2020 Gemini Full Moon

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2020 Gemini Full Beaver Moon

Annular Lunar Eclipse

November 30, 2020

4:30am EST, 1:30am PST, 9:30am GT

8 Gemini 38

November’s Full Moon was traditionally called the Beaver Moon by a number of Native Americans and colonial Americans. November is the time of year the beavers are most actively preparing for winter, and this is the time traps were set before the swamps froze to ensure a supply of warm winter fur. The nature references assist us in remembering our connection to nature and our planet as we move into unity consciousness.
This Full Moon is also a penumbral lunar eclipse. The Earth’s shadow begins to descend over the Moon at 2:32 EDT, marking the start of the eclipse. At 04:42 EDT the Earth's fainter outer shadow (the penumbral shadow) will have moved across the Moon producing the maximum point of the penumbral lunar eclipse. About 82% of the Moon's face will turn a shade darker during the maximum phase of this eclipse. By 6:53 EDT the earth’s shadow will have been completely lifted from the Moon’s surface. Although visually this eclipse is less dramatic, do not underestimate the power that is afforded to those who are conscious enough to experience it.
Mercury serves as co-dispositor (along with Jupiter) of the Gemini Full Moon, where we learn to think with the heart. Mercury represents the higher mind and it is the Gemini energies that remind us that the heart and the mind must work together to access the universal truths highlighted by the MakeMake manifestation with the Moon. Mercury forms a resourceful aspect to Jupiter, Chariklo, Pallas and Saturn; there can be much news coming out of this eclipse. Uranus, in an intimacy aspect with the Moon, has a catalytic relationship with Mercury, stimulating the mind to seek out the blockages that keep us in repetitive thought patterns. Chiron resources the Moon, providing the healing to usher us along this fast-moving transition.
Overseeing the entire astrological movie this month is the other co-dispositor, Jupiter. Jupiter disposes the Sun-Sagittarius energies (where we learn to master the ego) with its expansive presence, assisting us to expand our conscious awareness in new ways, thus revealing new truths. Quaoar is in an intimacy aspect with the Sun, bringing in the much-needed ability to think outside of the box into the mix.
Love, the most powerful force in the universe, plays a significant role in the Beaver Full Moon eclipse, with Venus and Quaoar resourcing each other and both forming a great eliminator aspect with the Moon, thus creating a Finger of God. This aspect combines the alchemical (Scorpio) love (Venus) energies with new ideas and thoughts (Quaoar) from our inner authority (Capricorn) that ultimately paves our path forward.
At the moment, there is much uncertainty in our world however, by elevating to the higher energies we will find our path or map forward. We need not look outside of ourselves rather tune in to our own inner authority for guidance. It is very likely the journey forward is going to have many turns and twists as we ride this incredible wave to the winter solstice. All we need to know is, the way forward is embedded within us and the cosmos is lighting the way.
Happy Beaver Full Moon.

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