2018 Pisces New Moon – END of the WORM HOLE

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End of the Worm Hole

Saturday, March 17, 2018

9:11am EDT, 6:11am PDT, 1:11 pm GT

 26 Pisces 53'

Welcome to the end of the wormhole! What an experience this has been. Since March 14 (Thursday) we have all begun to feel the wormhole dissipating, and it feels a lot like when the Sun burns off a thick fog. We have seen firsthand how wormholes take us out of the 3D space-time continuum, and allow us to move in ways we normally would not choose. This Pisces New Moon is our opportunity to take the widest view possible of the wormhole journey we have been on since January 16.

We may have a hard time remembering what actually happened during this two-month passage. It isn’t really important to do so, because the wormhole energies were all about encountering feelings, events, or persons, and then suddenly moving on. This is what is meant by the seemingly erratic movement contained in a wormhole. We think we are in one place and find out we are in another. Many of us visited places in our Selves we are accustomed to hiding from. It is no accident that on March 9 in North America the latest film interpretation of the classic book A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle, first published in 1962, was released to a whole new audience. Here is an image from a 1994 edition of the book in the U.K.

The Virgo Full Moon On March 1, governed by Chiron the Centaur, escorted us through the last part of the wormhole and initiated the wholing process that will continue throughout 2018. Wholing transmutes all our experience, whether of pleasure or of pain, into the understanding that everything we experience is for our growth. We are born as whole beings, we live and age as whole beings, and we transition as whole beings. Everything that happens matters because it has happened, and our purpose on Earth is to have the experience of remembering this.
This Pisces New Moon is situated within a giant stellium (tight grouping) of planets and asteroids starting with Juno (our commitment to unity consciousness) at 10 Pisces through Uranus at 27 Aries (our capacity to awaken to change). Travelling along with the Sun/Moon at 27 Pisces, the stellium includes Neptune at 14 Pisces (enlightenment), Chiron at 29 Pisces (self-mastery with wholing), Venus at 13 Aries (our emotional body), Mercury at 15 Aries (our mental body), and Eris at 23 Aries (our internal capacity to wake up). Though a sign apart, Pallas Athena at 24 Taurus (our deep wisdom) and Sedna at 26 Taurus (our remembrance of all experience through the Divine feminine) are near enough to this grouping to lend their energies.
The Moon is in a stepping-stone (square) with Mars at nearly 0 Capricorn and Ixion at 28 Sagittarius. Mars disposes our physical body and is the source of the energy we need to move, and Ixion represents our Soul’s purpose on earth. This stepping-stone provides the momentum we need to move out of the wormhole as the whole beings that we are.
The New Moon involves each the four bodies that comprise our identity (Sun and Moon; and Mercury, Venus, and Mars. The Pisces quality of consciousness brings the capacity to go beyond our self-imposed limitations, face all our doubts and fears, and experience the true beauty of our Selves. Chiron’s involvement at 29 Pisces indicates that the expansive Piscean perspective is obtainable by accepting our whole experience, which involves sadness and grief as much as it does happiness and joy. Neptune, Uranus, and Eris provide the mechanisms for awakening and realization, and Mars with Ixion give us the opportunity to have a full “ah-ha” moment during the Full Moon.

Each one of us contains inside a well of tears and a fountain of sorrow born from the experience of living on Earth. This starts at birth with our awakened Consciousness, and then (for most people) we are socialized into duality and experiencing the Self as separate and less than in comparison to others. The experience of sorrow starts with the recognition of the other, and it is how we have structured life experience on Earth, to date. It is up to us to determine how we make use of the experience of separation. It can serve as a mechanism to connect to humanity and a channel for compassion and understanding. Or it can serve as a means to further foster the experience of separation, isolation, and singularity.

Chiron at Pisces 29 delivers us to the zero point, and we find our Selves at the ending and beginning of all things. Chiron represents our internal Master Healer Teacher. He can connect us to the Christed Self within when we are willing to take the journey through spirit, mind, and emotion as far as we can go, to the point where it feels like a defrag program is needed to unify the experiences into a whole. This “save and discard” defrag program is the mechanism for self-wholing. While we may have help from others, it is only the Self, individually that can initiate this program. The initiation occurs when we, based on observing our Selves, decide that remembering our wholeness is the most important thing we can do.

Painting by Herman Rednick, Herman Rednick Trust, Questa, New Mexico
To whole we must embrace it all, including the deepest point of sorrow or the deepest point of everything we would rather not be.  The worm hole took us through as many parts of our S(s)elves as we were willing to look at and acknowledge. The worm hole provided the mechanism for moving through our Selves so much more quickly than usual-it was crucial to lead us to this space and point in time. Stephen Hawking, the brilliant physicist who passed on 14 March, advanced knowledge of black holes and gravity, and impacted mass consciousness just through a book title -- A Brief History of Time (1988). While the book describes the development of the universe, the title introduced the idea that time has a history, and therefore is a mechanism rather than a master.
Wholing happens in an instant, with a realization. Uranus and Eris, the great awakeners, as part of the stellium (described above) can give us that realization from within ourselves and allow us to see that awakening in our external lives. Healing is all about a singular event or set of singular space-time events that caused mental, emotional, or physical pain. As Stephanie Azaria wrote in her March 15 blog, the opportunity to move away from healing to wholing is now, at this New Moon.

The New Moon is a good time to use well-known wholing tools, such as impartial Self-observation, breathing, meditation, and prayer. Once the wholing realization moment occurs, then we live with it and integrate into our lives, moving through the four-body system -- spirit, mind, emotion, and body. Because we are on Earth, this takes time, and this is ok.  From a 5D perspective, time keeps the trains running, the body functioning... it is no longer our master, but it has become and will remain a useful tool.

Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog, Christine Clemmer’s weekly write-up, and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this Full Moon.  If you have any comments, you can send an email to: viviansmall2017@gmail.com


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  1. Hi Vivian,

    WOW I felt this wholing over the last two weeks…so it does feel for real this time! There has been a great shift, so much so the veil of illusion is lifted and the Light shines more brightly NOW!

    Amazing New Moon report! Thank-you so much for putting the wholing process in perspective, in simple terms that make so much sense,

    Great pictures also, what is the upward drop of what appears to be water?

    Happy New Moon and St. Patricks Day


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