2018 Cancer Full Moon

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FULL MOON over ocean


2018 Cancer Full Moon

Monday, January 1, 2018

9:25pm EST, 6:25pm PST, 2:25am (1/2) GT

11 Cancer 38

Here we are at the first Full Moon of 2018, one of two such moons for January.  As we moved through the Sagittarius New Moon passage to now, we experienced the final hurrah of the clearing process that only the Sagittarius quality of consciousness brings. By “clearing process,” think of what it took to recognize, acknowledge, and reflect upon all that we wanted to let go in our lives. We were given assists through this process by the movements of Mercury, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, and Quaoar. As Stephanie Azaria described, December brought us truly to a watershed moment. Now we are at the Cancer Full Moon, which is the second of three “super” full moons in a row (the first was the Gemini Full Moon on December 3, and the last is on January 31). The Moon is typically 14% closer and 30% brighter during a super moon, making it hard to ignore. For our purposes, this is an amplification of everything that comes our way during the Full Moon. One of the cosmic consciousness symbols for Cancer is the river, and of course, the Moon is where Cancer is most at home.

Full moonshine over the Eel River, California

In her December 22 Winter Solstice talk and in her daily blogs, Stephanie has described the watershed moment as the turning of the tide, where the water recedes and then flows back again, literally creating a “new” sea. Metaphorically, the watershed moment is about changing the way we use emotion, or the “energy in motion” that it takes to respond to a feeling tagged to an interaction, event, or a phenomena.
A watershed is the physical system that allows water to flow from high ground to the lower ground following the laws of gravity. And of course, all water in a watershed eventually flows to the sea, which in cosmic consciousness represents unlimited potential. The Cancer Full Moon takes us fully into the new landscape that the watershed moment symbolizes. This is because we have allowed ourselves to tap into the message that Quaoar gave us in December: that we can create a new paradigm anytime through our conscious awareness. At this moment, even if nothing feels like it’s changed, it has, and this will be more apparent as January progresses.
For this Full Moon, there are two primary sets of relationships to focus on.  The first is the Cancer Full Moon in a bridge to the large collection of planetary archetypes in Capricorn. In a cosmic consciousness chart, the Capricorn/Cancer bridge represents the journey, if you will, from the crown chakra to the root chakra, or the midheaven to the nadir. At the mid heaven exists the portal between the physical and spiritual bodies, and at the nadir the portal moves us between the mental body and the emotional body.
At this Full Moon, no matter where you are on the planet, the Moon is in a bridge with six objects in Capricorn: Pluto (how we transform), the Sun (our identity), Venus (how we love), the Black Moon Lilith (how we access the Divine Feminine), Saturn (our sense of self-authority) and Quaoar (our ability to change our consciousness). Quaoar’s presence turns this into a Light Bridge, capable of transmuting our very being a the cellular level, whenever we make conscious use of it as an observer’s perch.
Compared to the experience of the Sagittarian quality of consciousness in November and December, it may feel that experiences, interactions, and events are sharper, more defined, and like "old duality stuff again." Be assured it is not.  Have a look at this photo of the Copper River Watershed, Alaska.


How we perceive our own authority and then how we apply it through a response or self-expression will shape the new watershed of our consciousness. The same old grooves have now been bypassed into new channels for our responses to flow through. This is what Saturn, Quaoar, Venus, and Mercury in Sagittarius did: they cleared the ground – including many of our assumptions about how things actually are -- to make way for new patterns. Our work is to recognize when an old pattern comes up and then allow for a new set of circumstances to emerge around it. It is at that moment that we open the way for an entirely new experience.
The second relationship this Full Moon brings is to show us how to use these new channels in our consciousness. The Full Moon is the fruition of all that was generated through the Sagittarius New Moon. It is hard to forget the connections that came directly from the Galactic Center, the Great Attractor, and the journey of the Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Quaoar’s shift through the portal of Truth into Capricorn.
Mercury's movement is highlighting all forms of communication and information that need another look, and Venus’ connections with the planets shows us what really needs caring about. It's been a big journey and significant passage.  Now it is time to reap the rewards.

Aerial view of the Ganges River delta flowing into the Bay of Bengal from the Envisat satellite


The Cancer Full Moon is in a grand manifestation (trine) with Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio and with Neptune in Pisces. A manifestation provides an easy flow between qualities of consciousness (signs). Because this is a water sign manifestation, we have the perfect means to effortlessly explore the watershed of our new consciousness. At this point, the terrain is unexplored: we do not know the dimensions of the watershed, nor how our emotional energy will flow. This not knowing is actually a good thing, because the whole point is to allow all these new experiences as they come.  Jupiter and Mars working together means these channels can be as deep, wide, and as energetic as we desire, and Neptune provides us with the opportunity to find enlightenment (often through confusion) about this experience as we live through the moment.
This grand manifestation with the Full Moon will ensure that we have an opportunity to choose a first route to navigate this new landscape, by presenting an opportunity to respond to something. Are we going to navigate the same way? If we do, could feel foggy, intense, and driven to "have it out."

The Sri Yantra (private collection)


It’s a big deal that this is happening on January 1, the start of a new calendar year! A Full Moon in Cancer is a real gift because it consistently produces the right action of just ‘letting it be” and trusting yourself to know the way. This is our opportunity to allow the new ways of being to be revealed. And when they are, it becomes so much easier to choose how we want to respond.
This Full Super Moon in Cancer, the Moon’s own sign, occurs on 1/1/2018. 2018 is an ‘11’ year. This day is the same 1111 we’ve been noticing for years. It’s a powerful star gate providing a highly charged passage into the personal mastery that this year promises to any with eyes to See and ears to Hear.


For more details on the Full Moon, please refer to Stephanie Azaria’s blog, Christine Clemmer’s weekly weather column, and Shelly Leal’s monthly report. If you have any comments you can send an email to  viviansmall2017@gmail.com


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