2018 Libra New Moon

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2018 Libra New Moon

11:47pm EDT, 8:47pm PDT, 4:47am (10/9)GT

15 Libra 48

The Full Moon in Aries on 24 September sparked a new awareness of our individual and collective consciousness, and generated new cycles between many planetary archetypes. No matter where we are located in the world, since then we have experienced a heightened demonstration of publicly expressed emotion. This emotional surge has touched us to the core.  While resolution may not have occurred yet, it is coming, in ways and at times that we cannot imagine. The core issues have been uncovered. Chiron is back at 29 Pisces, so we have the opportunity to comprehensively address any deeply embedded issues at their source, permitting the experience of a real “wholing” that is fully integrated into our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical etheric bodies. This is the chance of the lifetime.  It is not comfortable, and there is no wishing ourselves back.

The Moon cycle, moving from New to Full, creates a passage through which we can navigate our individual and collective emotional experience. This is why it is important to use the tools each Moon cycle provides us: the planetary archetypes that we use to structure our consciousness and the signs that we use to focus our experience through. The rougher the seas feel, the more useful these tools become.
Emotion is always flowing through us like a river.  It represents the sum of how we encounter the physical sensations we feel in our bodies, how we think, and what we feel.  Rivers change the land that they travel through. Similarly, we direct the course of how we experience and respond to emotion that allows for conscious choices-whatever these may be. Awareness of conscious choice does not reduce pain or increase happiness.  It allows for a richer, fuller experience that provides endless levels of meaning, like an undiscovered country. There is an underlying current of joy in this perspective, no matter what we perceive is going on at a moment.

Photograph by Edward Steichen, “Wind-fire Therese Duncan on the Acropolis, 1921” 


The Libra quality of consciousness is where we realize that everything we see and experience is a mirrored reflection of ourselves-our full Selves. Everything that is in our consciousness is focused through Libra. This includes the Superconscious, the unconscious, the subconscious, and the portion of our consciousness that we are aware of from moment to moment. The New Moon in Libra drives our attention to how our feelings rise from our unconsciousness and serve as a motivational force.  We identify with our feelings and we believe they are real. Feelings are a real sensation that we experience--this is something we all share.  But our feelings are not Reality, because the source of them remains elusive to us until we use the observer’s perch to watch them as we experience them.
This is the ultimate gift that comes from using the Libran perspective:  the observation that our feelings can quickly pass through us as the wind moves a feather from one place to another. Using the observer’s perspective, we see how our feelings are both our “own” and part of a social experience we share them with others.  This becomes part of the Zeitgeist of the moment: a collective feeling gets reported, lasts for a bit, and then changes. The change occurs because feelings must keep moving through the river of emotion that we all contain. A good example of this is the emotional responses to the hearings and confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice in the United States.
Sedna disposes Libra, and therefore the New Moon. Sedna has the largest orbit of the trans-Neptunian planets and is located at the outer edges of our known solar system. Because of this orbit, Sedna currently serves as the Ultimate observer, and is now at 27 Taurus, conjunct Juno (where we experience unity consciousness) at 1 Gemini. Sedna represents the sum of our collective human experience, and contains the memory of the fragmentation of female consciousness.  Whether in the United States or elsewhere in the world, the collective female consciousness is awake at this time, and is recognizing itSelf as such.
Artist’s rendition of Sedna, image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech; 
The New Moon, conjunct the Sun, represents the point where our identity and emotional bodies begin a new cycle with each other. The New Moon is part of a large stellium (grouping) in Libra, consisting of Makemake (our connection to universal truths) at 5 Libra; Ceres (our capacity to midwife) at 15 Libra; the fixed star Arcturus (access to divine justice) at 25 Libra; Haumea (where we experience unity and wholeness) at 25 Libra; and Mercury (our thought and communication process) at 29 Libra.  With the support of all this Libran energy, if we are willing, we can use this powerful New Moon to lift ourselves out of polarized feelings and start afresh.
The energy to make this lift is here through the Grand Power Crossroad (formerly cardinal cross) that the New Moon is part of. The stepping stones (formerly squares) and bridges (formerly oppositions), provide the motivation to move forward, no matter which direction we take, because a Grand Power Cross, like a crossroad junction, leads to the same destination no matter which path we select.  The Grand Power Crossroad is comprised of Pluto (how we transform ourselves) at 19 Capricorn; Eris (our inner disrupter) at 23 Aries; and the fixed star Sirius (where we access the Divine wisdom of the masters) at 14 Cancer. We can all use this energy to examine our relationships with what we perceive as polarized male and female archetypes through a new perspective.
Artwork by Matt Rockwell; Private Collection, used with permission from Stephanie Azaria
By taking on a fresh perspective, we lay the foundation to actualize an entirely new experience with what we think of as male and female. This is what we are midwifing in at this time.  It is not comfortable, and thankfully the part of us that knows how to assist a new birth, Ceres is working with the New Moon. The birthing process takes time and it is hard to find patience. Venus (how we love) is at 10 Scorpio and conjunct Jupiter (how we expand our consciousness) at 23 Scorpio. These two planets are in a stepping stone with Mars (how we access our energy) at 10 Aquarius.  Venus and mars are still in stepping stones with Uranus (how we awaken) at 2 Taurus. We can have flashes of insight about what to do next. Stephanie Azaria has discussed how the Mars archetype now represents the dynamic ying and yang interaction of male and female. As humans, there is significant evidence now showing that we all are on a continuum of gender identity, instead of an “either/or” scenario.  What a welcome change this is.
Mercury at 29 Libra is still in a Light Bridge with Eris at 24 Aries.  Our thought patterns can be disrupted and we can start thinking in new ways.  It is time.  Life is too precious and short to ignore the opportunity to move from fear to Love whenever we have the chance. This is, after all, why we are here. We do not need to stand in opposite corners feeling isolated and unconnected. We can find the way to safely walk each other home, starting here, starting now.

Jim’s Woods, woodcut by JoAnn Bernofsky, 2017. Private Collection

Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog and weekly write-up and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this New Moon.  If you have any comments, you can send an email to: viviansmall2017@gmail.com


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  1. Thank you for this report! I really appreciate this perspective about re-thinking the male/female paradigm, definition and embodiment. The energies around this are definitely changing. It feels like a softening or a disintegration of walls that were keeping us separate in a ‘body’, which is simply the vehicle we’re in. But – the energies – the energies we access are not of the body at all and they have qualities far beyond the limitation of ‘gender’ as it is understood in 3D. They are genderless. I pray that more and more people attune energetically and begin to shift out of the very limited realm of physical understanding and identification.

  2. Dearest Vivian,

    Wow! Your words are exactly how I am feeling and flowing through the midwife stream of the Divine Feminine birth canal. So clearly WE are HER/Here NOW to assist, take part and NOW to hold the vessel of Light for Earth Ascension (and all of Her) to release all the loving potential of the new world Child, in which many of us have been gestating,

    Your clarity of information and confirmation with Jan’s channel, Stephanie’s weekly path, and well Consciousness, clearly explain why I have been feeling a huge shigt to take place, be birthed.

    With much Gratitude and Love,
    Holding the Light Now for All,

    Susan and all the life in Virginia,

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