment.  Let me remember to take pause, to still myself and stand in my full divine Presence before I speak or take action.  In doing so, I invoke my Heart to show itSelf through my thoughts, words, and deeds so that i may see the truth of my Self revealed.   So Be It 
With Love for All…….

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