2018 Taurus New Moon

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Tuesday May 15, 2018

7:48am ET, 4:48am PT, 12:48pm GT

24 Taurus 36

 The Scorpio Full Moon on 29 April provided us a pathway to go deep, and since then we have been moving out of that deep place. It could be like waking from a deep sleep or ascending through deep water upward in a scuba suit. Either way, the journey to the surface may have felt a bit otherworldly, as if we were shifting dimensions. A Scorpio journey always involves dimensional shifting, though we may not always notice it. The Scorpio quality of consciousness experience can be very precious, though,  because going deep and moving from this point is actually effortless if we trust the process and allow it to happen. The Scorpio and Taurus qualities of consciousness form a bridge between our inner guidance system (Taurus) and our ability to manifest our true inner vision (Scorpio). The support for this bridge is built on trust in our Selves, faith that everything that happens is for us, and our willingness to stop struggling with ourselves, and surrender. Faith, Trust, and Surrender are the tools that the Scorpio/Taurus polarity offer up to us, and they take time and practice to learn to use. In classic astrology, Scorpio and Taurus can be depicted as signs that revel in sensuality and pleasure; what we see in Cosmic Consciousness is that these descriptors are like paper party masks and have very little to do with the essence and function of these two signs.

In Cosmic Consciousness Taurus is symbolized by the Tree of Life. A tree starts from the germplasm contained in a seed that has all the genetic information needed for growth.  It is a self-contained universe, much like our own consciousness, before we start to gain self-knowledge through living on Earth. The tree seed starts out buried in soil, sends out roots, and in time, nourished with water and sunlight, starts to manifest above the ground. We do not generally see the root structure of trees, and until recently it was difficult to fathom how extensive and dynamic these root structures are. Not only do the roots nourish one tree; a tree root structure actually serves as a mechanism for information exchange between and among trees.  As our consciousness expands through life experience, we recognize the connections between ourselves, other people and everything on and within Earth. One way we can chart this expansion is by paying attention to what science is uncovering and then reporting through various media.

Tree roots snake through the forest, photo attributed to Buzz Hoffman
Taurus takes us to our inner guidance system, by providing the impetus to explore our own consciousness. This may come as a welcome impulse or may come as a result of life events that disturbed us somehow. The Tree of Life takes us on a journey that unfolds in stages. At a certain point, we learn that by quieting down and finding our own inner space, we gain self-awareness. The more comfortable we are in this inner space, the more connected we feel to others. The Taurus New Moon offers the opportunity to experience both the Self as a single entity and as part of a networked connection at the same time. It is a moment to feel individually solid, firm, strong, and nourished, as an essential and unique part of the whole. Each one of us matters individually and have a crucial role to play in our lives and as part of intersecting communities.
Today’s Taurus New Moon holds space for the shift that Uranus (the awakener) will make from Aries into Taurus about 3 hours later. This is why it is so important to hold space for ourselves and also for each other during the New Moon. The Moon at 24 Taurus 36 is in a new cycle  (conjunction) with Sedna at 26 Taurus 29 (where we remember and recognize the Divine Feminine collectively).  This new cycle supports any recognition we may have of where we are right now individually and collectively with emergence of an authentic and new view of how male and female energies work together. The Sun/Moon and Sedna are in a Great Eliminator relationship with Haumea and Arcturus, which heightens the choices we have regarding how we interpret events in the world, as part of a natural and objective process or something else. Do we see gaps and breaks in the male female relationship, or do we view the issues of the #MeToo as exposing the root system so it can be cared for in a more conscious way?  Do we consider the eruptions of the Volcano Kilauea as destructive or as a natural process for creating new land?

A lava fissure erupts in the aftermath of eruptions from the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island, on May 12, 2018 in Pahoa, Hawaii. Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

There is a finger of God with two 5D planets: Haumea (where we experience unity consciousness) at 24 Libra 9 in resource (sextile) to Ixion (where we find our life’s purpose) at 27 Sagittarius to the New Moon/Sun/Sedna new cycle. This punctuates the need to take real advantage of the New Moon energies and spend some time, even if a few moments, thinking of what is truly important to us at this time and how we want to see things played out—as ongoing 3D scandal/drama gossip or something else entirely. It won’t change overnight but we can certainly make progress by planting the seeds of new ideas during the New Moon.
The opportunity for new choices comes with the Intersection made by Mars (how we are motivated) at 29 Capricorn 43 in a polarity bridge with Varuna (our capacity for highest vision) at 29 Cancer 43 (exact!) and in a stepping stone (square) with Uranus (the way we awaken) at 29 Aries 59. This is a massive wake up call that will reveal to each of us personally how we are contributing to the paradigm changes happening this year. This Intersection is occurring at the 29 master degree, so however our vision is directed, feel sure that what we see will be worked on for many months to come, and there will be plenty of support for doing so.
There is also an important set of relationships occurring between the Moon’s nodes, Saturn, Orcus, and Juno. The Soul Star (North Node) at 8 Aquarius 51 is in resource (sextile) with Saturn (our capacity for self-authority) 8 Capricorn 33 and in polarity with the Earth Star  (South Node) at 8 Leo 51, creating a Finger of God. This which points out the need for gaining perspective, to better understand what seems to be hidden but really may not be. Since the nodes are involved this is all about taking a really good look at own vision of authority and what forms we find this acceptable.
Adding energy to this Finger of God are Orcus (our capacity to see our immortal Selves) at 8 Virgo 07 in manifestation (trine) to Saturn and in intimacy (semi-sextile) with the Soul Star at 8 Leo 51; and Juno at 8 Aries, which is in manifestation to the Soul Star and in a stepping stone to Saturn. All this “8” energy buttresses the imperative to be as honest with ourselves as we can be on what we truly want now and in the future.  We are actively creating the new paradigm during the birthing process. There is no way this process can “go wrong, and Orcus is there to remind us that everyone of us signed up to be on Earth to have the experience of duality to experience what it feels like to be loved and to Love through the journey into unity consciousness.
We are individuals each having our own life experience, and we are always connected through our spirits—our inner selves. There is communication occurring among all of us—directly, indirectly, and subtly. Each of us have our own Tree of Life experiences that connects us to each other and everything on the planet, no matter what it is or what form it takes. There is great comfort in this and the Taurus New Moon is the time to ground all these energies and have a glimpse of how huge each of us truly are.


Please read Stephanie Azaria’s daily blog, Christine Clemmer’s weekly write-up, and Shelly Leal’s monthly report for a complete description of all the aspects occurring for this New Moon.  If you have any comments, you can send an email to: viviansmall2017@gmail.com


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