2018 Aquarius Full Moon TOTAL Lunar Eclipse

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2018 Aquarius Full Moon

Total Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon

Friday, July 27, 2018

4:21pm EDT, 1:21pm PDT, 9:21pm GT

4 Aquarius 44

Welcome to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, a sideways elevator right in the middle of the wormhole. The New Moon in Cancer on July 12 was a solar eclipse that rebooted our emotional consciousness. The New Moon’s journey to this Full Moon has bestowed new emotional intelligence upon each of us.  Whatever the individual experience, know that the circumstances you encountered have been life changing, even though it may not be apparent at this time. This is because the Moon is dignified in the Cancer quality of consciousness. No matter what happened, we can rest assured that our emotional beings are more steady, conscious, and capable of handling whatever comes up in our lives from here on in.

This is a good thing, because the Aquarian quality of consciousness does not stand still for anything or anybody, ever. We need to be able to rely on the emotional strength we discovered within ourselves over the past few weeks to be able to step up to an Aquarian Full Moon. In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius is a Love sign (formerly fixed).  The Love signs are Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio, and they all share the quality of consistency.  As odd as it may seem, Aquarian energy can be depended upon to move us in unexpected ways. It is also through the Aquarian part of our consciousness that we discover our most hidden raw places, where the need for Self-love and acceptance is most acute. Once we do this, we are able to recognize our connections to the rest of humanity, by seeing that we all experience a shared human condition. This condition is that we live on a planet where the first thing we experience is separation (at birth), and then we spend our lives searching for connection with each other and with the Source from which we came.
By tapping into the Aquarian energy, we recognize that the purpose of wake-up call life events is to highlight any feelings of separation, otherness, and isolation so we can gain greater awareness of Love. This is not an easy path, and while we walk it we become aware of the internal barriers we may have erected between ourselves and others. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse offers a full reboot/restart of wherever we feel most stuck in ourselves.  Put simply, it is like going to sleep feeling lousy, like the world is against us, and waking up to a clear day, with the perfect temperature, a light breeze and the sun shining brightly. We wake up and we feel as if we have been reborn.  The mind may step up and remind us of how rotten we felt about EVERYTHING the night before, but in the light of day those thoughts quickly seem foolish and can be left behind.

This Full Moon at 5 Aquarius is conjunct the Earth Star chakra (where we address our karmic agenda for this lifetime) at 6 Aquarius and with Mars (how our energy moves through our physical body) at 4 Aquarius. This presents a real opportunity to step in front of the mirror and practice loving our Selves, as if we were the Creator of the whole storyline that we are living. While we may “know” this with our minds, we can use the concentrated Full Moon energies to really move our inner dialogues to new ground, where the old insecurities and self-rebellions just do not feel worth the time of day any more. The Black Moon Lilith (where we have access to the Divine Feminine in ourselves) at 29 Capricorn is also conjunct the Full Moon, providing us with the “ok” sign from our innermost authority to drop some old stuff and look at our Selves with different eyes.
The planetary archetype of Uranus governs Aquarius, and the Full Moon is in a stepping stone with Uranus at 2 Taurus. Uranus is the Awakener.  We either wake up with an “ah ha” or wake up with an “uh oh,” depending upon the circumstance, while the Awakening moment hits a tender point we thought no one could see. With Taurus in play, the awakening will touch the way we speak to ourselves in our most private moments, and opens new access to our own inner voice.

The Full Moon is also in a manifestation (trine) to MakeMake (where we access the laws of Unity consciousness) at 3 Libra, and links into the Light Bridge between MakeMake and Chiron (where we discover how to whole ourselves) at 2 Aries. This manifestation “link up” provides an opportunity to feel a more personal connection to humanity. By doing so, we may see, through the flash of an insight, how we can be more innovative in the way we interact with others in our lives.
The Full Moon is in an intimacy (formerly semi-sextile) relationship with Saturn (how we address inner and outer authority) at 4 Capricorn. Get ready for new insights into how we feel about people who seem to have power over our lives. Depending on how we approach these relationships, we could achieve a greater sense of peace with these individuals and what they represent. That peace comes from understanding that everything and everyone we encounter is there help us experience first a sense of separation and then Unity consciousness. If we take the observer’s perch offered by the Aquarian Full Moon, this can feel quite liberating.

The Moon is also in an intimate relationship with the 5D Quaoar planet archetype (where we can shift paradigms—the way we have habitually thought about or resolved things).  Quaoar is at 0 Capricorn; and in this case the new thought pattern available to us is about the true source of authority within our Selves and how we see this played out in the society we live in.

The Haumea/Eris Highway to Unity Consciousness can be fully utilized during the Full Moon event (Haumea at 23 Libra and Eris at 24 Aries). Haumea lets us tap into the fires of creation and Eris fuels all inner awakenings.  Use of this Highway amplifies any effort undertaken with Mars and the Black Moon as described above, because these are working in the Aquarian Full Moon energy. We can experience a taste of the future here, if we are ready to at least listen to the messages that come through.
Aquarius brings us the unexpected, sort of like the view of the Earth by Apollo astronauts, where from their perspective travelling back from the Moon, they saw the Earth eclipse the Sun. The prospect of change and sudden awakening can be very off-putting, especially when announced before the event. In this case, it all depends on how we approach ourselves—with Love or with contraction (fear). One thing is for certain, we will not forget the journey we are taking.

A Most Extraordinary Eclipse, by Alan Bean (http://www.alanbeangallery.com/eclipse1.jpg)


Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog, Christine Clemmer’s weekly write-up, and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this Full Moon. If you have any comments, you can send an email to: viviansmall2017@gmail.com


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