2021 Libra Full Moon

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Libra Full Moon

8’18 Libra

March 28th, 2021

2:48PM EDT, 18:48PM GMT

Welcome to the Libra Full Moon event, which is rich with an Aries stellium that is assisting us in harnessing our power towards living our heart’s desires.
The Aries stellium features a triple conjunction of the Sun, Chiron and Venus, with Salacia and Ceres nearby, flanking each end of this triple conjunction.  This is beautiful.  A Sun/Chiron/Venus conjunction speaks to a beautiful wholing with the personality and the heart.  With Salacia (Neptune’s wife) and Ceres (Inner Midwife) bookending this conjunction we know that this has to do with the Divine Feminine, emotions, nurturing, and birthing the new. Eris is still in Aries, of course, so expect a little inner disruption that will move you in the direction that will serve you best. 
All of these planets in the above stellium have been very active in the prior moon cycles, so this is the continuation of a heart-centered theme and it is the apex of that journey.  After this Full Moon, Venus will be present in future moon cycles, but not in an exact conjunction.  There is no better time than now to listen to your heart and let wholing take center stage.
Saturn is manifesting with the Moon- there is an easy flow of energy from the Inner Guru, giving strength and stability to your emotions and inner world.  Saturn also is in resource with the Sun/Venus/Chiron triple conjunction, and that brings an opportunity, given the conscious decision to make use of this energy, to generate deeper commitment, strength and stability to your heart’s desires. 
MakeMake is conjunct the Moon, and MakeMake is the higher octave of Saturn.  This is the Inner Guru at the Cosmic Consciousness level.  Sitting with the Moon right now, that consciousness is showing up through our emotions, nurturing, and vulnerability.   Connected to the Moon, you may want to keep this tucked away, but remember that sitting across the Moon-Sun bridge is that beautiful Aries stellium and that stellium wants you to bring your heart’s desires to the forefront.  Use this energy to feel how you can live your heart’s desires on a day-to-day basis, and then do it!
Also aspecting this Full Moon is Vesta and Orcus in intimacy (semi-sextile), Quaoar in a stepping stone (square), and Pallas Athena and Uranus forming a great eliminator (inconjunct).  Quaoar is in a stellium with Ixion and Astraea.  The Vesta/Orcus intimacy speaks to the devotion to the immortal part of us that we bring into every lifetime, and that is providing additional energy to the Full Moon. 
The stepping stone with Quaoar and friends is an opportunity to think creative thoughts (Quaoar being the higher octave of Mercury) that take you to a new place (or a higher octave, if you will).  Astraea and Ixion show you where you can release that which isn’t working for you and allow you to align with something more harmonious, and Quaoar can help you consciously create a new set of beliefs to support that which you are moving towards.  Given that this is a stepping stone, this may feel tense- let that tension be the impetus to move towards that higher vision.   Uranus, The Great Awakener, may show you something unexpected that needs to go in order to move towards your higher path.
Mercury and Neptune are preparing for a new cycle, occurring on March 29th, and this new cycle will be in intimacy with Eris.  It can bring our dreams to the forefront and activate our imagination.  Use this to dream your big dream!  Be the conscious creator that you are, and think the thoughts, dream the dream, and imagine your heart’s desires.  If you feel uncomfortable or fear that your dreams will be too disruptive, remember that Eris is in intimacy and her inner disruption is always for your highest good.
Full Moons are about completion, and with this Libra Full Moon, there is much empowerment at your disposal to let go of that which no longer serves, and move in the direction of your heart.  Many blessings!



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  1. What a beautiful expression of love filled with truth and enlightenment bringing forth such beautiful wisdom from your heart. Thank you!

  2. I was moved to tears! Your words were enlightening and resonated powerfully .
    Thank you for your beautiful interpretation of this splendid Leo Full Moon!

  3. Dear Cari, Bravo! Thank you so very much for your beautiful interpretation of the Libra Full Moon. All Full Moon’s are important but I think this one resonates extra importance and you described it perfectly. We readers are all fortunate to have you on board at Cosmic Path! WELCOME❤️!!!

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