2020 Scorpio New Moon

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2020 Scorpio New Moon

Sunday, November 15, 12:07 am EST, 5:07am GT, 9:07pm (11/14) PST


Scorpio is the alchemist. A new Moon in Scorpio takes us to places underneath the surface of the transformation. The Sun and Moon just moved past Juno and Astraea, beginning new cycles of Unity and Justice, and that energy is present.
We are all going through the shift, collectively and individually. This new Moon opens the wormhole/eclipse season. These energies will continue to resonate for the next two months until the Capricorn New Moon in January. That makes more time to practice unearthing shadows, and Loving and holding space for the Highest Manifestation. Mars just turned direct. For real now, we’ve been through the storylines, now let’s get to alchemizing and seeing results in the physical. The wormhole and sideways energies of the eclipses to come will help us.
New Moon in Scorpio means Pluto presides. Scorpio represents the depths of our consciousness and Pluto was known as the lord of the underworld. But what was previously the end of our consciousness is now the luminal space before the glorious, unfathomable beyond where all possibilities roam free.
This new Moon energy is our chance to get to the bottom of things. Pluto as part of the Capricorn stellium with Jupiter (expansion), Pallas Athena (wisdom) and Saturn (structure) forms a resource (sixty-degree aspect) with the new Moon. We can use this Pluto in Capricorn resource, (representing authority, our inner authority, our sense of ourselves as divine director) to do the deep inner work. We control how we choose to see things. Does our lens perpetuate duality? Now is the time to ferret it out. Pluto in Capricorn brings a sense of discipline to our investigations. We show up to see the truths we hold, and we have the power to transmute what is not Love.
Sedna forms a light bridge with the Sun and Moon, bringing an all-access pass to the cosmic records. How amazing that at the same time we are looking deep within, we also have a view of all the possibilities out there. Scorpio is a third eye chakra sign, and the Sedna light bridge is a booster shot of cosmic vision. We can set an intention to be open to receive the insights that are coming. Eating foods with blue and purple pigments can help improve third eye capacity.
Also on this new Moon, let’s tune into Eris. The inner disruptor is in a near-exact great eliminator (150 degrees) to the new Moon. Eris is like the spoon that stirs the pot. We can use this energy to scrape at the stuck parts. Once it has our attention it can be released. Anyone who makes a good sauce knows, it’s the bits at the bottom that add the most flavor, but only once they are dissolved and in the mix.
Everything happens for us. We are here to show our version of the divine. Wishing you a most magical new Moon.

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